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Life was getting better

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SECOND LAST CHAPTER! When bonds are mended

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A sharp bang woke Mikey from his sleep. Even though he hadn’t slept much last night, he had drifted off in the early hours of the morning. He looked around to find the source of the bang as the door opened. Frank shuffled in with two cups of warm coffee, Heaven in a cup for Mikey. “Oh, morning Mikey” he said, handing the mug to him and smiling “Thank you Frank” he replied, sitting up to drink it “What was that bang sound?” Frank gulped some coffee down his throat and said “Mum and dad, they’ve left for work” Mikey nodded in understanding “Hey Frank?” said Mikey “I was thinking this last night but, i want to apologise to Leila and Gerard” Frank nodded his head “Yeah i was thinking about that too. Do you want me to come with you?” Mikey grinned, feeling better than he did last night “Frank, I’d be at a loss with out you. Come on, we can have this coffee, get dressed and go”

Leila woke up, so warm, so comfortable, she thought she was still dreaming. She lay on the bed for a few more moments with her eyes closed; savouring the feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time. When she did open her eyes, she saw Gerard, lying next to her, his arms wrapped around her in an embrace, his eyes closed and his breathing measured. She smiled, planted a kiss on his forehead, carefully untangled herself from his arms and climbed out of bed. She checked the time on her clock, 9:24AM, thank god it wasn’t a school day. Leila was about to leave the room when Gerard stirred. She stopped, trying to remain quiet as she didn’t want to wake him. Gerard turned over in his sleep and gave a few little grunts. Leila chuckled and headed upstairs. Yes she though, life was getting better.

“Is it the street here Mikey?” asked Frank, wondering down the road in his iron maiden t-shirt and jeans. “No Frank, the next one” Mikey replied, pointing to the next road up “Ah” said Frank “Don’t use me as a map them” Mikey chuckled quietly. Frank had kindly given Mikey his Misfit’s tee and a spare pair of jeans. Mikey had to admit, he was surprised that he fit into them. “Down the road we go” sand Frank, turning into the road Mikey indicated before “Oh, down the road we go...” “Frank! Stop that! It’s so weird!” cried Mikey, clamping his hand over Frank’s mouth. Frank muffled a small “Sorry!” before Mikey released his hand. “There it is” said Mikey, titling his head forward to show the house. Frank looked up at Mikey as they walked “You ready for this Mikey?” he asked. Mikey smiled to himself “I recon so Frankie” he replied as he headed up the driveway.

“Leila! If you don’t give me my shirt i swear i will kill you!” Gerard had been chasing Leila over the house for 2 minuets, trying to get his Smashing Pumpkins shirt back. Leila was laughing like a madman, running around with the shirt trailing behind her. “If you don’t give it back, i wont make you any coffee” he cried. She stopped suddenly and handed the shirt back with a “You’re no fun!” expression. Gerard was pulling his shirt on when the doorbell went. “Who could to be at this time of the morning?” asked Leila “Dunno” said Gerard, coming to the door. Leila, who said that she was capable of opening her own door, shimmied past Gerard and opened the door.

Mikey’s face went pale white when the door opened, Frank could see in the morning light. Leila and Gerard’s mouths had opened at the sight of the two boys. For a moment there was silence, then, Mikey took a deep breath and said “Hey Gee, Hey Leila. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry that i scared you and did terrible things to you Leila and Gerard, I’m sorry i kicked you and hit you, and I must be the worst brother in the world. If you don’t accept my apologies, i understand but, do you still want to know me?” tears were leaking out of Mikey’s eyes. Then, Gerard leapt out of the doorway and embraced his younger brother in a very tight hug “Oh Mikey, of course i want to know you, you’re my brother and my best friend, you are the best brother i could wish for and i love you so much, Mikey” Leila followed Gerard and to Frank’s and Mikey’s surprised, she hugged him too “Mikey, of course i will forgive you” Mikey looked down at her, tears still leaking out “After all i had did? All i nearly did you?” He whispered “Of course Mikey Mouse” she chucked “Oh Gee! Leila!” he chocked, and pulled them in closer as his tears fell harder.

Frank stood at the side, pretending he was invisible. He was nearly crying himself, he was so happy for everyone. Leila pulled off Mikey as the two brothers’ embrace, came over to Frank and hugged him tightly. Frank jumped in surprise “Thank you Frankie” she whispered “Thanks for keeping him safe” Frank blushed a little as he hugged her back “Its ok Lee” he replied. Mikey and Gerard were looking at them, grinning, there arms over each others shoulder “Come on you guys, lets go in, coffee anyone?” asked Leila. “Please!” the boys chorused as they headed back into the house. Leila thought back to earlier of what she had thought “If life was getting better, it’s just got to the top”

Ok guys! Hope you liked it; the next chapter will be THE LAST ONE! So if my PC behaves itself, i will get it up soon! R&R : D
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