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Meeting Mikey [1/2]

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Okay, Okay, sorry. I'm rewriting the second chapter.

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When I wrote the second part the first time, it went waaay too fast.
Results of me being seep deprived. Sorry guys. Feel free to hate me D:
And, thank you for all the nice comments. Tomorrow is Friday! YES.
I walked down the stairs, looking for an unfamiliar face. When I spotted what I had been looking for, I was shocked. He looked nothing like I had imagined. He was wearing a black bean hat, and little bits of blond hair were sticking out from under. He had black rimmed glasses that made him look young. He looked sort of like he had a cold, his nose was a pinkish color.
"Stop staring and say something, dumb ass." Amelia said, interrupting my thoughts.
"I wasn't staring." I said looking over to my annoying sister, wishing she'd shut up.
"You were so staring, Frank." Gerard said, with a sinister smile.
"He was probably staring at the door, or something." Mikey cut in.
"Yeah, yes! I was staring at the door." I said looking from Amelia to Gerard to Mikey.
"Okay, sure. Whatever you say, doll." Amelia winked. "Let's watch a movie!" she added, walking over to the cabinet full of classic scary movies.
"Yes, lets." Gerard said, pushing Mikey towards one end of the couch.
"Frank sit by Mikey." Amelia instructed. What was she doing?
"Uh, alright." I didn't want to make it seem like I didn't like the guy, but I didn't want to sit by someone who I'd just got caught staring at.
There was enough space in between us until Amelia and Gerard came to sit down.
"scoot over Franklin Anthony!" Amelia said pushing me.
"I don't want to crowd Mikey, fuckface." I said smiling sweetly at her.
"Mikey will it bother you if he scoots closer?" she said looking at the boy. He just shrugged.
"I know him, it won't bother him. now scoot, fat ass."
"Fuck you, Amelia." I said, still yet, getting closer to the strange boy.
Amelia put in the notebook.
"Ewwwww, lovey shit. take it off!"I said, even though I loved The Notebook.
"Shut the fuck up, fucker."
"Go to hell."
"You first."
"Guys, guys, shut up. Little Mikey doesn't need to hear your bickering." Gerard smiled at his brother.
"Gee that's not funny." Mikey sounded kind of like he just woke up.

I had woken up on the couch. Mikeys head on my shoulder, he was still asleep.
Gerard and Amelia were no where to be seen. Then I heard a moan coming from upstairs.
Oh ew. That is so gross! She's lucky our parents are at work. Who has sex at 4pm? Seriously?
Mikey's snoring caught my attention again. He looked so sweet.
I didn't want to wake him, but I definetly didn't want to go through this myself.

"Uh, Mikey?" I said shaking him a little. "Mikey, wake up." i said poking his nose this time.
"Mmm. what do you want gerard." he mumbled from his sleep.
"It's not Gerard, Mikey. It's Frank."
"OH. um. uh, sorry." he said sitting up off my shoulder.
"Hah, it's okay. I guess we fell asleep for a few hours."
"Yeah. Where are Gerard and Mill-" thats when moaning cut him off. "Ewww." he wrinkled his nose.
"Uh, yeah. Gross, right?" i shook my head.
"Totally gross."
"Wanna go for a walk? I really can't stomach hearing my sister doing.. that." I said at another moan.
"Yeah, lets go. holy fuck they're like animals." He made a disgusted face again
"I agree. let me grab my jacket and we'll go."

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