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Chapter Seventeen

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Colourful Shadow has a plan.

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I ran down several corridors not knowing where to go or what to expect. Would Lady Madness really have forgotten me? I couldn’t imagine it. If she had forgotten me I guess I could convince her into believing the short past that she’d forgotten. I mean after all, she’d told me her name.
Finally I noticed a room with the words ‘Lady Madness’ on. Why did they have a whole room for her? How stupid. But in a way it was lucky so I pushed open the door and peeped round the door “Lady Madness?” I whispered.
There was silence before a timid voice replied “Who’s there?”
I pushed open the door further and stepped inside. Lady Madness was sat in the corner of the room hugging her knees “It’s me Lady Madness. You remember me, don’t you?”
I held my breath, hoping her eyes would light up and she’d nod with a smile. She’d get up and say “The shot missed me!” and then she’d kiss me.
This didn’t happen. Pretty much the exact opposite happened. Her eyes stayed dull, she shook her head with a frightened expression and remained seated “When did we meet?”
“Lady Madness,” I cried “I can’t explain everything here; you have to come with me though. I know you don’t want to marry Korse and your only chance is to run away with me.”
“How do you know I don’t want to marry Korse?” She asked, shaking “Look… What is this?”
“Lady Madness, please…” I sighed “You do trust me, I just need to explain and it’s impossible to do that right now. You won’t regret coming with me, I swear!”
I held out my hand to her. Lady Madness glanced up at me, staring at me for a moment or two before putting her hand in mine. I felt her shaking as I helped her up and started running with her back to our friends.
Colourful Shadow looked at us with wide eyes “She remembered who you are?”
I shook my head “But she doesn’t want to marry Korse and I’ve promised to explain everything to her. So we might as well get a move on, huh?”
“I still don’t know about trusting her…” Agent Anarchy said “I mean, look at the mess we’re in right now.”
“We’ve already been through this!” I snapped “Now come on.”
We all walked through the building undetected and stepped outside. Party Poison slapped his head with his palm “How are we supposed to get out of here? We don’t have the fucking car!”
“We can just borrow a Better Living one.” Colourful Shadow whispered “I have an idea, okay? I’ll explain on the way but first we need a stupid car.”
“Do you even have any car keys?” Jet-Star asked, looking at her in amazement.
Colourful Shadow nodded and led us round the back of the building to a large garage. She walked up to one near the front. It wasn’t a van like we’d arrived in; it was a normal white car with Better Living Industries written in posh lettering across the front.
We all piled into the car and Colourful Shadow took the driver’s seat. “So, are you going to explain this plan to us?” Fun Ghoul asked, sliding into the passenger’s seat “I mean things can’t exactly go back to normal now…”
“No.” Colourful Shadow sighed “They won’t.”
“So what did you have in mind?”
“I’ve got to leave you.” Colourful Shadow muttered, not taking her eyes off the ‘road’ “I’m the reason that you guys are here. I passed on so many things that I didn’t want to pass on. So once I know you guys are safe I’m going to return to Better Living Industries and apply for a different post. If they insert the chip into my brain to control me then fine. As long as I know you guys are okay.”
“No!” Fun Ghoul said sternly “You don’t want to go back there. We’re rescuing Lady Madness so why can’t we rescue you as well?”
“I’m so sorry.” Colourful Shadow replied, shaking her head “But it has to be this way. If I don’t return then Korse and the rest of the company will know that I was the one to set you free. If they find me then they won’t have pity on me. But if I return then I can make something up and hopefully they’ll believe me. Of course they’ll make me search everywhere for you with the help of some dracs but I’ll make sure they never find you.”
“But they’ll hurt you!” Fun Ghoul cried “You can’t go back there; if we find a really good hiding place then we won’t need to worry. We’ll do your plan, right? We’ll lie low for the rest of our lives. There’ll be no reason for us to ever go outside again apart from supplies like food and water and other supplies.”
“I was foolish to ever think that would work.” Colourful Shadow laughed “You think Better Living Industries will give up? Fun Ghoul, trust me. I can convince them to give up looking for you. No one else in Better Living will bother. Everyone wants you guys dead.”
Fun Ghoul sighed heavily “Colourful Shadow, please.”
“This wasn’t an easy discussion.” Colourful Shadow told him “Trust me; I’ve been thinking this out since Korse told you guys what I’d been up to. If there were any other way then I would take it but there simply isn’t.”
“I have an idea!” Fun Ghoul cried “Yes, go back and explain everything. Stay away for a few months or at least until they’ve agreed to stop coming after us and then… And then run away to join us!”
Colourful Shadow considered this “Do you know what Fun Ghoul? That’s a good plan. But there’s one slight problem. What if they do insert the chip into my brain?”
“I’ll come and rescue you.” Fun Ghoul stated wildly “And don’t tell me I’m being stupid because I’ll do it!”
Colourful Shadow snorted “What are you gonna do? Cut open my head and rip out the chip?”
“You mean-“
“Once it’s in,” Colourful Shadow said “Then it stays in. And even if you drag me away from Better Living they can still control me with their control panel. I could be fine one minute then start killing you the next.”
“Okay so the plan is…” Fun Ghoul began “You go back and convince them to stop hunting around for us. And if you’re not being brainwashed, you promise you’ll come back?”
“Yes I promise!” Colourful Shadow smiled “Now for the first part of the plan. I’m taking you back to the old base. We pile all your stuff into your car, one of you drives it and another takes the passenger seat just in case we start getting followed.”
“And where do we go?”
“When I was a little girl I lived in a hide out with my parents.” Colourful Shadow sighed “And one day in the dessert they were both killed. You guys are going to live in the hide out my parents lived in. The dracs don’t know where it is, I know that for a fact.”
Colourful Shadow pulled up outside our hide out and said “Go inside and pack whatever you can. We don’t have much time.”
We all got out the car and ran inside to pick up our valuables. Lady Madness followed me “Look, what’s going?”
“You don’t have any stuff.” I told her “I’m not trying to be rude but you really don’t. Well, there’s your wedding dress.”
“What do you mean my wedding dress?” Lady Madness asked, looking rather confused “I haven’t even got married yet, why would my wedding dress be here?”
“Like I said, it’s hard to explain. I will try my hardest when we get to the new hide out, okay?”
Lady Madness sighed and nodded, watching me pack my stuff quickly. She offered to help me once or twice but I didn’t accept it. I grabbed my single suitcase of stuff, my spare ray gun and my helmet and then I was ready to go.
I shoved my stuff in the car but kept the spare ray gun with me just in case we bumped into any trouble on the way. Party Poison got into the other car with Screaming Revolver because he wanted to talk things over with her about the baby and how they were going to raise it in the zones. In our car we discussed ways of getting supplies without being seen. It seemed like in no time at all Colourful Shadow was stopping the car and getting out.
Confused, Jet-Star got out the car and asked “Umm Colourful Shadow, aren’t you going to take us to the base?”
“We’re already here.” Colourful Shadow replied “Look at this.”
She went to a nearby bush. It was the only thing around in about a hundred miles. She reached her hand into the bush and pulled on a random branch. When she pulled the branch an elevator rose out of the ground and a few feet away from it, a garage rose out of the ground.
Colourful Shadow walked over to Party Poison “Take the stuff out of the car guys and then Party, pull into the garage. I’ll show you guys around the base before returning to Better Living Industries.” She glanced at Fun Ghoul “I’m really sorry.”
Fun Ghoul gave her a small smile before wrapping his arms round her “For what? Being the most amazing person I’ve ever met?” He leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.
The rest of us gave them their moment alone and went to unpack the stuff from the car, Lady Madness taking Fun Ghouls stuff. She was happy to finally help out.
Colourful Shadow walked over “Come on guys, I’ll show you round. I’m sure you’ll like it.”
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