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9: It's Better If You Don't Understand.

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“And I’m here in your subconscious.”

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(Sun’s POV) (About an hour later)

I woke up, and was sitting in a completely white room, excluding the black and red furniture.

“Where am I?” I think, and I hear my thought’s spoken aloud, reverbing off the white walls. I look down, finding that I’m lying on a black sofa, sprawled out in my clothes. “What is this place?” I wonder aloud.

“Welcome to your subconscious!” A child’s voice says, and I notice I’m not alone in the room. I look around, but can’t find the source of the voice.

“Uh, hi.” I say. My guard was immediately up. Who was this little child and why were they in my head? “My name is-”

The voice cuts me off. “Silly goose, I know who you are! Your name is Juliet Scarlet Winterson. Otherwise known as Neon Sun, well that’s what it is until you have to change it again. Your sister is Dancing Spark, and I’m not sure of her real name yet.”

“Who are you?” I ask the voice, which I still can’t locate. My BL/iND instincts should be kicking in right about now, and I can feel my muscles being fueled by adrenaline. The world goes blue-black for a minute. Ah, my fighting eyes are ready. Scanning the room, I see a small chair, not facing me.

“That’s actually up to you.” The voice tells me, and I climb off the couch slowly. When I’m on my feet, I am shaky as I walk. “I’m whoever you want me to be.” A voice from somewhere out of the room resonates through the room.

“And I’m the Voice. It’s very tiring, being trapped in here.” The Voice Heartbreak and I hear speaks. “I gotta say, it’s rather boring in here. Your subconscious room is a tad bland.”

“Shut up.” I growl at it.

“That’s a naughty word!” The childish voice says. “My mommy says so.”

“Who’s your mommy?” I approach the chair, and turn it around. A little girl, probably six or seven, with loose black curls hanging down. I get a good look at her eyes. “What’s your name sweetie?”

“My name is Ella. Well, it is for now.” She says, and I look confuse. “And I’m here in your subconscious.”

“I like that name.” I say with a smile to the child. “How old are you sweetie?”

“I’m five and a half.” She says, looking proud. “Will you braid my hair for me?”

“Sure!” I say, happy to see a child, not some big scary monster like what I always imagined lived in my unconscious state. “Where do you want me to sit?” I ask, picking her up. She climbs into my arms like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

“Can’t you make a couch appear?” She asks, and I shrug. “Do I have to teach you EVERYTHING?” She says with a sigh. I nod. “Just imagine a couch, where ever you want, and it will be there.” I imagine a big black couch, sitting at an angle next to the couch I woke up on. With a poof, and a slight thud, it appears. I walk over to it, and set the girl in my lap. “Want a special braid?” I ask her.

“Yes!” She sounds excited. “I like people braiding my hair. Can I braid yours?”

“Sure honey.” I say, and I can feel her smiling. “So, what do you do in here?”

“Whatever I want. Usually I dance and play with my doll.” Out of nowhere, a doll appears in her hands. I run my hand through her loose curls, and start braiding it. I begin french braiding it, leaving some wispy part’s down in her face, a few loose curls. As I braid, she talks to me. “So how’s Party Poison?”

“He’s good, really happy. I think he and Ghoul had a fight though.” I sigh at the memory. “I feel bad about it. I’ve torn those two apart.”

“You could always turn one into BLI, that’d solve your problem.” The voice says.

“Shut up, or be helpful!” I yell to it, making Ella giggle. “I dunno if you even are real.”

“How can something that isn’t real…” The voice says, and I feel like it’s talking to me right in my ear. It makes me shiver. “Be right in front of you?” A man, in a black trench coat stands in front of me. I suppress a shriek, and Ella screams in fright.

“It’s okay, I won’t let him hurt you sweetie.” I jump in front of the child. “Stay away.” I warn the Voice.

“But why?” He asks, running a hand through his greasy black hair. “I’m not scary.”

“Then why is she terrified?” I ask him, still shielding the young girl. She hugs me tight around my middle. “Easy, there’s a baby in there.” I caution the little girl so the Voice can’t hear.

“Look, I’m wearing pants and everything.” The voice says. I look back up at him, and see he’s wearing black jeans, a black shirt, and a black trench coat. Black sunglasses, black hair.

“What are you?” I ask him. “A Blade wannabe?”

“Whoever you want me to be.” He says, ignoring the dig. “See?” He changes into somebody else, and I’m looking at The Kobra Kid. “Hey Sun!” He says, in a perfect imitation of his voice. “That’s the wonderful thing about me. I can be whoever I need to be. But, this is your subconscious, you control it.” This gives me an idea.

“Leave. I don’t wanna hear from you until I leave here.” I demand, and with a poof of red smoke, he’s gone. I sigh in relief, and position Ella in front of me, continuing on her braid. She chatters about her day, and I ask question as we go along.

“I’m hungry. Can we have food?” The girl asks when I finish. I nod.

“What do you want sweetie?” I ask her. I’d always loved little kids, they were so cute. I wondered if I’d baby my kid this much, or raise her tough.

“You’ll raise me to be whoever I want.” The girl says, answering my silent thoughts. “How about candy?” She asks me, and I imagine some licorice for her. It appears in her hands, and she starts gnawing on a vine of it hungrily. I imagine some chocolate, which appears in my palm. I take a bite. “Daddy thinks about you a lot. Especially in his sleep. He’s thinking about you right now.” She says, and then giggles that giggle that children all share until age nine.

“Who’s daddy?” I ask her, and she smiles at me. She’s not gonna tell me easily. “Why don’t you tell me who your mommy is?” I prompt, and she looks confused.

The confusion turns to hurt in the brief silence. “You mean you don’t know?” I shake my head. She looks upset. “But, I thought we had the same eyes.” She’s facing me now and is pouting, her lip quivering. “I know I’ve got one of each, but I can change them!” She says, and takes my hands in hers.

“What?” I ask, startled. She blinks, changing her eyes to match my normal color, the purple slightly darker.

“Do you not know who I am?” She asks, looking sad. I shake my head. My brain knew, but the rest of me didn’t. “I live right here right now.” She pokes my stomach, where the baby is. “I’m your baby. All grown up. Well, I’m only five,” She holds up five fingers at me. “But that’s because you imagine me as a five year old!”

“Uh, hey baby Ella.” I say to her. “So this is what you’re gonna look like?” I ask, and she shrugs.

“Dunno. This is what you think I’m going to look like.” She says. “Your mind is a very confusing place mommy.”

“Big vocabulary for a little girl like you.” I mutter, and she laughs. It’s a tinkling sound, like glass hitting the floor.

“Daddy keeps dreaming about me.” She says. I smile at the thought. “I’m glad you told him. I was starting to get worried. Were you gonna get rid of me?” She asks, lip quivering. It’s so pathetic that I feel the need to hold her tight. ‘

“No baby, I never would do that to you.” I whisper. “What does he think you look like?”

She pulls from our hug, and suddenly, I’m looking at a girl with blonde hair, kinda wavy, with big honey colored eyes. Her skin is tan, much like mine, not pale like my version of her involved. She flashes back to my Ella. “He also thinks I might be a boy. This is what I look like if I’m a boy to him.” She makes the air around her sparkle again, and I’m looking at a seven year old boy. Golden hair, blue eyes like mine. Tan skin. Your atypical, all American looking boy. Another shimmer in the air, and she’s back to looking like my version of her.

“I want you with black hair, like your daddy has.” I say. “Well, before he decided fire engine red was a good choice.”

“What’s he like?” She asks me.

“He can be very serious, but he’s just got a lot going on right now. He has a nice laugh, and a big heart. He doesn’t let you know it though, until he trusts you. I think he likes to be alone sometimes, but I don’t completely get him. He’s difficult to explain.”

“How about Aunty Sparky? And Uncle Kobra?” She asks, and it makes me smile.

“Sparky, she’s gonna love you so much.” I say with a smile. “She’ll teach you all sorts of things I probably won’t like very much, but because she’s my little sis, I’ll get over it.” I say, making Ella smile. “She’ll have you dancing before you can talk.”

“What about Uncle Kobra?” She asks, looking excited. “He seems nice.”

“He’ll have you blowing stuff up before you can walk, if he has any say in it. He’ll get you calling him Cunkle, for crazy cool uncle.” I say with a laugh, imagining him teaching her how to light a fuse and run. “He’ll teach you to play bass I bet.”

“What about Mr.Ghoul?” She asks quietly. I’m stunned. “You think about him a lot.”

“Ghoul is…interesting.” I tell her, and she looks hopeful for more information. She may as well know. “We used to love each other-”

“You still love him.” She says bluntly, and I’m shocked at how well this…thing, knows me. It wasn’t right calling her a person, because this was my subconscious, but I couldn’t call her an apparition, cause that wasn’t the right word either.

I sigh. I always promised myself I’d be honest with my children, in the rare event that I had them. “But, I love your daddy more. I always will love Ghoul I think, but let’s not talk about my love life.” I say, and she nods, munching on her candy. I magically conjure us some water, and we take sips. “What do you want to know about him?” I ask my child. It was scary, having her right in front of me.

“Just… I want to know.” She says. I nod my head.

“Well, Ghoul, he’s very complicated. You don’t know what he’s thinking unless you either know him really well, or he wants you to. He’s really good on guitar; his fingers can fly up and down it. He lets me be me, and he’s got all these tattoos. You’ll like tracing them when you’re bored as a baby. I’ll have to keep him from letting you see the scary ones…” I trail off, that last sentence more for me than her. “He’ll teach you all sorts of stuff, and I’ll get mad at him for it of course. But, he’s a nice guy, so I’ll build a bridge and get over it.” A deep breath. “He used to have a lip ring. But he took it out. Which was sad, because I really liked it.” I realize I’m waxing on about him, but she deserves to get as good a picture as possible. “He was born on Halloween.”

“Whats that?” She asks. I shake my head sadly.

“It’s a day where kids in the towns go and ask for candy.” I explain. “And teenage girls have an excuse to dress like total sluts.” Hey, if she was gonna be my baby girl, I would prolong that as long as possible. “And the parent’s play jokes on the kids sometimes. We haven’t had a proper Halloween around here in ages.” I say to my baby. I lay down on the couch, and she cuddles in next to me.

“Mommy, things are going to be very scary soon.” She says, and I look at her. I’m petting her hair absent mindedly, trying to calm her.

“What do you mean Ella?” I ask her. She smiles at me.

“The Voice man said that things are going to happen around the camp that’s gonna scare you.” She explains. “He wouldn’t tell me what though. It made me angry.”

“Your daddy and I both have quite the tempers on us, so it’s not surprise you get mad sometimes. It’ll be a wonder if your fuse isn’t shorter than both of ours.” I murmur to my baby girl. She looks sleepy. “I have to go now.”

Clutching tight to my clothes, she shakes her head. “No, don’t leave me.” She begs. “I like it when you talk to me.”

“I promise, even when I’m awake, I talk to you. Do you remember what daddy said earlier?” I ask her, and she nods. “We will keep that promise. You’ll be perfect, because you’ll be loved.”

“Will you please eat more when you’re awake? I need more food; I have to burn your very small amount of body fat to keep myself fed.” She says, and I nod my head.

“I’m so sorry for not feeding you.” I tell her, and try not to cry. She looks so perfect, a little black haired angel.

She smiles a bit, looking sleepy. “I promise to not make you too sick in the mornings.” She yawns loudly, cuddling into me more. I stroke her hair, letting her fall asleep.

“It lets me know you’re there.” I say, and she smiles as her eyes flutter shut. “I love you.” I whisper to her. I close my eyes, and drift back into sleep.

Meanwhile, in Party Poison’s brain (Poison’s POV)
I land with a thud, in the middle of a thickly treed forest. When I pull myself to the feet, I hear a rustling in the bushes. I reach for my ray gun. But a voice stops me.

“Easy there big boy.” The voice coos. I turn, and see a beautiful sight. A girl, around twenty, long black hair, pale skin, and the biggest pair of hazel colored eye’s I’ve ever seen is walking towards me. “Hello you.” She gives me a small wave, and I smile at her. A giggle comes out of her cute little mouth.

“What’s your name?” I ask, trying to look smooth.

“Helena.” She replies to my question with ease, which to be expected. It’s her name, she should know it. “Do you know where we are?” She asks me.

I shrug. She laughs. “Nope, not a clue princess.” I say. Oh, was I flirting? Oh well. “You know?” I ask, pulling a cigarette from my pocket and lighting it.

“Well, I think we’re in a forest.” She says, giving me a look that said “you’re an idiot.”

“Helena!” A voice calls, one that is strikingly familiar. “Helena where are you?”

“I’m over here!” Helena calls. “We have company.” She trills out the words, and it makes me smile. Such a cute voice, very girly. Hopefully her friend would be just as pretty as her. Maybe a redhead…. That’d be a nice change from the sea of black and neon colors I was used to. I turn around, hearing something coming through the brush behind us. “Hello Jules.” Helena giggles. “I see you found your way here.”

“Yes, I’m not completely directionally challenged.” The girl names Jules mutters. “Hello you.” She says, and gives me a hug. Whoa, somebody was a little touchy feely. “What?” She asks me, pouting. “No hug back? I see how it is.” She gives a familiar laugh into my ear.

“Sun?” I ask, and turn to face the girl.

“Right on the first guess.” She purrs. “Hello Party. Remember me?” She asks, holding her hands out so I can look at her. It was the Sun from the far left, back when I was tripping. The Sun we busted from the hospital.

“Yes, not what you’re used to…. I apologize for that one. I just figured I’d take you back to the roots.” She throws a punch at me, and I dodge quickly, mewling as it glances by my jaw. She giggles. “Take it like a man. You already do with Ghoul!” She says, and laughs loudly. I turn, and am punched in the face again. “C’mon, fight back!” She growls, and I take another punch to the face, and I finally snap. I turn; teeth barred, and lunge for… the air. Sun is running off, speeding towards a lake. She dives off a dock end, a smooth dive perfected by years of swimming. I pick myself up off the dirt, and see Helena running that way. I calmly make my way there, watching Helena cannon ball in with a whoop. Two piles of clothes lay on the sandy banks of the lake. I can see Sun and Helena swimming around. Sun disappears into an inlet. I stand, watching Helena, floating on her back, in a swim suit –or rather, a tank top and shorts- letting the sun fall on her skin.

“Are you coming in any time soon?” Sun asks, hiding in a little grove somewhere. I strip down to my boxers, and walk into the water carefully. No fish or anything in here, surprisingly. It was also mildly comforting.

“Where are you?” I call, trying to find Sun. She giggles, and I find the general direction of the noise. It’s coming from a small little inlet, hidden by large reeds and trees. I make my way to her, and she’s smiling, sunning herself on the sandy bank. The inlet isn’t huge, but not tiny. It’s surrounded by bright flowers, several different tress, making it into a little hidden place, somewhere Sun seemed to like. I swim around, smiling at her.

“What you smiling at punk?” She asks me, the same nervous interrogative tone to her voice that she had when we first sprung her from the labs. “Helena!” She calls, and the black haired beauty comes swimming to us.

“You two are so hot.” I blurt. Stupid brain… give me something to work with. They giggle.

“You already get me in real life.” Sun coos.

“Not for nine months I don’t.” I pout. Helena laughs at me. “It sucks.”

“Yes well, you should’ve been a tad more careful with me babe.” Sun says. “You were the one that was like ‘oh you won’t get pregnant! Please? I promise everytime after this we can, but just this once let’s not! Let’s make it special!’ if I remember correctly.”

“Well, how bout you Helena?” I ask, giving her smile. The same half smile that drove Sun insane. Helena wrinkles her nose in disgust. “What?” I ask. “Am I not to your taste?” I stand, looking confused. She wrinkles her nose even more. Sun keeps laughing.

“Wasn’t aware you were one for incest.” She giggles. I look confused. “That’s your daughter idiot!” She points to Helena.

Oh my God, you gotta be kidding. I just hit on my daughter. Oh I think I’m gonna puke. No, don’t puke. Too girly for me. Must be manly Party Poison, to impress Sun! Even if this was a dream, I wanted her to like me.

“Well, this isn’t what I look like in your mind is it?” Helena asks, and I’m suddenly in a black room, with white furniture.

“Where are we now?” I ask her, and she shrugs.

“It’s your subconscious silly.” She tells me with a laugh. Sun is here to, but it’s the current Sun. She’s dressed in her usual shorts and faux bomber jacket get up. Aviators on, though it’s not all that bright in here. I wasn’t sure where the light was coming from, but it was nice.

“Hello Party.” Sun says, smiling at me. I open my arms, inviting her to sit with me on the white couch. Our daughter laughs.

“You two love each other?” My daughter asks.

“Very much.” Sun says, smiling at me from her place curled in next to me.

“So, is this what you’re gonna look like?” I ask Helena. “A lot like me?”

“Well, when I’m about nineteen, yes. But that’s in mommies mind. Right now, in her subconscious, I’m five.”

“Well, I think you’ll look more like her.” I say, and the air around her shimmers. In replacement of the nineteen year old, I’m now looking at a four year old. A few wispy white blonde curls and other than that, white blonde waves, her eyes were like mine, and she was tan, like her mother was. Not pale like me. I look at my baby, and she toddles over to me. “Hey you!” I say, and she smiles at me.

“Mommy is thinking about you right now.” She says, playing with my hair. “Can I have red hair like this?” She asks.

“No, no you may not. It’ll be too pretty on you, and the world might explode from the cuteness.” I whisper to her, and Sun smiles at the two of us. A poof of red smoke, and Sun is gone. This leaves me with my child, and she keeps playing with strands of my hair.

“Daddy, do you love mommy?” she asks me quietly. “Because she loves you this much!” She stretches her arms out as wide as she can.

“I love her this much!” I say, stretching my arms out as far as I can. My daughter giggles. “Wonder what you would look like if you were a boy.” I say, and the air around her shimmers. A boy reappears, with blonde hair and Sun’s blue eyes, minus the purple. The surrounding areas shimmers and the figure is now a girl again. “I’m not very big right now; I’m only a few weeks old.”

“And we love you no matter what.” I tell her. Whoa, where was lovey dovey Poison coming from? Maybe it was because this was a dream? Was this a dream? If not, then what did I take that was making me trip this bad? “Can you hear us when we talk to you?” I ask my daughter, who nods and smiles big. It must hurt her, what with how big she’s smiling. It makes me laugh.

“Yes! I like it when you talk to me. I hope I’m special, like mommy.” She whispers. “You need to protect her. There are bad people, they want to hurt her.”

“What?” I ask, suddenly worried.

“You need to keep my mommy safe. Bad people want my mommy. There’s bad stuff that’s going to happen soon.” My daughter tells me. “Please keep mommy safe.”

“I promise you I’ll keep her safe. It’s not gonna be easy. She feels an attachment to a student, and if it comes down to saving her, or saving herself…she’ll pick the other girl.” I whisper.

My baby looks at me, confused. “But what about me? Would she sacrifice me? I’m her baby!” She’s pouting, and she looks just like Sun when she pouts at me, but with black hair and paler skin. That’s a funny thought, Sun with BLACK hair. I laugh just at the thought of it. Can you think in dreams?

“I think if it comes down to it, that she’ll do anything to save you. Maternal instinct you know?” I tell my daughter. “I just worry about her sometimes. I think we all do. Mommy is special,” my daughter nods her head at me. “She had some stuff done to her that made her super special. Like a superhero.” I wait to see if she understands. I was trying to cut the extraneous details out, to make it easier to comprehend.

“Can she fly?” She asks in awe. “Is mommy an angel? Does she have wings?”

“I think she’s n angel.” I say, and the baby girl makes goo-goo eyes at me. I shrug my shoulders. “Dunno, we haven’t tested the idea of wings out yet, but she could probably morph them onto her body for a bit of time. She’s wanted angel wings tattooed on her for some time now though.” I say. Woops, extraneous details. “But, we don’t know what all she can do.”

“Well, can you make sure she eats? I get hungry and she doesn’t eat enough for both of us.” My daughter looks sad. It breaks my heart. “Keep her safe, keep her fed.” And then the world goes to black.

(The next morning)

I woke up, surprisingly before Sun did. Her bed was slightly larger than mine, and not a bunk bed. Sun is curled up in my arms, soundly asleep. She giggles occasionally. I look out her small window. The sun (the one in the sky, not my arms.) is barely peeking over the horizon line. The sky was a color I knew was Neon’s favorite.

“Sh.” I whisper, as she stirs a bit. “Stay asleep.” I very carefully moved away from her, and to the small, stove in the corner. This Block used to be where we prepared the meals. Thus, it has stuff in it to cook with. I pull out a package of buffalo bacon, and a pan. The bacon needed to thaw a tad, and the pan needed to heat. When it’s hot, I take a pocket knife and slice open the package of buffalo, laying a few strips onto the hot pan. The meat sizzles when it touches the pan, and soon the room smells like buffalo bacon. It’s not a bad smell, but not the same as what bacon used to smell like in the morning. I go and start some coffee, and hear a sleepy yawn.

“Bacon?” Sun’s voice asks. “What’s the occasion?”

“You have a baby that needs food. Buffalo bacon is fatty enough to make up for lost calories.” I explain. “And it makes you smile.”

“What’s next?” She asks me, still sounding sleepy. “Pancakes?” I turn to face her, after flipping the bacon so it cooked evenly.

“How about good coffee?” I ask, handing her a cup of it. She takes a cautious sip, and smiles. “it’s black. Like you drink it sometimes.”

“It’s nice that you remember stuff like that.” She says, sipping it carefully. “What time is it?”

I look outside. “About….” I try to guesstimate. “6?”

“Wow, we still have time to sleep. Does Frank know you’re in here?” She asks, and I nod. The bacon starts to sizzle less, so I put it on a plate, and dump the grease in an empty can. Walking with the plate, I sit on her bed. She nabs the same piece I was shooting for, and we smile.

I nudge it towards her. “Take it, it’s the biggest and you need it.” Usually I’d be playful, demand we split it in a sarcastic tone, but she truly did need the calories.

“I’m probably supposed to eat healthy.” She mutters, munching on her bacon. “Bacon is all greasy.”

“Our baby needs to know what GOOD food tastes like!” I say, and touch her belly lightly. “Hey you.” I say, and Sun laughs. “Mommy is eating, like you asked.”

“She was in your dream too?”Sun asks me. “How old?”

Time to blush. “Nineteen.”

“Lemme guess,” She says to me with a smirk. “You hit on her didn’t you?” I blush, something rare for me. “You hit on our daughter!” she says with a cackle, then taking a bite of her bacon.

“It was an accident!” I say, and Sun laughs at me, flicking me in the ear. “Eat up, and then I think Mikey is making breakfast burritos for breakfast today. We have eggs and sausage and everything.” I say, and she scarf’s her portion of the bacon down. “I’ll make sure yours gets a little extra.” I say, and she chugs down her coffee. “Easy girl, they may limit makeup, but buffalo is easy to come by.” I say, finishing my food quickly. “Get dressed, we have a Doctor to talk to.” I say, and she hops up, unbuttoning her pants. She turns to look at me and blushes.

“Turn around.” She says, and I look confused. “Just do it.”

“I’ve seen you naked Sun.” I say stubbornly. “You can change in front of me.”

She sighs. “It feels wrong though, I’m Frank’s now.” She says, and I laugh at her.

“Does it feel wrong carrying my baby? Does it feel wrong when I kiss you? Does it feel wrong that he doesn’t know yet?” I ask, and it comes out harsher than I meant it to. Her smile falls, and she sniffles. “Sunnie, that was harsh.” I say, coming up behind her. She sniffles again. “Sunnie, babe, I’m sorry.” I say, and she looks at me.

“You are?” She asks, and I nod. “I thought you hated me.” She says, sniffing back tears. “I’m a hormonal wreck, and I’m gonna be so fat eventually.” She whimpers to me, and Hugs me tight, pant’s half unbuttoned.

“I doubt it. You’ll be tiny.” I say. “Besides, it’s for a good cause. Our kid.” I remind her. “When do we know the gender of the baby?”

She shrugs, continuing getting undressed and starting to change. “Dunno, depends if we want to risk going into the towns. Means I’ll have to wear a wig, and you’ll have to as well, unless you wanna dye it and cut it.” She teases, pulling on her tights. The lace print was nice on her, and next up is a pair of black shorts. She yanks off her shirt from last night, tugging on first a yellow tanktop, and then a purple lace one over that. Aviators go on, and a pair of black combat boots. She tucks her back up gun into her back pocket. I toy with it while she threads a bright blue belt on to hold up the shorts. She was definitely Neon today. Her body shudders, and I notice that her nails change color, to a variation of neon colors, a new shade of a neon color on each finger. She moves to walk to her bathroom, and looks at me.

“You gonna go to Death’s dressed like that?” She asks, and I nod. Sun rolls her eyes at me. “Lemme just throw some eyeliner on, and I’ll use some energy to straighten my hair.” She says, and I smile, sipping my coffee while she finishes getting ready. I see she’s added a bunch of studded bracelets, and a pair of earrings. Very nice. She takes my hand, and gives me a chaste kiss on the lips. “C’mon, your baby momma wants to go tell Dr Death Defying.”

“Sunnie?” Frank’s voice says, and he knocks on the door. “Can I come in?” He asks, and I’m shoved into the closet.

“Sure Ghoulie!” She chirps at him, and I hear his boots walking across the floor. “Morning!” She says, all bright and chipper.

“Why are you so happy?” He asks, sounding suspicious. “And why does it smell like there’s been a boy in here?” He says. “Not one of the kids.” He sounds horribly suspicious, and I pray she can laugh it off.

“Over active imagination.” She says, and laughs at him. “What? No good morning kiss?” She sounds like she’s pouting. I hear silence, and peek out through a crack in the door to see them in a full on lip lock. It makes my stomach churn, makes me want to puke up the coffee in my stomach.

The coffee. I had my cup still sitting out, and so was Sun’s. Oh no, this was not good. I put stuff in my coffee, and she hadn’t. All Frank would have to do is smell them and he’d know I’d been here, and recently. The drink would still be scalding hot. The couple continues kissing, and the urge to vomit and/or hit something becomes so intense I can barely stand it. I could take Frank, he was much smaller than me, and I was a better fighter. He may be better at shooting, but I was the hand to hand guy.

“Do we have time?” Frank asks, and I hear Sun clear her throat. “Oh c’mon.” he breathes a sigh of discontentment.

“Frank, you’re on punishment.” Sun says, sounding bitter. Don’t blame her; she was torn up over him cheating on her, even though it was almost a year and a half ago.

“For how long?” He whines. She giggles, and it makes him laugh his pot head giggle.

“Until I say so. The more you ask, the longer it’ll be.” She declares. “Why don’t we go get breakfast started with The Kobra?” She asks, and it’s silent. “Ghoul?”

“Who did you have in here?” He asks, rather quietly.

“Nobody Frankie, let’s go.” Sun says, trying to get him out of the room.

“You had a guy in here didn’t you?” He asks, clenching his tattooed fingers into fists. “Tell me who it was. Was it Jet?” Sun looks down and shakes her head. “Moonstruck?” He asks, approaching the coffee mugs. Sun is right behind him, looking worried. “No? How about… Kobra Kid?” He asks, and she jumps at the chance, knowing Kobra will back her up.

“Yeah. We had coffee this morning, he was nice enough to make me some.” She picks up a mug and chugs it down.

“Really?” Frank asks. “Funny, he slept in my room cause some kids trashed his because he worked them pretty hard. He isn’t even up yet.” He growls at her. I swear to god, if he laid a finger on her, his sorry little butt would be running for the hills. “Why are you lying to me?”

“I’m not.” She lies. Why lie about lying? “He was in here. I remember it.”

He gawks at her. “Are you delusional?” He asks, and she shakes her head. “Are you high?”

“Nope.” She says to him. “I’ve been clean for a year now.” She reminds him. Yeah whatever, me and her did some stuff a few months ago, got really messed up on it. We had to cancel classes because we were both tripping so bad.

“Did you or did you not have a boy in here?” He asks. “Look at me and answer!”

“Yes.” Sun whispers.

He’s glaring, face turning red. His fists are shaking, and I’m ready to haul butt out of that closet to protect her, and our kid that he didn’t know about. Fun Ghoul walks over to her bed, and sits down. Picking up the blanket we shared last night, he sniffs it. “You little.” He growls at her.

“Ghoul nothing happened.” Sun is already pleading.

“Yeah whatever!” He says, and pulls Sun down on the bed with him. “Tell me what you did!”

“Nothing! I just slept!” She says, nearly crying. She and our baby did Not need this stress. “I swear!” Fun Ghoul pulls her by her hair, kissing her again.

“You kissed him.” He says. “Your tongue doesn’t taste right.”

“Ghoul, I swear, nothing happened.” She whispers, and he sniffs her hair.

He freezes. I know in that millisecond he knows it was me in here. “You cheated on me.” He whispers. “With Party?”

Sun looks at him, eyes watering. “Ghoul please don’t hurt me, there’s so much you don’t understand!” She says and he looks horribly mad. I step out of the closet without a sound. “nothing happened I swear! He just slept here! He used the blanket, must’ve put it on me because you know my body temp drops in the night! Please Frankie, there’s so much you don’t even understand.”

“Yeah, like why you can’t just stay true in a relationship.” He growls at her. “I gave us a second chance!”

Sun scoffs. “You gave us a chance? No, Ghoul, remember who asked whom for another shot. Remember who cheated on whom, who got whom beat by her boyfriend.”

“He always said he only wanted you for what you’d do with him! He used you Sunshine!” Frank shouts at her. That was a lie, I’d never said that. “What big secret are you two hiding?”

“Nothing you need to know about right now.” I say when I’m standing directly behind Ghoul. He whips around, and punches me square in the jaw. I stand there, let him take the shot. It hurt, but didn’t break it. “Hit me, not her.”

“I wouldn’t hit her.” He spits. “Unlike you. You’ll hit her!”

I growl from the back of my throat. “You know that I feel like a pile of crud about that. Back off.” I say, and he listens, backing down.

“You know what?” Sun asks, and we both look at her. “We’re done Ghoul!”

“What?” He asks. She nods. “Like, I just got broken up with?”

“Yeah.” I say, and wrap my arm around Sun. “Which is why I can do this!” I pull her into a quick kiss, and she pushes back from it.

“You didn’t even give me a chance to explain Ghoul. There’s so much you don’t understand. So much is going to change.” Sun says, and Frank flips her off. Sun bursts into tears and I hug her tight, flipping him off.

“Yes, Fun Ghoul, it’s over. Me and you can’t be together anymore. We would’ve been a good match, a great couple. But, we just both made mistakes. I can’t live like that forever. It’s done. I’m sorry.” Sun says, and Ghoul storms out.

“Let’s go.” I say to her. “We have an appointment with a Doctor.”

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