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Chapter 8

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Gerard resolves his problems.

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Yep, this is the final chapter. It's been fun! Thanks for reading. :)

Gerard's POV.

Getting totally wasted usually brightens my day, and this time is no exception. I cannot remember exactly what happened down at the bar, only that I drank my weight in booze and flirted like crazy with a waitress with huge breasts, but I don't think she fell for my ample charm and good looks. By the time I stumbled through my front door, it was almost 3 in the morning. Thank god my parents were away or I would be grounded for like a month again. I kicked off my shoes and giggled when they hit a picture of me and Mikey on the wall, causing it to drop and shatter. Mikey's gonna be pissed at that, it was from when we were both young and happy in our grandmother's house.

I sighed in dismay and made my way upstairs to my room. The house was silent, dark and accusing; as if it knew what I had done. My giddy mood soon turned to one of anguish as I remembered what Frank had done to me. How he picked my heart up from the floor and stabbed with it a jagged piece of glass, crushing the only thing that had ever made me truly happy and made my life worth living. I shuffled slowly into my room and collapsed on my bed, fully clothed. Rage once again surged through my veins as I thought back to the way my heart shattered when he confessed. I punched my pillow in anger and let the tears fall freely, not realising that I had been holding them in. Looking at the negatives of every situation is the general stereotype that I have given myself, so I tried to focus on the good things; like how tight Frank was and how good he felt in my arms, how sweet his screams became as I ravished him and how much his blood turned me on. I moaned softly into my pillow, the very thought of Frank's battered body underneath mine was making me hard again. It didn't take long for my alcohol stupor to rid me unconscious as I felt sleep draping over me.


I was woken from my dreams of dancing wine bottles by a very frantic Mikey who was tugging at my hair, desperate for me to listen to him.

"Mikey, fuck off... I'm sleeping." I mumbled darkly, but he took no notice of my somewhat peaceful request.

"Gerard, get up! It's Frank... he needs to go to the hospital and the ambulance is taking too long! Help me Gerard, please!" Mikey panicked and held back choked sobs. My extremely hung over brain is not in working mode yet so I had no idea what Mikey was saying.

"Mikes, calm down... what the hell is your problem?" I glared at him.

"I went over to Frank's house and when I got there...god, it was terrible! He was naked and there was so much blood everywhere and he wouldn't wake up... so I called the ambulance and they said they're gonna be there in 2 minutes and it's been 10! Oh, Gee... please take us to the hospital... I'm so scared." Mikey whimpered and started pacing in front of me, his glasses askew and his pyjamas covered in blood.

"Mikey, why is there blood on clothes?" My head was pounding as the alcohol I consumed yesterday started to bite back.

"It's Frank's! Now hurry the fuck up and take him to the hospital, you know I can't drive!" Mikey started to panic even more and his words have just managed to break my drunken barrier and register in my head. Frank was hurt? I sprung out of bed and bolted to my bedroom door, eager to rush to Frank's side.

It all came back to me. Frank never loved me. He and Mikey came up with a plan to break me, and in turn I broke Frank. This must be another one of their tricks, I mean, fake blood is easy to come by these days with all the vampire obsessed freaks out there. I stopped with my hand on the door knob and turned to face Mikey. He was staring at me with wide eyes as he noticed that I made no move to leave.

"No. I'm not 'helping' that short-ass fag. Go by yourself, he's your friend. I hate him. I hate you both, fuck off Mikey." I made sure that the fire in my eyes gave Mikey the hint and made my way back to bed.

"Gerard, what are you talking about? I thought you loved him!" Mikey exclaimed in exasperation. Sirens could now be heard in the distance and Mikey turned to the only window in my room. He shook his head in what can only be described as disappointment and ran out the door, off to help Frank. That brotherly bonding left me with one thing on my mind; sleep. My head hit the pillow once more and I willed the Sandman to take me again.

After a few minutes I discovered that I could not fall asleep with the damn sirens echoing through my room. I made my way to the window to see what was going on and felt my blood turn cold. Frank was being carried out of his house on a stretcher to the waiting ambulance. His eyes were closed and his body scattered with vicious purple bruises. That wasn't the worst of it. He was covered in blood, so was the stretcher and the sheet covering him, so was Mikey, so were the Paramedics. I am certain that a measly beating and some rough sex could not have caused that much bleeding. My brother was holding Frank's hand and crying, mumbling information to the Paramedics. After they had loaded Frank's unconscious and mangled body into the ambulance, they drove away to the nearest hospital. Seeing the damage, I felt guilty. I don't think Frank is gonna make it.

I deliberated with myself. Frank does not deserve my sympathy, yet I was eager to check on him. I loved that son of a bitch, even if it hurt me. I considered the pros and cons of going to the hospital and decided that Frank was worth it. I don't care if he doesn't love me; I just want to make sure he's okay. I was still dressed from last night so I ran down the stairs to put on my shoes. My car was not in front of my house. Strange. Though knowing that I have some common sense when drunk I probably left it at the bar. "Fuck!" I said to nobody in particular. How the hell do I get to the hospital? It's too far to walk and there is no public transportation in this area so early in the day.

Ray only lives a block away; I could try to convince him to take me there. Not finding any immediate alternatives, I ran to Ray's house. Even though we live so close to each other it's hard to believe that I haven't seen him for almost 2 years. Once I made it to Ray's house, I paused to catch my breath in front of his door. Fuck all this exercise. I hesitated slightly before knocking, knowing that Ray can be a stubborn bastard when he wants to be.

My small internal turmoil was interrupted by a sleepy Ray opening the door. He was clad in plain grey pyjamas with his hair bouncing as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"Gerard? What the fuck do you want? Do you know it's like 6 in the morning?" He grumbled, clearly displeased at the fact that I woke him from his much needed beauty sleep.

"Um, Ray... I to apologise for everything. Seriously, you don't know how bad I feel for the things I've -" I hadn't managed to complete my sentence before Ray interrupted. Typical.

"Wait...are you seriously here to apologise to me? Fuck you dude. It's not me you should be apologising to. Frank's the one you hurt, not me. So fuck off and let me sleep." Ray began closing the door but I stuck my foot in the door. I chuckled internally at what a cliché that was.

"Frank is the reason I came here! He's in the hospital and I need a ride. Please Ray? Do it for Frank if not for me." I pleaded, clasping my right hand on the door frame firmly in anticipation and also in case he decides to close the door again. I looked up to his face. Ray was pondering my plead, his face scrunched up into a small scowl.

"For Frank... not you. Give me 5 minutes to get dressed. Wait outside, I don’t want your pathetic ass inside my house." He closed the door and I could hear him running up the stairs to his room. Pathetic, am I? So wanting to be with the man I loved while he could be on his deathbed is pathetic? A sign of weakness? No wonder Ray doesn't have a girlfriend, he wouldn’t be able to deal with the emotional bullshit involved. I walked over to Ray's car and sat on the hood. In what seemed like an eternity, Ray emerged from his house, dressed in jeans and a Green Day hoodie. He made his way over and shot me a glare.

"Get in the car, Gerard." I sighed and got into the passenger seat, just managing to do up my seatbelt before Ray was hurtling us down the road towards the hospital. The drive was silent, neither one of us making any attempts to start a conversation, the air was too thick with tension for it to end well.

"Why is Frank in the hospital?" Ray queried. I froze. If I told Ray that I might be the cause of Frank's injuries, he'd get me arrested; and I had no intention on becoming anyone's prison bitch, especially since I had often been complimented on my 'pretty mouth'.

"Uh... I'm not sure. I just saw him out of my bedroom window, getting put in an ambulance on a stretcher. He was covered in so much blood. It was agonizing to see, Ray." I mumbled, close to breaking down in tears. I couldn't get the image Frank's destroyed body out of my head. If he died it would be all my fault. I wouldn't be able to live with myself after destroying such a beautiful creature. Ray grunted in acknowledgement as we once again fell into silence.

Ray parked the car in the hospital parking lot and I got out, not waiting a second before I was running inside the menacing glass doors. The sterilized smell of antibacterial and death hit me as soon as I entered the foreboding building. As I made my way to the reception desk I noticed Mikey sitting on a torn up leather chair, crying hysterically into his hands.

I took a detour to the waiting room and rushed over to Mikey side, enveloping him in a tight hug as he clung onto me desperately. He sniffed at my hair and held me tighter.

"I'm so scared Gee... he's in surgery right now, and I heard the Paramedics talking in the ambulance, they don't think he's gonna live. I love him Gee, he's my best friend, I won't be able to live without him!" He cried into my neck. I sighed and held back tears once more.

"I love him too Mikey, and I'm sorry I didn't drive you guys to the hospital this morning... I thought it was another trick to hurt me again, I didn't think it would be this serious." Ray had reached us by now, but he was standing away from us, not wanting to interrupt the family moment. Mikey sniffed and broke the hug. He held my shoulders back and narrowed his leaking eyes.

"What do you mean 'hurt me again'?" He asked before his eyes went wide. Mikey stood up and backed away from me. "Frank told me he was gonna confess to you last night. He said he was gonna call me and tell me how it went. He never did, that's why I went to his house. It was you! You're the one who hurt him! Fuck Gerard! Seriously? How could you?" Mikey was shouting loud enough for other people in the waiting room to look at us, giving us accusing glares for disturbing the depressing atmosphere.

"What does he mean, Gerard? Did you destroy Frank again? What the fuck is your problem?! That poor boy was in love with you, you sick fuck!" Ray had also joined in with Mikey's tirade. I did not appreciate them ganging up on me like that, it was unfair. Both continued to harass me until I could take it no more.

"Fine! You wanna know what happened?" I snarled in aggravation. "I went over to his place and he told me he never loved me, that it was all a game. He laughed in my face! I loved that motherfucker and he tore my heart up." I glanced around to see Ray's uncaring face and Mikey's look of slight guilt and annoyance. I took their silence as a way of telling me to continue with the re-telling of the past evening's events. "When Frank said he had a surprise for me, I thought he meant we were gonna fuck... but he ended up dropping that fucking bombshell on me. So, I fucked him... long and fast; like he deserved... sure I pushed him round a bit, but I never hurt him that bad! I swear!" My voice cracked at the last sentence and I broke down in tears, letting my brother and ex-best friend see me at my second most vulnerable moment.

"Fuck. You are no brother of mine. That is a fucked up thing to do, Gerard. All he wanted to do was show you what you basically did to him 2 years ago." Mikey was staring at me in disgust. Ray averted his gaze to a poster on the wall but I could feel the fury radiating from his core. The disturbing silence that fell over the three of us was ruptured by a grave-faced doctor stopping a short distance from us a clearing his throat.

"Are you here with Frank Iero?" We all nodded and grimaced at the look of pity he shot us. The balding doctor cleared his throat once more and began his summary of Frank's injuries. "Mr. Iero had 3 broken ribs, 2 shattered ribs, a fractured ankle, a fractured hip bone, multiple lacerations to his torso, a deep gash at the back of his head, a knife wound administered to his chest and disturbingly, a pulverised rectum; indicating signs of very violent rape. I am sorry to inform you all that Mr. Iero did not survive the surgery and died as a result of the severity of his wounds. The shard of glass was impaled so far into his chest that we had no way of getting it out without it penetrating his heart. I am sorry, gentlemen." The doctor bowed his head and walked away, back to the surgery theatre. Back to the lifeless body of the man I loved.

I was numb. My blood ran cold. The doctor's words would not find refuge in my head. Frank was dead? He couldn't be. I never had the chance to say goodbye. Both Mikey and I began to sob uncontrollably. Ray slithered to Mikey's side and mumbled reassuring words into his ears. I had no one to comfort me. Frankie was gone. I looked up with tear stained eyes at the commotion coming from Mikey and Ray. They were whispering heatedly and glancing at me with icy glares. Mikey stood up and sniffed at the tears making trails down his squalid face. He waltzed up to me and punched me in the jaw. Hard. I gasped and held a hand to my aching jaw.

"You fucking bastard! You killed him! You killed him! Why did you stab him?! How the hell is that pushing him round a bit?" Mikey was seething; the anger leaving his pores at an alarming rate. I never stabbed Frank, I would never hurt him like that... no matter what he would have done to me.

Then it hit me.

I had seen Frank's lowlife father at the bar yesterday. He was probably more wasted than I was; and that's saying something. The man was telling his drinking buddies how his son was a 'good for nothing fag' and what a 'disappointment he was to the Iero family name'. Frank's father boasted how he taught Frank lessons, beating them into Frank until he begged for mercy. Even in my angry, drunken state I was disgusted. I had always known Frank's dad beat him up, Frank was always adamant in telling me but I squeezed the information out of him plenty of times. So when I heard Frank's father saying he couldn't wait to go home and lay his hands on Frank, I coughed up my drink. He had left after that. I chose to ignore it and resumed drinking.

I didn't hurt Frank like that. His father did. I sprang out of the uncomfortable hospital chair and grabbed the car keys out of Ray's unprepared hand. Mikey's head snapped up to look at me in confusion.

"Hey, give me back my keys bitch!" Ray glared and began advancing towards me.

"I'll be back. I have to take care of some... business... first." I murmured and ran out of the hospital to Ray's car before either of them could stop me. All this running was making my muscles ache. I dove into the car, not bothering with seat belts and drove to Frank's house, barely staying within the speed limit. For the whole journey, I saw red. Frank's dad would not get away with taking Frank away from me. I will make sure of that. I ran the car over the Iero's front lawn and parked it carelessly. Ray might kill me for denting his precious car. Leaving the car in front of the house, I marched in through the open front door and made my way to Frank's bedroom. Walking through the living room and hallway, I found them oddly empty, with nothing but empty beer bottles and broken furniture hinting that there is life in this house.

I stopped outside Frank's room and took a deep breath, steadying my nerves so I don't break it down. I grabbed the door know hesitantly and turned it. Entering the room, I noticed the trail of blood on the floor leading from the door to Frank's crushed bed. Broken glass littered the floor, looking out of place among torn clothes. Frank's delirious father was lying on Frank's bed, laughing maniacally.

"Hey, if it isn't the man himself. Welcome Jared to our dear boy's humble abode. I see you notice that I have done a little redecoratin'... hope you don't mind." The man grinned and winked in my direction. I clenched my teeth and tightened my hands into fists, this guy had some nerve.

He chuckled, as if remembering a joke heard through drunken ears at the bar. "I also want to congratulate you boy." I raised a eyebrow in shock. "Yes, on the number you did on little Frankie. He was basically beggin' me to help him when I got home. It sure was beautiful, seein' him helpless like that, all tied up. I don't give a shit if you fucked him, that's your buisness... I'm not judgin'. But the way you beat him up, damn. Felt good, didn't it? Poundin' your fists into that soft face of his, kickin' 'im... yeah, urgh... it almost gets me 'ard just thinkin' bout it. Know wha' I mean?" He slurred his words slightly and beckoned me closer.

This guy was fucked up. I thought I was bad. The way he talked about hurting my Frankie made my blood boil, the only person allowed to touch Frank was me, and this pathetic excuse of a human being took it all away from me. I closed my eyes in concentration and spotted a bloodied shard of glass at the foot of the bed as I opened my eyes again. Perfect. While making it look like I was going to Frank's father's side, I bent down, grabbed the glass and hid it behind my back. My raven hair fanned my face and got into my eyes, reminding me that this was no dream, no nightmare. This was really happening.

"You fucked up son of a bitch," I began, "Frank died in hospital. I hurt Frank because he hurt me. What did he ever do to you?" The man narrowed his eyes. He wiped his mouth with a blood stained sleeve and brought a hidden beer bottle to his lips.

"What's it to ya'? So he's dead, big deal. One less mouth to feed." He seemed glad of his reasoning and smirked.

"What's it to me? I loved Frank. He was the man of my dreams and you took him away. Fuck you." I said with menace in my voice. He scoffed and drank from the bottle again. He put the bottle down on Frank's desk and sat back on the bed, crossing his arms.

He looked me straight in the eyes and muttered, "Fag." That did it, I felt the last piece of my sanity snap. I marched to Frank's father as he followed my every movement with evil, beady eyes. I raised the piece of glass above my head and his eyes widened in shock upon seeing it.

"Fuck you, old man." I brought the deadly glass shard down into his chest repeatedly. His echoing screams brought me back to the previous night and made me hard. That delicious sound reminding me of the way Frank let me do all that shit to him. Reminding me of the burning love I felt for Frank, even if he was gone. I stabbed until the screams died down and were replaced with gurgling as blood began to make its way out of the man's mouth, cutting his air supply.

I dropped the glass dagger on the floor when he went limp. I didn't look back at him as I left the room. I could hear sirens in the distance again, no doubt having been called by neighbours who have heard the whimpering screams of the worthless man bleeding to death in Frank's room. I smiled. A small simple smile that was brought on by the end. No more Frank, no more Frank's dad. I made my way to the couch and sat down, waiting for them to come and get me.

Frank's beautiful face filling my head caused my smile to widen. "I love you Frank." I whispered, hoping that he heard me, no matter where he was. I could hear Police cars pull up at the front of the house. I sat patiently, welcoming the armed men that entered the house and handcuffed my hands behind my back. I walked with them to their car in silence, making no move to escape just as images of Frank and I together made no move to escape my mind.


Sorry to dissapoint you guys by killing off Frank, but I'm a bad person... Kidding, but that was the plan from the start! :D
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