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I'll show you how to do it.

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Still at school.

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Emily's POV

Me and Mikey sat together in maths. I wasn't really paying attention to the lesson and neither was Mikey.
"Why did you move over to England then?" I whispered when the teacher wasn't looking. He looked at me.
"My dad got a job over here. So me and my family all decided to move here as it would be easier for him." He whispered back. The teacher turned to face the class and we fell silent. I waited till she set some work and the class started talking. I turned to look at Mikey. I could tell that wasn't the only reason, but I didn't bother asking him if he was lying. It wasn't any of my business.
"I hate maths." Mikey said as he banged his head on the table. I giggled and looked at what we were doing. It was pretty simple.
"This is easy. Here, I'll show you how to do it." I explained to Mikey how to work out the answer to one of the questions. It took a while but he finally understood it. I finished the questions and waited for five minutes for the bell to ring. When it did I packed my books up and looked at Mikey.
"How many questions did you complete?" I asked as he started packing his bag.
"I had about three more to do then I would have done them all." he said as he stood up and we made our way to Art. We waited outside the class room for the teacher to tell us we could come in. Mikey was smiling.
"I love art. It's my favourite subject!" He smiled as we sat down together at the front of the class.
"Me too. I'm not that good at it but I love creating things." I said as Sammy and Frank walked in holding hands. They sat down behind us as the teacher started setting us a project.
"First thing we shall be doing in Art this year is Photography. You have to find a partener and together you shall take pictures, based on a topic given to you. For example you could be given the topic of nature, and you could take photos of flowers or animals. It is entirely up to you and your partner. When you have paired up come up to me and I will give you all a topic. Your grades will be based on imagination, quality and how well you worked with the other person. You may begin." She said as the room filled with noise as people paired up. I turned to Mikey to already find him looking at me.
"Wanna pair up?" We both asked at the same time, making me nod blushing. He smiled and stood up walking over to the teacher to get a topic. Art is going to be amazing working with Mikey.
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