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My Sisters Boyfriends brother..?What? [Frikey]

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Frank meets Mikey through his sisters boyfriend

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Frank POV:

Ever since I was fourteen I knew I was more into guys than girls. It wasn't something I liked to acknowledge, really. I come from this uptight Catholic family who believes it's wrong to be attracted to the same sex. I've never believed that, myself, don't get me wrong. But I can't just go up to my mom and dad and tell them. How would I do that anyway? "Mom, dad, your only son is into cock. Don't expect any kids from me!" The only thing that would accomplish is giving my mom a heart attack and being kicked out by my father. I didn't want that - I didn't need that. Being that I just turned 17 and can't get a job because of my tattoos.. that would be a shitty situation to put myself in to. Also, I'm pretty sure they were starting to wonder a little about how I've never had a girlfriend. I mean, most 17 year olds have girlfriends left and right.. right? Ocasionally my mom would ask "Have you found yourself a nice young lady yet, Franklin?" and often disapointed when I said no.
My door cracked open to reveal my older sister, Amelia. I wonder what she wants..

Amelia dragged me down here to have dinner with her boyfriend and the family. Why the fuck do I need to be here, it's not like my goddamn opinion matters, anyway. Then the doorbell rang and the door was opened to reveal a boy who looked about 20 with shaggy black hair and really pale skin.
"Gerard, this is my mom, my dad, and my brother - Frank come over here!" she sounded like she wasn't going to take any of my shit while her boyfriend was here.
"Hello Ma'am, Sir, I'm Gerard Way." he said sticking out a gloved hand for my parents to shake. "And, hello Frank." he said and waved to the back, where I had been standing just watching this oh so fucking cheerful event.
"Let's go eat dinner!" my sister said, grabbing Gerards hand, leading him the way to the dinning room table.
"What did you make, Milly?" My father asked when he sat down in his usual spot by me.
"I made veggie pizza." she smiled as she brought in a big dish full of this "veggie pizza." Didn't look like the shit I ate at Mario's.
"That's lovely, darling." my mom said as she took a slice off the plate.
"Help yourself, Mr. Way." My mom flashed her amazingly white teeth at him.
"Thank you, Ma'am." He smiled and took a slice off of the big trey. We all talked and ate for awhile. Gerard seemed like an okay guy.

"You like Black Flag, Frank?" Gerard pulled my attention away from the big mushroom on my plate.
"Oh, uh, yeah. I love them." I looked up to see everyone was staring at me like some caged animal. What the fuck did I do?
"That's cool. My little brother, Mikey, is a major fan himself." Gerard said with a smile.
"Maybe they should hang!" Amelia butted in. Did she just fucking volunteer me to hang out with some dude I don't know?
"Yeah, totally! I'll text Mikey and ask him if he's free anytime soon." Gerard said, tapping away at his phone.
"Aw yeah, Frank might actually have a friend!" Amelia said putting her thumbs up.
"Shut the fuck up Amelia!" I hissed over at her.
"FRANKLIN ANTHONY IERO. Language!" I hate when my mother used my middle name like it was some kind of fucking weapon.
"Sorry mom." i said a little more nicely.
"Your mother and I are going to go watch TV, can you two clean up without fighting?" my father looked from Amelia to me.
"Yes, father." Amelia promised, standing up to give him a hug.
"Alright." was the last thing my father said before him and my mom wondered off to watch Family Fued, I assumed.

I looked over to see Amelia whispering something to Gerard. Gerard laughed and whispered something back. What the fucking fuck.

"So, Frank, Mikey is free tomorrow, you free tomorrow?" My sister asked while smiling. Of course I was, she knew that too. She's making a huge fucking show out of this. What the fuck is her deal?
"What do you think?" I rolled my eyes and shook my head.
"No, then? Alright Gee, you can tell Mikey to come over tomorrow about.. noon? I'll have Frank up by then." She was raidiating happyness. Gross.
"Alright, cool. I just told Mikey." his phone now visable in his hands. He got another text not even three minutes later. But I looked over to see my sister with her phone out aswell.
Gerard shook his head and said "Gotcha." towards her. What the fuck were they planning now? Jesus christ.
Gerards phone vibrated again.
"Mikey said he'll be over." Gerard smiled wickedly at Amelia, like he had acheived something great.
"Okay, good!" Standing up, Amelia was grabbing the plates and took them off to the kitchen and washing them.
"He's really not a bad guy." Gerard looked at me.
"I never said he was, fuck, I don't even know him."
"You just don't seem to pleased about this, though. I figure you might think he's an asshole or something."
"Not really, I just don't like my older sister and her boyfriend making my friends."
"I understand that, but just give him a chance, okay? Seriously, he's not that bad a guy."
"He's really not." Amelia walked back in and agreed. "I've met him tons of times, and he's pretty chill." Pretty chill? What the fucking fuck.
"Uh, okay.." What else was there to say? I didn't want to meet this guy, fuck.
Gerard looked down to his phone again. "Fuck, it's almost nine. I gotta go. Bye Amelia." he said pulling her in for a wicked kiss. "and, bye Frank." he waved and walked out. I heard him say his goodbyes to my parents, as well.

I walked back to my room and layed down in the dark. Did my sister just set me up for a play date? Seriously, what the fuck. I'm capable of making my own goddamn friends. I just chose not to. Amelia came in again. This time to talk, I assumed.

"Frankie, you awake?" She said, her weight making a dip in my bed.
"No, I'm not. Sorry, come back later."
"Come on asshole. I wanna tell you some things about Mikey before tomorrow." She said reaching for the lamp by my bed.
"What about him?" I couldn't help but wonder about the boy I was going to be spending the day with tomorrow.
"Er.. well, for starters, he's gay." she looked guilty now. "He likes video games, and comic books, and he plays guitar and bass. He likes all the music you do, too. He doesn't really have many friends. He's awkward as fuck, really. But when you get to know him, he's actually pretty cool. I promise you." She sounded a little less guilty afterwords.
"Did you just like, fucking.. set me up on a date with him?" I couldn't control my anger. I didn't fucking need her help to find a friend. Let alone a goddamn boyfriend.
"Frank, you've never had a boyfriend and-"
"Fuck you, Amelia." I said getting off my bed, walking aimlessly.
"Listen, it's not big deal. It's just to hang out. Anyway, Gerard told him you'd text him. Heres his number." she handed me a number and walked out. I just threw the paper on my floor and layed down, and tried to drift off for about an hour or so. It didn't work. There was a voice in the back of my head that kept saying should I text him? It however did win. I got up and picked the number off the floor.

"Um, hi." I sent the text, then noticed that it was 11:30. He was probably asleep.
"Hey, who is this?" he replied within two minutes. Great, he doesn't know who I am.
"Frank. Didn't your brother tell you I was going to text you?"
"oh, yeah. Hi Frank. :)"
"Hi Mikey." I couldn't be assed to put a smiley like he had.
"About tomorrow, I'm sorry my brother did that - he can be pretty bossy."
"Yeah, so can my sister. You know you don't have to come if you don't want to.."
He didn't text back. Great, I probably scared him off or something. Whatever, I shouldn't care. Why do I care?
I waited about half an hour for him to text back, before I fell asleep.

"Frankie, get up! Mikey is gonna be here in an hour and frankly you smell like shit. Go shower." My sister was now beating me with a pillow.
"ughhhhhh." I sighed into my pillow, I really didn't want to get up.
"Go shower! I'm gonna clean your room and wash your bedding for you. Make a good impression, asshole!" Amelia said when I finally got up.
"He's a dude, like he gives a shit what I - or my room - smells like." I noted. It was truthful, I never cared about any other guy.
"Frank. Shower. Now." She said pushing me towards my dresser.
"Fine." I said raffling through my clothes until I found a pair of black skinny jeans and a Misfits t-shirt.
"What about underwear, freak?" she said, making her eyebrows show what emotion she was portraying.
"Don't need any. Jeans too tight." I sounded like a robot.
"Ewwwwww." She said again.
"You asked." I noted.
"But that's nasty!"
"Whatever. I'm showering now." I said walking over to my door to leave before she could say anything else equally bitchy.

When I got out of the shower I hardly recognized my room. The bed was made, there wasn't any garbage laying around, and my clothes were washed and put neatly into my dresser. It even smelt nice.
"Holy shit." I mumbled in amazement.
"So I take it you like my work?" Amelia said from behind him, smiling.
"I've never seen it this clean before. Goddamn."
"Yeah, it was a real bitch to clean, too."
"Hahh. I bet."
"Mikey and Gee are on their way." she said as she looked me down. "You look nice."
"Cool and thanks."

To pass the time quicker I went online. Nothing was there, to do, either.
When I heard the doorbell rang my heart started to beat faster than it ever had before.
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