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I got the answer

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Violet is new to school. She meets a cool guy named Gerard way but soon finds out that he's dating someone. Will she be able to survive the hell that gives her?

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So yeah.. I started a new story. The first chapter isn't that good BUT.. in the next few chapter the story will become more dramatic! So don't think that the whole story is going to be boring! REVIEWS! I do dedicate this story to all my friends ;)

As I slip out of my car I thought of how hard my first day of school was going to be. I walked up the stairs to reach for the doors. I took a

deep breath before opening the cold metal door. I pushed my glasses up from my nose.

While I was searching for the office I ran into someone. I couldn't tell because my glasses had fallen off.

" I am so sorry." I apologized

" No it was me I'm the one who should be apologizing." The person had a settle

voice. It seemed the person was a guy. He took my hand and helped me

up. He handed me my glasses and I put them on slowly and cautiously.

When I finally put my glasses on I stood there in shock. The guy that

happened to help me was beautiful. He had such deep hazel eyes that seemed to be able to see past you into your soul. He had semi long grease black hair that made him look even hotter.

" My name is ?Gerard but can call me Gee." he winked at me when he told me that.

"Oh. Hi my name is Violet. " I smiled and shook his hand.

" So.. are you new?"

" Yeah. Um.. do you know where the office is? " I asked politely

" Yeah, it's down this hallway, turn to your right, and then first door on your left." He smiled. Then I nodded and headed towards the direction he told me to go. When I reached the office a nice old secretary greeted me with a smile.

" Hi there honey what do you need?" She asked looking at me directly into my eyes.

" Umm.. I'm new and I need my schedule."

"Okay honey wait a minute." She quickly typed something on her computer and the clicked on the mouse. Suddenly the printer started to work. She walked over to pick it up and then walked back over to me. She handed me two papers. One with a map of the school and the other one with a copy of my schedule.

" Okay sweetie you have P.E first in the gym. Oh and let me get you your school uniform and your P.E. uniform." Then she walked to the back of the room and looked through some boxes then pulled out some clothes that must have been my PE uniform, she handed it to me. I said thanks and then walked over to the locker room to get changed.

When I finished changing I walked into the gym to find myself being starred at. I handed a slip of paper to the teacher. Then she cleared her throat to get everyones attention. As I looked around I saw Gee. He smiled at me and then I smiled back.

" Okay class this is Violet. She is new and has joined our class." Then she turned to me. " We are doing a dance unit. We split up into two groups. You can choose which one you want to join." What? Whose was I going to choose? Then Gee stood up and spoke up.

" Violet you can join our group." He winked at me again. I blushed a deep shade of red.

" Okay then it's settle you are now part of the killjoys." The teacher said. The I nodded and walked toward the killjoys. Gee smiled and then introduced me to everyone.

" This is Juliet." He pointed to a girl with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. " This is Dannie." Dannie had really straight black hair that went down half her back. " And this is Paloma and Heidy." He pointed to two girls that stood next to each other. Heidy had curly long hair that was everywhere. She had magenta stripes that complemented her eyes. Paloma, had shoulder length hair. It was a light caramel brown and wavy.

" Hi." I waved to all four of them.

" Heyyy" Paloma said. Then two tall guys came over to where we were standing.

" I'm Frank." A tall buff guy with really short hair introduced himself.

" I'm Mikey." A shorter guy that had brown and blonde hair came up to me. " I'm not in you group but I am Gee's brother."

" Oh. Hi." I greeted them with a warm smile. As I was talking to everyone, a tall girl with long black hair, that seemed to be dancing, came over. She had perfect everything. She was gorgeous. As she walked over Juliet, Paloma, Heidy, and Dannie groaned.

When she got closer to us Gee had already noticed her and received her with open arms. He hugged her and then they kissed. I then realized that Gee wasn't single. Damn it! She looked at up and down and then scoffed.

" Where are manners? I'm the one and only Lindsey! I am the most beautiful person on this campus. You must be Violet."

" Yup."

" So Violet how about you and Lindsey go and talk for a few minutes?" Gee suggested. You know get to know each other." Was he serious?

" Yeah! We should" Lindsey punched my arm in what she thought was a playful way. Then she pushed so that we were walking away from the crowd. We reached the corner of the gym.

" Look... I'm only telling this one time and one time only. Here's how thing work around here. I'm the queen, your the slave. Gee is mine. You get in between us and I swear I will make your life miserable. Hear me?" She scowled a me. Then smiled and ran towards Gee. "Oh Gee!" She screamed as she ran.

Great first day of school and I already have an enemy
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