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Rage and Flying

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Yup, today was Mikey's day yippee. Another day of fighting, and such.

Mikey was a bit more serious then Frank was, however. We skipped the whole ninja act and went straight to the teaching.

"Mkey I can't do that," I watched as Mikey picked up Ray with almost no effort even though he was 10x smaller. Yes, apparently they were super strong too. I mean that's practically screaming twilight vampires! And they wanted me to do that? No not ever gonna happen, I'm the wimpiest person I know.

"Sure you can Leda, just try," Mikey encouraged. Gerard stood next to me and opened his arms out wide like he was gonna hug me.

"I can't carry you," I crossed my arms to show how seriously serious I was.

"Just do it Leda," Gerard ran at me and all I could do was catch him and fall. He was up before I could reach the ground and caught me.

"I told you I can't, it's no use." I said, feeling like I had failed everyone.

Mikey had observed my whole failed attempt. He stood silently and, out of no where, jumped up with an idea.

"Think of what makes you angry." He said, the guys gave him high fives for his brilliant idea.

I shrugged, "How is that supposed to help?"

"You'll see, just try it." I closed my eyes and thought as hard as I could, I thought about all my insecurities, I thought about the sluts and jocks that would make fun of me and the guys back in high school, I thought about the lies the guys had told me, and I thought about the girl Gerard cheated on me with. These things were on the top of the list of hate. Thinking about all of them made me want to punch a wall in. I clenched my fists to keep from stomping on the harmless flower bed next to me.

"I got it, now what?." I asked through clenched teeth. I squeezed my eyes shut, tightly.

"Now catch me," Gerard moved quick, and without opening my eyes I caught him. The guys clapped and cheered. I opened my eyes and set him down.

"We knew you had it in you, Lee!" Frank said, using my nickname that they actually used very rarely.

"Thanks guys," I smiled.



Ray's day, this was gonna be interesting. He was a tough guy so I was just waiting to get my ass handed to me.

"Alright I want you to fly," He said seriously.

I broke into a laughing fit, "Ray, seriously? Fly? I'm no bird, I don't have wings."

"I know but maybe you do have them and you just haven't found your wings yet. The book does say you have angelic traits." He took my hand and led me down the river, till we arrived at a small waterfall cliff. He took us along the trail with the guys following closely behind, till we reached the very top of the waterfall cliff. I looked over the edge, the height scared me to death. I'm not a big fan of height, obviously.

"Ray, I don't know about this, what if I don't have wings and I plummet to a rocky death because I can't fly?" I asked, backing away from the edge.

"One of us will catch you, just do it already I want lunch and it's not coming any faster with you standing here." He pushed me to the very edge and gave me a stern look.

I backed up, deathly afraid of the drop. I couldn't even handle roller coasters, how was I supposed to overcome this fear and jump?

"I don't want to." I whispered, knowing he would hear me because he probably had super human hearing too. VAMPIRES, I tell you, VAMPIRES!

"Well you have to, or I'm gonna push you off." He was clearly annoyed, I gave him a pleading look.

"Don't make me do this Ray, I can't," tears were now slowly sliding down my cheeks. Ray didn't even flinch, asshole.

"Ray you're scaring her!" Gerard came up and hugged me, comforting me just a bit.

"Well she's gonna have to do it at some point, or we'll never know!" Ray defended himself.

Gerard sighed and turned his attention to me again, "What if I jump too, we'll go together alright?" I nodded, still feeling terror in the pit of my stomach. Gerard could tell I was still freaking out. We moved to the very edge, and counted down, "3….2…….1!" He leaned down and kissed me passionately just as we soared off the cliff.
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