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Chapter 21

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Chloe and Hollie talk (Sorry about the stupidly short chapter!)

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[A/N] - You may have noticed I haven't updated properly since Monday and this chapter probably won't be as long as I hope (I'm writing this authors note before actually write the chapter). This is because the summer holidays have ended and now I'm at school... This means I can't stay at home all day and do nothing but write my FanFics :'( Plus my Mother (For some unknown reason) is forcing me into bed at 10... So longer updates will come on Friday nights + Weekends ;D That goes for all my FanFics :')

Chloe's POV...
I didn't care about what Hollie said about the note not being Becca's. I just knew it was her. Hollie kept insisting it wasn't and getting really worked up about it "What if it's about Mikey? What if he likes Lucy? What if Lucy dumps Gerard for Mikey? THEN WHAT DO I DO?"
"Move to England?" I suggested then sighed heavily "You think Lucy is gonna dump Gerard after all the boring things that have happened this year?"
"It wasn't boring!" Hollie cried "We got kicked out of a concert!"
"Which is another thing we can add to your rebel list!" I giggled, winking at her.
Hollie scowled at me "You're making a list now?"
"I always make lists."
"Since when?"
"Since forever."
"Chloe, I'm being serious now." Hollie told me, switching on her 'serious' face "What if they're talking about Mikey?"
"He likes YOU!" I shouted, taking hold of her shoulders "Stop stressing! All is good with the world! We're at peace! Everything is fine! Nobody fancies Lucy apart from Gerard and Bob who apparently has the horn for her."
"You'd go mental if Frank fancied Lucy."
"But he doesn't, he fancies me." I told her, but now I wasn't so sure "And how can we be sure anyway? If we ask them, they'll obviously deny it."

[A/N] - I could make it longer but I've got a stomach ache so I can't really be bothered to update any more :'( But I dunno wanna update so tah-dah!
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