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The Best Birthday

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Last chapter! And a question at the end.

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3 years later

The bright summer light drifted gently through the window, reflected in the small mirror and bounced around the room. Leila shifted a little in a half-awake slumber, opened her eyes and gave a big yawn. Rubbing her eyes, she jumped out of bed with a big smile, thinking of the day. Today was her birthday. One step further into life she thought and stepping into the world of adulthood. Leila didn’t know, but she had a feeling the boys would be over her house earlier rather than later. She grabbed a pair of blue jeans, threw on a Smashing Pumpkins tee and turn on her music player. She pressed the play button and the lyrics “The world is a vampire” blasted out and a sweet drum beat kicked in with guitars. What a way to start the day. The knock on the door was barely heard because of the loudness of “Despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage”. Leila, rather annoyed that one of her favourite songs had been interrupted, switch the song off and ran to the door.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” the shock of the loudness of the boys nearly knock Leila backwards. There they were, Ray, Bob, Frank, Mikey and, Leila’s heart leapt at the sight, Gerard. He gave her a massive hug and a huge kiss, whispering “Happy birthday baby” into her ear. Leila smiled and hugged everyone. “Thanks guys” she said, smiling like the Cheshire cat (Like i do). “Well Leila” said Mikey, going behind the boys and bringing in a huge box “I hope you like our presents” Leila squealed and gasped as Ray carried in more boxes. This is the best birthday ever!

“Leila, come outside. We have one more thing to tell you” It had been amazing. The sun was now slowly going down on a delightful scene. Leila had received 6 CD’s, a piano music book, a jacket, 3 band tee’s, black and red converse and an iPod. Every single gift made her squeak with delight and jump into the gift-bringers arms. But, one of the best gifts was an acoustic guitar, brand new, polished wood and sounded crystal clear. This gift brought tears to Leila’s eyes “You guys are the best friends i could ever ask for!” she had yelled. Now, it was coming to an end and Gerard was leading her and the others outside to a silver van. “This is mine” said Ray, indicating it and the others piled in. Gerard stood with Leila for a moment and said “Us lot are going on the road” Leila felt something go BANG inside her. “Go...going?” she had whispered. Gerard smiled “Will you Miss Brook like to accompany us?” Leila’s mouth fell open. “Wi...with you?” Gerard nodded. “But my stuff, i need to pack...” Gerard shook his head. “Did you wonder why Frank and Mikey took so long to find a film to watch?” Leila could only smile. On the road with her friends, new lands and new adventures. “Come on love birds!” cried Bob from the side window. The two looked at each other, laughed and jumped in the back with Frank and Mikey. “All set to go?” said Ray. We all nodded and Ray started the van, heading off into the setting sun. “You know Gee” i said “This has been such an adventure for me, meeting you and everyone else” Gerard laughed “We have been together 3 years” he said

“It’s not like it is a chemical romance!”

OMGEE! That’s le end ma peeps! Hope you liked it. Would you like me to do a sequel? I may do one if you’d like :D
See you guys!
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