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the police officer

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Ellis gets arrested

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As the jocks were lay on the floor beaten to a pulp, I ran over to Megan and said " beautiful I'm sorry you had to see that i love you so much that's why i protected you then they won't bothering us again" " thanks honey you are the most amazing boy i love than any other boyfriend thanks for protecting me " then i gave her a cuddly hug and a snog " beautiful I'm so lucky to have you are amazing everything is good about you your beautiful , you have an angelic face and an amazing personality. " aw thanks your so cute Ellis i can't stop thinking about you". All of a sudden Mr Loyd, my favorite teacher rushed in and grabbed me by the collar " your coming to the office right now you need to stop beating people" " but sir " " no buts now get to the office" " let Megan explain sir " " well go on then Megan " sir said " The jocks were being nasty to me and Ellis , Ellis beat them up because he was protecting me because he loves me " OK i believe you but im still taking you to the office because you was being disrespectful to MRS king. later on at the office MRS king angrily kicked the door open and send " you are a rude little boy why are you so disrespectful to me and your so violent " " because your a bitch and i fucking hate you , you have a mushroom head , a stupid bowl cut , and a green dress what looks fucking disgusting on you " ! ( MR Loyd laughed on the sly ). Mrs king was pissing me of so i silently grabbed a pencil and stabbed her in the hand and busted through the wooden door and ran for my life ! Running out of the gates a police officer ran round the corner and whacked me in the face with a night stick everything was going blurry.
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