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What topic we got then?

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and they are still in school....

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Emily's POV

I turned round to see Sammy sat alone while Frank was getting in line for a topic.
"What's going on with you and Frank?" I asked, she smiled.
"I dunno. I like him, and I think he likes me. But I'm to nervous to talk to him about it."
"What do you think Mikey thinks about me?" I bit my lip.
"Frank says it's obvious that he likes you. And Emily, it's obvious that you like him!" she said making me blush.
"okay, maybe I like him a little bit." I turned around to see Mikey and Frank walking back.
"What topic we got then?" I asked?
Mikey smiled, "Romance." I bit my lip. Wow. This is going to be awkward.
"Cool." I said quietly.
I could hear Sammy giggling so I turned around and asked her what she had.
"We have to do Romance as well." She smiled, at least it wouldn't be just me and Mikey doing this then.
"Awesome." I got up and walked to the teachers desk, picked up two cameras and walked back handing one to Sammy.
"I was thinking we could work on this as a four. Frank and Sammy could take the pictures for me and you. And we can take the pictures for them two." Mikey said looking at me. I blushed realising we were both going to have to do something romantic together.
"Sure." I said sitting down.
We started planning out what kind of photos but we all gave up and ended up talking about random things together.
The bell went suddenly and we all got up and made our way outside of the class room.
"What do we do at break then?" Frank asked.
"Me and Emily usually go onto the field to have a smoke and chat, but I left my smokes at home so I'm going to go get some food. You wanna come Frank?" I shook my head, knowing that she never forgets her cigarettes and walked of in the direction of the field.
"Hey, you mind lending me a smoke?" I heard Mikey say from behind me. I smiled turning around.
"Sure. Only if you can beat me to the trees at the bottom of the field."
He smiled, "Ready?" I nodded. "GO!" We started running towards the trees, him ahead of me.
When Mikey reached the trees he stopped and turned waiting for me. When I was almost there I tripped over my feet and went straight into Mikey, landing on top of him, our faces close.
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