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horrible form teacher

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escaping from the horrible from teacher

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" mrs king i thought you was leaving " " no i came back as a form teacher now get used it you filthy young man " " fuck of you old bitch " ( the class laughed ) then me and jordan ran as mrs king tried to speed after us but failed in the attempt and pulled out her phone and rang the PE teacher to chase us. we sprinted as fast as lightening as Mr Loyd darted from round a narrow corner then he quickly opened his arms and tried to violently tackle us i managed to get away but Jordan was caught then i looked back and saw Jordan being took away by MR Loyd. i continued in my assault around the school, and saw Megan i said " hey what are you doing out of class" " running away from my form teacher MRS Waite " i don't like her either i have her for maths shes to strict". " do u wanna hang about with me at lunch" " no thanks im hanging about with james thanks for the offer tho". I didn't know what to do now because my best friend jordan had been took to fucking isolation, which is terrible and is boring with its Grey walls and chained up desks and hard oak wood stools! so i decided that i should go home because no one was in and i could play on call of duty black ops , which is a great game to kill time with. walking out of the school gates i saw the jocks hanging about they were all Adams friends and they hated me for what i did to him. The jocks formed a crowd around me and closed in they all threw vicious punches and kicks at me eventually i ended up on the floor with blood trickling down my face and broken glasses on my face i tried to remove the glasses then the broken glass fell all over my face i screamed in agony i tried to phone an ambulance but they stole my phone!
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