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Chapter Sixteen

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I just wanna let you know that I have the BEST readers in the world! Because I hadn’t updated in a while I thought that nobody would read it and I thought I’d receive naught reviews. But I didn’t! I was very happy with the amount of reviews I got. I also wanted to say thanks so much to Gerardwayiscute (I think that’s your name…) for always giving me ideas because secretly I never know how my FanFics are going to end. When I write a FanFic I get the basic idea but never plan out the ending. This usually backfires because I run out of things to write about but not the case when Gerardwayiscute reviews ;) So because of this I’ve decided to use your idea and yes you can kiss Fun Ghoul! :D
I was stuck. I couldn’t give up on Lady Madness but I couldn’t let them kill my brother. What was I supposed to do?
I chose to do the only thing I could think of. Keep him talking “You know Korse, I do actually want to hear about your past.”
“Kobra, tell me her name.” Korse spat “You will not distract me.”
“Korse, you expect me to give myself up for this company, correct?” I asked, making up things quickly “Well I’d be more willing to learn your rules if I knew more about the leader. If I knew more about the man that made all of this possible then perhaps-“
“I get the point.” Korse interrupted, rolling his eyes “Okay, fine. You wanna hear about my past? Fine, I’ll tell you about my past.”
Korse started pacing up and down the room “When I was younger I wasn’t creative at all. I tried, I honestly did but it didn’t work. I couldn’t draw or paint, my singing voice was terrible, I never learnt to play an instrument, I couldn’t write because I was dyslexic and I couldn’t dance to save my life. I didn’t have any talents I guess you could say. Well, I was good at Math but nobody really cared. Other children all had these brilliant talents, acting, singing, drawing, you name it. Other children were good at something interesting but I wasn’t anything special. This made the others bully me.”
“They bullied you for being talentless?”
“Don’t interrupt me!” Korse snapped, continuing with his story “So I spent my childhood alone with my math problems.” I had to try hard not to laugh at that point “Spending all that time alone made me feel unwanted and uncared for. I turned to self-harm and was really depressed. I decided that no one should be made to feel this way.”
“You self-harmed?”
“What have I told you about interrupting? Yes, I did. Anyway, I decided that no one should be made to feel this way. I wanted a world where there was no such thing as creativity and no such thing as colours. Because you see Kobra, another thing you didn’t know about me is that I’m colour blind.”
I blinked at him. Korse was colour blind? No wonder he was such a grump “At first I felt I didn’t want people to feel the pain I suffered. But as the years went on, I began to get angry. Why did I have to suffer? Why were all these other people allowed to feel so happy when I was upset my entire life?” Korse scowled “They had it easy Kobra Kid. I gave them their Better Life. So I decided to show them. To show them all.”
“By brainwashing them?” I asked, a little outraged “That’s not exactly the greatest method of showing people how you felt.”
“I know what Lady Madness told you.” Korse smiled “About that killjoy who came in and I ordered her to go and kill her sibling? That’s what I can do to people Kobra. I get inside their heads and make them do things they never wanted to do.”
“But you were never forced into doing things you never wanted to do! You were just alone!”
“Well, they felt alone and guilty after killing their entire families.”
“You’re cruel!” I yelled, trying to pull myself away from the chair “Yes your childhood was terrible but the life you’re inflicting on other people is even worse!”
“Good!” Korse cried “I hope it is! Do you know what it was like for me? Having nobody to love me? Even my own parents couldn’t stand the sight of me and dumped outside an orphanage! And then to have you and your stupid gang of killjoy monkeys going round and insulting me. Especially Agent Anarchy with my hair. Do you know why I’m bald Kobra?” Korse shook his head “That is a different story.”
“I really don’t wanna know.” I sighed heavily “You can’t do this to us. Please just change your mind. Let my friends go, set Lady Madness free. You could have anybody you wanted for your bride.”
“I know,” Korse sniffed “And I have chosen Lady Madness. So who will it be Kobra? Lady Madness or your older brother?”
I took a deep breath. This was it. I had to give up Lady Madness’ name. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I had killed off my older brother. And Lady Madness wouldn’t be dead… Just brainwashed.
As I opened my mouth to say “It’s Jenna.” I noticed something over Korse’s shoulder. It was Colourful Shadow! I considered crying out but she held her finger to her lips and pointed the memory gun at Korse.
I smiled at Korse “Okay fine… I’ll tell you.”
I didn’t get to tell him (luckily!) because Colourful Shadow shot him in the head. He fell over and hit the floor with a heavy bang. Colourful Shadow untied me quickly from the chair “I don’t care what anyone says,” Colourful Shadow whispered “I love you guys, alright? And I wasn’t about to let anything happen to you.”
“Thank you so much!” I gasped, standing up “Okay, do you know where the others are?”
“Yeah,” Colourful Shadow replied, grabbing my arm “I’m going to have to make it look like you’re a prisoner and that you’ve given up Lady Madness’ name if that makes sense. The other dracs will know something’s up if we go strolling down the corridors happily. So act sad Doofus!”
“Alright…” I muttered, stopping my geeky smile and getting all serious.
Colourful Shadow pulled me out into the corridor and I followed, but acting like I really didn’t want to. “What are you doing?” A random drac asked us, nearly making my heart stop.
Colourful Shadow remained cool “He’s being returned to his friends. Korse has received the information he needs.”
She pulled me away “Creep.” She muttered under her breath.
We got to a rather large white door with the words ‘Killjoy sanctuary’ written on it in mud brown writing. I tried the handle but it was locked “What are we supposed to do?”
“I work here, dumbass.” Colourful Shadow whispered, pulling out a small silver key from her pocket. She shoved it in the door and unlocked it, pushing it open with a kick of her black boot. I noticed that she was no longer wearing her killjoy outfit but the Better Living uniform. It was really strange.
We both walked slowly into the room. It wasn’t a very big room, with a few benches stuck to the walls. Sitting on the benches were my friends. Fun Ghoul spread out by himself, Jet-Star with his arm round Agent Anarchy and Party Poison comforting Screaming Revolver who was sobbing into his chest.
Colourful Shadow said “I know you guys don’t trust me for a second after what I’ve done but I just saved Kobra from Korse, okay? I plan to save the rest of you too.”
“And why should we listen to you?” Agent Anarchy asked, frowning.
I took a deep breath “Because she’s our only hope of getting out of here so we don’t have a choice. Now come on, we need to save Lady Madness.”
“Kobra,” Colourful Shadow whispered “She’s not going to remember you.”
“She still doesn’t want to marry Korse! We can’t leave her here!”
“Kobra, I’m sorry.” Party Poison said, pushing Screaming Revolver off him gently and stepping towards me “But Lady Madness is the reason we’re in this mess. I hate to say it but it’s true. She’s a great girl and I wish you could be together but it’s just not possible.”
“I don’t care what you guys think!” I hissed “I’m going to find her. Now.”
I pulled away from Colourful Shadow and ran down the corridor.
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