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Chapter 19

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Ray talks to Emily, Lucy talks to Gerard.

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Ray’s POV…
I pulled away “I didn’t know how to tell you this,” I whispered “But I really like you. I think you’re amazing and one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met.”
“You really think that?” Emily asked, smiling at me “I always liked you but I was never sure you felt the same way.”
“That’s what I felt like!” We smiled at each other shyly before I asked “So… Will you be my girlfriend?”
“Of course I will!” Emily giggled, throwing her arms round my neck “Hey Ray… I love your hair so much.”
“Wanna touch it?” I asked, raising my eye-brows. This made Emily laugh and an old lady walking her dog turned and stared at us.
The old lady snorted “Teenagers now-a-days. It’s all about sex.”
“She just wants to feel my fuzz!” I told her while Emily snorted with laughter.
The old lady shook her head in disgust and wandered off with her dog. Emily shook her head at me “For all you know, that could’ve been my Grandma!”
“Was it?”
“No, but what if she knows my Grandma?”
“That’d be funny,” I smiled “Do you think we should go and save Lucy from Bob yet?”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t wanna be left alone with Bob.” We stood up and she paused “Don’t tell him I said that.”
I laughed and took her hand “I won’t. And Bob’s not that bad, I’ve been stuck alone with him loads of times.”
“He kind of scares me,” Emily told me “Then again… Chloe kind of scares me too.”
“Chloe’s not scary!”
“She’s really energetic and outgoing! It’s not scary she just kind of scares me.”
“Well I guess it would be kind of scary if you weren’t used to her…” I shrugged “Oh but the scariest has gotta be Lucy!”
“Last term she-“ I stopped myself “There was a time when I thought she was pretty evil. She’s very innocent though now, thank goodness.”
“What did she do?”
“It doesn’t matter. Let me guess though, you think that Hollies dead scary.”
We both laughed at this suggestion. “I was scared of you for a bit,” I admitted “I was scared that I’d say the wrong thing or do something stupid and you wouldn’t like me anymore.”
“Ray, I’ve seen you with pencils in your hair.” Emily smiled “I’ll like you no matter what.”

Lucy’s POV…

“Where have you been?” I exploded as soon as Frank and Chloe returned to me and Bob “I’ve been stuck here with Captain Horn!”
“Don’t wanna know,” Chloe smiled, sitting down “We all thought that you and Bob deserved a little quality time together.”
“Whatever! You just wanted more time with your silly boyfriend.”
“Sitting right here Lucy,” Frank commented “And we weren’t the first to ditch you. We just followed suit. If anything, you should be mad at Mikey and Hollie.”
“Oh trust me, I am!” I told him “I’m not mad at Ray and Emily though.”
“Why not?” Chloe asked, outraged “You’re mad at your sisters but not at them?”
“I’m mad at you two because you’re my sisters.” I smiled sweetly at her “Just wait till we get home and I get my revenge on the two of you!”
“Oh I’m practically shivering in my boots,” Chloe rolled her eyes, pretending to be scared “So now what do we do? Sit here and wait for everyone else to show up?”
“We could be here all day!” Frank moaned.
At that moment Ray and Emily showed up “Hi guys!” Ray grinned, sitting down next to Bob. Still holding his hand, Emily sat down next to him “Have you met my girlfriend Emily?”
“Yeah, she slept at our house last night.” Chloe reminded him.
Ray rolled his eyes, putting his arm round Emily who rested her head on his shoulder. I groaned “Do you guys have to act so lovey dovey right now?”
“Just jealous because your boyfriend isn’t here.” Chloe giggled as Frank gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, making me roll my eyes.
Hollie and Mikey returned a few minutes afterwards “Hi!” Hollie greeted, sitting down next to me, Mikey sitting on her other side.
I glared at her “You left me here with Bob. And you made it worse by telling him about the horn.”
“He deserved to know!” Hollie cried “I taught him an important life lesson!”
“You do realise you’re never allowed to read those books again, right?” Chloe asked, leaning her head on Frank’s chest.
Hollie was outraged “But they’re amazing!”
“I don’t care. Every time you read them, you start acting all weird.”
Hollie sighed heavily and lay back on the grass. Mikey lay down next to her. I didn’t look at them but I could hear giggling. I didn’t want to look at them. I didn’t want to look at Chloe and Frank or Ray and Emily and I especially didn’t want to look at Bob. I stood up “I’m going home. I might go and see Gerard for a bit. See if he’s okay and stuffs.”
“Stuffs?” Frank asked but I ran off without giving him an answer.

Gerard’s POV…
My phone beeped and I rolled over to read the message If you were wondering where I am (Probably not) I’m up town with everyone else. See you round 5? – M
I couldn’t be bothered to text back so I just left it. “I miss you.” I muttered to myself, burying my face in my pillow.
I wished I hadn’t argued with Lucy but she had written some pretty horrible things about me in there. It didn’t make sense though. If she really hated me that much, why did she stay with me? And she always seemed pretty pleased to see me so I don’t see how… It just doesn’t add up.
Someone knocked on the door downstairs. I groaned and rolled over “Why can’t everyone just leave me alone?”
I stomped down the stairs and pulled the door open. It was Lucy “I came over because you don’t understand,” Lucy said “I lied to. When I said I don’t care anymore. I care a lot.”
I opened the door wider and moved out of the way so that Lucy could step inside. She walked down the corridor and into the living room so I followed her.
She sat down on one of my sofas; I sat down next to her. “I don’t get it,” I said “What’s going on?”
“Becca wrote in new dates.” Lucy blurted “She wrote them all in so it’d look like I’d written all that stuff about you while we were dating. She did it because she fancies you and she wanted to split us up. I think there’s more to it but I haven’t been able to figure it all out yet.”
“So you didn’t write all that stuff while we were dating?” I asked and Lucy shook her head “I believe you, okay? But you still wrote some really mean things.”
“I know!” She cried “But I only did it because I was kidding myself that I didn’t like you. I thought that if I told myself enough times… That I’d be able to stop having feelings for you.”
“You are one of the most confusing girls I’ve ever met in my entire life.” I smiled “And I love you.”
“I love you too!” Lucy grinned, moving closer “Sorry I called you a jerk.”
“It’s okay.” I smiled, putting my arms round her.
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