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My Life is fucked up

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And so begins the hell called Lindsey

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I would like to dedicate this chapter to: LM XD XP because that person was the first to actually review the story.

Lindsey POV

I hate her. I hate her so much that it makes me sick. She's so ugly with her hair in braids, her glasses, and her braces. Ugh. It's so obvious that she likes Gerard, but theres no way that she is going to end up with MY boyfriend. I have to make Gerard think the worse of her. But how? I walked over to my locker and found that Alicia and Jamia were already waiting for me.

" OMG did you see the new girl she's so ugly!." Alicia asked as she skipped over to me. I rolled my eyes at the thought of her. Ew.

" We will not mention her name at all! I fucking hate her." I spoke as I opened my locker and searched for my books.

" Anyways how is it going with you and Gerard?" Jamia asked me. Gerard. I smiled at the thought of him.

" Well isn't it obvious? Gerard is totally head over heals for me. He's practically on his knees for me, but then aren't all the guys in this bloody school on their knees for me? I am so beautiful." We all giggled as we walked to class.

Mikey POV

I was walking up the stairs on my way to my science class. As I was about to turn the corner I over heard Lindsey's voice and then I stopped.

" Gerard is totally head over heals for me. He's practically on his knees for me, but then again aren't all the guys in this bloody school on their knees for me? I am so beautiful." I heard Lindsey say and then she walked away with her friends giggling. There was no way that I wasn't going not tell Gee about this. He is not on his Knees for her!

After class I immediately ran over to Gee. He was standing at the gate talking to Heidy about something. I quickly ran over to him and pulled him away from his conversation.

" Hey Heidy can I borrow him for a sec?" I excused my brother and then dragged him over to a tree.

" Whoa what was that all about?" My brother asked.

" Look bro I over heard Lindsey talking to her friends about you. " I began. He nodded as if to give me the signal to keep going. " Well I over heard her saying that you were on your knees for her and that your head over heals for her and stuff." I told him the situation. As I finished I say as his face grew red out of anger. He quickly pushed past me and began to walk over to the direction in which Lindsey was.

Lindsey's POV

" ...Oh I know I hate how much homework we have." I said. I smiled as I saw Gerard walking over but then frowned as I noticed how angry he looked. Was he angry at me?

" Hey baby whats wrong?" I asked as innocently as I could.

" Don't baby me I know what you said about me." He spoke in a serious tone of voice.

" Gee I have no idea what you are talking about." I said even though I knew exactly what he was talking about.

" Mikey over heard you saying that I was on my knees for you." He explained. Damn. Stupid Mikey. I stood there in silence. What was I gonna say? And then I got it.

" I was talking to Alicia and Jamia about how Violet was telling ME that. It hurts that you would think that little about me. " I smirked at my excuse. Gerard's face went from being confused to even more angry then he was before.

" I'm sorry about the confusion baby will you forgive me?" He asked. Oh this was so easy, not only had I not gotten in trouble, but also it had been a perfect oppertunity to make Violet look bad.

" I don't know. Hmmm. Only if I get a kiss." I said. He chuckled and then gave me what I asked for.

" Well know I have to talk to Violet. I'll catch you later."

Violet's POV

I was talking to Juliet and Paloma when Gerard came up I was about to say hi but he cut me off.

" I heard what you said about me! Why would you say that if we barely even know each other. I had been so nice to you, I even invited you to join our group today!" I was shocked. I had no idea what he was talking about.

" What are you talking about?" I asked quietly.

" Don't act stupid because I know you know exactly what I'm talking about." He said and with that he walked away. What the fuck just happened. Mikey walked over here with a puzzeled look on his face.

" What happened?" He asked me. I couldn't even talk. I just hugged him and began to cry.

" I don't know... Gerard came over and began to yell at me over something I dont even know about... He said that he knew what I had said... a-and that i was acting stupid... b-but I honestly don't know what he was talking about." I managed to explain in between sobs. Mikey stood silent and then he tensed up.

" I know what he was talking about and I also know that it's not your fault." He said.

Mikey's POV

After the little incident with Violet i was determained to ask Gerard what the fuck had happened. I know how Lindsey is and I know that she had said it. I was on te couch waiting for Gee to get home when the door opened and then shut. I got up and and then walked over to his room. I sat on his bed and took a deep breath.

" Gerard. What happend with the whole Lindsey thing?" I asked.

" Oh um it turned out that it wasn't her that had said it that it had been Violet who had told HER. So then I went to go talk to Violet and yeah." I sighed at the fact that my brother actually believed Lindsey.

" You know that you left Violet crying after you left?" I asked.

" So what she deserved it." He replied without emotion in his voice.

" No she didn't because she did not say that. I heard when Lindsey said that and I know that she was not talking about Violet. Don't you realize that Lindsey is the type of person that would say that? It's obvious that Lindsey hates Violet which is the reason she blamed it on her. Lindsey is a liar why can't you get that through your head?" I yelled. I was getting very pissed off at my brother.

" First of all don't insult my girlfriend. Lindsey would not say that about Violet, why are you always against Lindsey? You know what I'm not up for this bullshit I think you should leave." He said pointing to the door. I glared at him and got up to walk to the door, but turned around to say something before I left.

" When have I ever lied to you? Your choosing you girlfriend over your own blood. Think about it." I said as I slammed the door.

Gerard's POV

I couldn't go to sleep after my fight with Mikey. We almost never got into fights and truth is that he was right he had never lied to me. But then why would Lindsey lie to me? If Mikey is telling the truth about her hating Violet why would she hate Violet?

The next morning Mikey didn't talk to me at all. He took the bus instead of walking with me like we always do. He was really upset by the fact that I had believed Lindsey over him. He would never be so upset if he was lying so that would mean that he was telling the truth. Ugh I am so confused about my life. My life is so fucked up.
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