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I hope I don't regret this...

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I almost fainted in midair from the adrenaline of the falling and the kiss. I thought I would never do that again, and here I was falling off a cliff, kissing him.

All of these emotions made this incredible feeling take over me. It was a freeing feeling, like I could do anything and everything. I believed in myself and I believed that I was not gonna die. I clung onto Gerard and felt a sharp aching pain in my back I broke the kiss and screamed into his neck. The next thing I knew, we were floating, in midair. I had great big dark red, black, and white wings fluttering around my back. Gerard also had some, but his were all black. Without a second thought, I was flying back up the cliff, still in Gerard's arms. When my feet touched the top I was greeted with a bunch of "woah's"

"Woah, your wings are so pretty Leda, I'm jealous," Frank pouted over his wing color.

"Woah….you actually…uh. Told you she had them! Now I'm gonna go eat, oh and nice wings Lee," Ray trudged off and back down to the house.

Mikey clapped, "Woah, Nice job Leda," I nodded thanks and Mikey and Frank got up and followed Ray. Leaving me to deal with Gerard awkwardness. I don't think any of them had even noticed the kiss.

"Thanks for helping me," I thanked him, my wings were now kinda cuddling my shoulders, keeping me warm. They sorta creeped me out, though, they would take some getting used to.

"Anytime," He looked at the ground. I shrugged, clearly this was too awkward to be a conversation. I started to walk away but he grabbed my arm and spun me around.

"Leda, please say you still have feeling for me, because I promise I never once lost my feelings for you," He stared, pleadingly.

"I-Gee-I-I just don't- I can't-" I stumble on my words. The truth was I did love him, trusting him was easier now that I knew who he was exactly, but I didn't want to forgive him that easily, I wanted him to know that it had an affect on me and it wasn't gonna go away so soon. I yanked my hand back and, without thinking about the dirty ground, fell to my knees sobbing, my wings had turned a black color and where now hugging me in a comforting manner. I didn't wanna say the wrong thing and lose him forever, so all I could do was cry.

Gerard carefully stroked a wing and I opened my little wing cocoon. He fell to his knees next to me and pulled me into his chest. I don't know how long we sat there, but we sat in silence the entire time. Eventually, though, I stood up and wiped my tears away.

Gerard stood up too, muttering, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-" I cut him off by placing a hand over his mouth.

I smiled, "Don't finish that sentence." His lips curved into a smile under my skin, "I know you want to wait, but I can't. I love you Leda, I wanna be able to say it to you everyday." The tears threatened to reappear, I hoped I wasn't gonna regret this. I wrapped my arms around his neck, "Gee, you know I love you." His face lit up and he pulled me up for a kiss, complete with fireworks and all that jazz. When he pulled back he took my hand and we traveled back to the house. Unsure of how the guys would react.

(The evil peoples)

"So you're saying that her weakness is the son of the devil?" The head evil demon was astonished. How could his master let this happen? They had sent a watcher to spy on the girl, he had come back with the important details of the devil's son and the girl being "in love?" those words were so foreign. They burned his throat just to say.

"It appears so, my lord, but he is also the son of the sister of the archangel," the watcher whimpered at his master's anger. The demon slammed his fists into his desk and ordered the watcher out. He went straight to the hologram machine and pressed a button. An image of the devil appeared almost immediately.

"What is it Rakius?" He questioned.

"Your son, he and the girl share a close relationship," Rakius cut straight to the point, not wanting to displease his master.

"Yes, I knew I had smelled her on him. Dammit so close, the other girl must have been a pawn to get the trail off of him," The master sighed.

"Sire, we will be following the angel's plan, is it alright if we use him? He is the only weakness of hers that we can find." Rakius asked permission.

"Yes, anything to get to her." They nodded to each other and evilly laughed.

"Sir is it true? You and the archangel's sister had a son?" The evil demon couldn't help but be curious.

"Yes, but that was before I became ruler," With that said, the hologram was gone.

(A/N sorry if this chapter is too lovey. I was listening to miserable at best while writing it so it kinda blended. And also in case you were confused, Gerard's dad is the evil devil dude and his mom is good and was supposed to be the archangel of the angels but her evil sister took her place. So yeah, kind of important.)
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