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tour of the school and friends

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Ellis sees more of his good friends and shows Megan around the school

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showing Megan around the heart space (dinner hall) i could smell the old crusty toast which was always lurking about and the greasy bacon sandwiches which always taste delicious and meaty. i shown Megan the dinner tills and how you work them i said to her " to buy something from the dinner hut you just have to put your thumbprint on this little pad if you want a bacon butty 70p, 20p carton, ice cold cola 70p, sandwiches £1.00 and a full meal £1.75 later on you will have to go and get your thumbprint registered we'll get to that later" walking to the common room i saw my good friends James and jay , "jay is like a comedian he's extremely energetic and silly , James is pretty funny and kind" " hey Megan James" said then gave her a big kiss " do u know him Megan" yeah he's my boyfriend " " James you kept this quiet for a fucking while didn't you " " yeah so what". I was so devastated i really liked this girl she is so beautiful has an angelic face a perfect figure and an amazing personality i just cant believe she's going out with James he's not that funny and he's not even good looking! i thought to myself " that sounded gay the bit about James ".at nine o clock it was lesson times everyone else scattered to there lessons but i was struggling to know where my new form room was and there was no teachers about to help "motherfucker" i shouted to myself and violently punched the cream brown wall. then Jordan turned up and said " whats wrong with you mate your bit aggressive today" " yeah well there's this new girl Megan shes so amazing but our mate James is going out with her I'm fucking gutted" "yeah i no he told me " " what the fuckerooni he never told me the slimy cunt im gonna go mad at him". Jordan led me to our new form room " your late " yelled our new teacher and holy shit Mrs king was our new teacher i could tell by her deep man voice and her tattered green dress, which did not suit her and her fucking mushroom head...
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