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Chapter 18

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This chapter is a bit lovey-dovey :') I'm really bad at this kinda thing XD

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Chloe’s POV…
My plan of us all coupling off kind of worked. Hollie ran off first taking Mikey with her. I sent Ray off with Emily next. Finally, while Lucy and Bob walked ahead complaining about everyone ditching us, Frank and I ditched them.
Lucy is going to be so mad at me when I get back home. And Bob might be mad too but I can handle them both. Besides, I wanted some alone time with Frank for a while.
We both walked down to a weird area. There were some steps made of stone in the shape of a third circle with a large lake in front of it. “Where are we?” Frank asked, taking a seat on one of the steps.
I sat down next to him “How am I supposed to know? You’ve lived here way longer than I have.”
He put his arm around me “I know but I never really used to leave the house.”
“Didn’t you? Why not?”
“Because I was always scared that someone would beat me up,” He whispered “I was worried that someone would say something mean to me.”
“Are you still worried about that?”
“Not really… I know that if someone said something to you that I’d stick up for you. And if someone said to me I reckon you’d tear their head off their shoulders.”
“What makes you so sure?”
“You nearly murdered Lucy,” Frank reminded me “You had me scared!”
“I scared you, did I Frank?” I smiled “I’m not a very scary person.”
“Yeah you are, Ray’s terrified of you!”
“No he’s not!”
“He is!” Frank laughed “Why did you want us all to pair off so badly anyway?”
“Because I want Ray and Becca to get together, Hollie and Mikey probably wanted some time alone and I wanted to be with you anyway.”
Frank smiled again “Oh really?” He leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. I wrapped my arms round his waist, pulling him closer.
He pulled away after a few minutes “I love you Chloe, you’re the greatest girl I’ve ever met.”
“I love you too. You’re so sweet.” I smiled, leaning over to kiss him again. He put his fingers through my hair, combing through it gently.
He pulled back again “Chloe… Would you maybe wanna go and see Slipknot with me next week?”
“Seated or standing?”
“Seated,” Frank told me “Standing were all sold out and anyway, there mosh pits are insane. But I’ve got really good seated, they’re like at the front of the balcony.”
“Sounds awesome!” I grinned “And you’ll take me for free?”

Lucy’s POV…
I scowled “Chloe! Hollie! I’m going to kill them both when we get home.”
“I’m not that bad, am I?” Bob asked, smiling at me “Would you maybe wanna… Make out?”
“I’m dating Gerard.” I told him firmly.
Bob shrugged “But you two had an argument this morning. Sounds to me like things are over.”
“We’ll be just fine,” I said “I don’t wanna make out with you.”
“You don’t wanna make Gerard jealous?”
I thought about it “How would Gerard find out?”
“I could mention it to him.”
“Wouldn’t that seem a bit desperate?” I shook my head “What am I even saying? I don’t wanna make out with you Bob, I’m in love with Gerard.”
“You mean you don’t have the General Horn?”
I snapped my head to look at him and laughed “Oh my god, you read ‘Dancing in my Nuddy pants’?”
“Umm no… Hollie told me all about it.”
I rolled my eyes “You mean last month after she first read the book and she was talking like a total twit for ages?”
“Yeah, I told her I liked Becca but I also had feelings for this other girl… And she told me that maybe I had the General Horn.” He grinned at me “I think I’ve got it right now.”
I groaned and rolled over, away from Bob “So if you’ve got the General Horn…” I said “Then who else do you have the horn for?”
“I still kind of have feelings for Becca, there’s this other girl and then there’s Chloe…”
“You’ve got the horn for Chloe?” I asked “Seriously?”
“You say that like it’s totally impossible.”
“Oh no way, Chloe’s totally hot! I just didn’t think she’d be your type.”
“What did you think was my type?” Bob asked, smiling at me playfully.
I rolled my eyes “I dunno if we should be talking about this.”
“No, come on, what do you think my type is?”
“I just thought you were more of personality over looks guys.”
“Chloe has a great personality.”
“I know, I just always thought you’d date someone ugly.”
“It’s very hard not to get offended by your version of ‘my type’.”
“Well come on then, what is your type?”
“They have to have a fun personality. I guess looks don’t really matter.”
“Hollie has a fun personality.”
“Yeah but she’s more like my little sister if anything. I just don’t have the horn for her.”
“Why can’t you think of me as a little sister?”
“Because I have the horn for you, it’s not something I chose to have. I just have it. I’m not proud of it.”
“It’s hard not to get offended by that last sentence.”
“I’m only not proud of it because you shot me down Lucy.” He pretended to cry “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t you want to love me?”
“Yeah… I’m going to listen to my iPod for a bit.”

Hollies POV…
Mikey and I ran up a bunch of steps until we got to a place that he called ‘The secret fields’. I looked around and smiled “There was a ‘secret field’ in England.” I told Mikey “The first time I went up there, there was a ‘party’ going on. People around seventeen to eighteen were all drinking, smoking and setting fire to stuff.”
“Doesn’t sound like your scene.”
“Well they were all being really nice. And I didn’t drink. My friend a year younger than me did but I reckon she was just showing off.”
“They were nice but they were setting fire to stuff?”
“I know they don’t sound nice but they were.” I sighed and sat down “Do you reckon anyone comes up here?”
“I don’t know if anyone can be bothered because of all the stairs,” Mikey puffed, flopping down next to me “So you reckon that Ray and Emily will get together?”
“Emily said that she likes Ray so they’d better get together,” I giggled, leaning my head on his shoulder “That film last night was really scary.”
“You’re such a wuss,” Mikey laughed, giving me a quick kiss.
I smiled at him “So you weren’t scared at all?”
“It wasn’t really scary, just kind of gross.” Mikey replied, wrapping his arms round me into a kind of hug “Do you think Gerard’s okay?”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t believe Lucy when she said Gerard was just tired. Gerard slept pretty well last night apart from Bob waking up in tears.”
“Bob was crying?” I asked “Why?”
“The film scared him even more than it scared you but that’s not the point. Do you think him and Lucy had an argument?”
“Probably but I’m sure that they’ll sort things out,” I told him “I love you Mikey.”
“I love you too Hozzie.”
“I love you more!”
“No you don’t!”
“I totally do!”
“Wanna bet?” Mikey giggled, kissing me as if to prove his point.
I didn’t protest.

Ray’s POV…
‘I think you should try and kiss her’ I remembered Hollie saying. I looked at Emily was sitting next to me on a bench outside the courts. What if she didn’t want me to kiss her yet? Some girls are really sensitive about that kind of thing. What if Emily was one of those kinds of girls? I don’t want to make any wrong moves. Emily’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And she hasn’t actually happened to me yet.
I glanced at her. Hollie and Chloe both said that she liked me. And she wasn’t mean in anyway. Last night while we were watching the movie we were pretty close. She wouldn’t mind if I…
“Emily?” I asked, grabbing her attention “Would it be alright if I kissed you?”
“Uhh…” Emily stared at me “If you really want to.”
I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. Score, I am in!
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