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Chapter 16

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More of the detention and then part of the sleepover. I'm proud of the length of this chapter! :D

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Hollies POV…
This detention is going on forever! And we’ve only been here two and a half hours so it’s still not half over. We’ve stopped writing lines though. Half-an-hour ago Chloe put her hand up and said “Mr.Howard, can I ask a question?”
“You just did.”
“Well, a different question.”
“I gather that you’re going to anyway.”
“It’s just that, what’s the point in us writing these lines for five hours? We’re not doing anyone a lot of good are we? You’re just going to be binning them in the end and besides, we’ve been doing it for two hours and now we’ve wasted an awful lot of paper. What kind of message is that?”
“And the fact that I have to write out ‘I will not be cheeky in history’ is a little weird too. It sounds like I can be cheeky in science, cheeky in maths and cheeky in English but so long as I’m not cheeky in history…”
“Chloe,” Mr.Howard said in his slow and patient voice “I agree that writing these lines are a little ridiculous. So you can all do something else instead.”
He’s got us scraping gum off the bottom of tables. “Thanks a lot Chloe;” I whispered “I was perfectly happy writing out the stupid lines but no. Now we’re scraping gum off the bottom of these stupid tables.”
“It’s not all that bad,” Chloe muttered “I mean I’ve been texting Frank for the past five minutes and he still hasn’t noticed!”
“Well quit it!” I moaned “If he does notice he’ll probably add another hour on.”
“It’d be good for Ray and Emily,” Chloe replied “They’re getting on pretty well.”
I turned to look at the both of them and saw this was true. They were both trying to laugh quietly so that Mr.Howard wouldn’t hear “True but they’ll be spending all night together because you planned this sleepover. Remember?”
“As it happens, I do remember.”
“Chloe, I’m hungry. Do you have any food?”
“Yeah Hollie, I have a full three course meal in my pocket.” Chloe said sarcastically “This is stupid, I wanna go home. I’m so tired.”
“What do you mean you’re tired?” I cried “While you’ve been sitting back texting your boyfriend, I’ve scraped most of the gum off this table. So now you can help.”
“Right after I’ve text this message to-“
I took her phone out of her hands and shoved it into my jacket pocket “You’re not having this back until you finish this table. And I’m going to take an unofficial break.”
I sat back and watched Chloe work hard scraping the gum off the table, desperate to get her phone back. I felt it buzz in my pocket and I pulled it out to read. “Hey Chloe,” I whispered “Frank says he loves you. Frank says you’re his little bunny wunny.” I laughed “I’m not joking, it’s what he literally said!”
“I believe you,” Chloe mumbled, going bright red “It’s his private nickname for me. Nobody was meant to know so keep it to yourself!”
“Or else what?”
“I’ll tell Mikey about the time that you kissed Samantha.”
“For the last time!” I cried “She kissed me!”
“Whatever, I’ll believe you. But will Mikey believe you?”
“Fine, I’ll keep it to myself bunny wunny.” I teased and I got a dead arm for my humour.
Chloe scraped the table to perfection and we moved onto the next one. I gave Chloe her phone back on the condition that she actually helps me this time.
We kept on scraping for an hour without talking. It was Chloe who finally broke it “Thank Christ, only one hour and a half left and then we can just relax!”
“I swear they’re not allowed to keep us here for over an hour.” I muttered “I mean look at the time, it’s half seven at night! And we’ve had no break.”
“Maybe we should tell the head teacher?” Chloe suggested “Get Mr.Howard sacked? The whole school would adore us!”
“We could…” I said thoughtfully “Or we could go on strike?”
“Tell the president?”
“And the Queen.”
“She’s in England.”
“Well, we’re English. I’m pretty sure she’d have a lot of respect for us.”
“We should complain to our parents!”
I gasped “Chloe, I think you’re going a bit over the top there! We couldn’t possibly do that!”
We both giggled quietly, continuing to scrape the stupid table “I can’t wait to see Frank.”
“I can’t wait to see Mikey.”
“I can’t wait to see Lucy.”
“Oh Lucy. I love her.”
“She’s certainly a good triplet.”
“Even if she did break us up with our boyfriends.”
“Even if she does always finish off the cereal.”
“Lucy always finishes off the cereal? As I recall, it was you and Ray that finished off all the cereal!”
“Back to the point. Oh Lucy…”
“I fancy her.”
“Not as much as me.”
“Oh do you wanna bet?”
“I wanna bet!”
“You’d lose.”
“I’d break up with Frank for her.”
“I’d break up with Mikey for her.”
“Well yeah, but everyone wants to break up with Mikey…”
I mimed being shocked and slapped her round the back of the head “I wish Ray was over here,” I mumbled “We could play that game where we see how many things we can shove in his hair.”
“I love that game!”
“We could throw pencils at him.” I suggested “See if we can do it without Mr.Howard noticing. Triple points if it gets stuck in his hair.”
“You’re on!”
The rest of our detention was spent throwing pencils at Ray. Mr.Howard didn’t notice once so we got a point every time. Detention ended with me on thirty-three points and Chloe on thirty-seven points because she managed to get a pencil stuck in Ray’s hair. As we left it was still stuck in there so I gave her an extra point.

Chloe’s POV…
Hollie and I walked down the corridor very sensibly. As soon as we got outside we started jumping around, dancing and yelling “We’re free! No more scraping crud off tables! No more stupid lines! We’re free!”
“He’ll hear us,” Ray whispered, running his fingers through his hair “And he’ll give us another detention… Why is there a pencil in my hair?”
Me and Hollie started cracking up. Emily giggled too “Where’d you get all the pencils from? There were loads on the floor!”
“Sixty-six,” Hollie laughed “We found a box of pencils that we used as ammo.”
“What was the point of the game?” Ray asked.
Hollie and I looked at each other, smiled and didn’t tell him. He’d only have got angry anyway.
We all walked down the street. Well, Ray and Emily walked down the street. Me and Hollie skipped down the street “Is everyone already at our house?” I asked.
Hollie shrugged “Probably.” She glanced at her watch “That mean pig! It’s half nine! He kept us in half-an-hour extra!”
“It’s probably your fault!” Ray said “You shouldn’t have been throwing pencils.”
“There was nothing better to do!” I moaned.
Emily laughed “Well Chloe, you only have yourself to blame that we were scraping gum off of tables. You just had to complain about writing lines!”
“I never asked to scrap gum off tables!” I giggled “I just wanted to stop writing the words ‘I will not be cheeky in History’ over and over again. And besides, I managed to text Frank while the tables were on their sides.”
“To be honest I think Mr.Howard was past caring,” Hollie said, yawning “You do realise that we spent eleven hours at school. I just wanna go home and sleep.”
“I know it’s called a sleepover but we’re not sleeping!” I laughed “I plan to scare you silly tonight.”
“Oh god…” Hollie moaned “I don’t like being scared silly!”
“Which is exactly why I always make you scared silly,” I smirked “Remember when we were little and I convinced you there was a monster living in the boiler?”
“Yes I do,” Hollie glared at me “I didn’t sleep for a week. How do you plan to scare me silly?”
“Because we’re watching the last film that you want to see,” I told her “We’re going to watch The Human Centipede.”
“No chance!” Hollie yelled “I’m not watching that! Please don’t make me watch it Chloe!”
“Oh come on Hollie, it’s not that bad!” I told her, slapping her on the back.
Hollie shook her head “I saw the trailer for that and it creeped me out. As I recall, you were the one who made me watch the stupid trailer even though I didn’t want to. I don’t wanna watch the film.”
“You’ll be fine,” I re-assured her “There’s gonna be a room filled with nine people. And if you get really scared, Mikey will be there to comfort you.”
“They won’t be there tomorrow night, it’ll be just you, me and Lucy.”
“If you get scared really scared tomorrow night then I give you permission to drag a sleeping bag into my bedroom.” I promised “Now look, we’re home now so stop being such a wimp. You’ll be fine.”
I opened the door and walked inside. I glanced back and saw Ray and Emily were starting to get pretty close. All was going to plan! Hollie was still looking a bit fussed so I rolled my eyes and pinched her. It didn’t help but then again, I don’t know why I thought it would help at all. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the living room.
All the others were already there “We’re back from hell!” I laughed, as Frank stood up and wrapped his arms round me “Mr.Howard is such an asshole.”
“What did he make you do?” Mikey asked as Hollie sat down next to him.
Frank and I sat back down on Frank’s sleeping bag “Well first we were writing lines,” I told them “And then because I complained about it he made us scrape the gum off the bottoms of tables.”
“Then Chloe and Hollie decided they’d had enough of this,” Ray announced, taking a seat “And started throwing pencils. One of them landed in my hair and stayed there.”
“I got thirty-three points,” Hollie said happily “But Chloe got thirty-seven.”
“So, what are we gonna do then?” Lucy asked.
I smiled “We’re watching The Human Centipede.”
Hollie threw me a pleading glance but I ignored her and went to the DVD shelf “Anyone got any objections?”
Lucy was about to say something when I interrupted with “Tough fuck because we’re watching it anyway.”
I took the DVD out of its case and put it in the DVD player. I went and settled back down next to Frank. This film isn’t even that scary.

Lucy’s POV…
I hugged Gerard “Night Gee.” I kissed him on the cheek “See you tomorrow.”
“Night Lucy!”
We didn’t go straight to sleep obviously; we had so much to talk about. “Do you think Ray likes me?” Emily asked, getting into her sleeping bag “I really like him but I’m not sure whether he likes me…”
“He likes you!” Chloe said quickly “He told me and Hollie himself. Didn’t he Hollie?”
“Well…” Hollie replied nervously “He did mention it.”
“Are you okay Hoz?”
“That film was disgusting.”
“Oh grow up Hollie!” Chloe complained “Turn the lights off Lucy. Let’s all go to sleep.”

[A/N] - Lucy's POV was only really small because I took like an hour writing this chapter and by that point I'd got really bored :')
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