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Chapter Eighteen

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Kobra Kid explains to Lady Madness what's been going on...

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We went down the elevator and stepped into the hide out. “There are no windows,” Colourful Shadow said “Because we’re underground obviously. So it’s a little dark. But it’s where you’re going to be spending the rest of your lives so you’d all better get used to it.”
Colourful Shadow flicked on a light switch “Thank god the electricity’s still on. God this place brings back so many memories.”
We looked around. It looked like our old hide-out only bigger and all on one floor. We were in a large kitchen area and there were loads of doors leading off into different rooms.
Colourful Shadow took us to the nearest door “So in here is the bathroom. It’s pretty self-explanatory. There’s a bath, a shower, a toilet… It’s the works!”
She walked around the kitchen pointing into different rooms and telling us why they were there. Finally she got to the last room and paused “And this room is the baby’s room.”
We all looked inside. There was a small pink cradle on one side of the room, a changing table the other, a small wardrobe for the baby’s clothes and baby toys dotted around the room. “Why is this room here?” Screaming Revolver asked “I didn’t think it was normal to keep a baby out in the zones.”
“This was my room.” Colourful Shadow replied sadly “When I was a baby anyway.”
We were all silent. Although all of us were orphans (Apart from Lady Madness) we felt extremely sorry for Colourful Shadow.
Colourful Shadow sighed heavily and took a step back “I guess this is the end, huh?”
“I thought you were coming back?” Fun Ghoul asked, looking panicky.
She smiled at him “If I have the opportunity to come back then I promise I will.”
“I can’t believe you’re going back.” Fun Ghoul said, shaking his head “I can’t believe that we’re letting you back there.”
“It’s not really your choice to make, is it?” Colourful Shadow asked, rising her eye-brows “Anyway, I’m off. Thanks for forgiving me and agreeing to let me come back and stuff.”
“Well thank you for saving us,” I smiled “We’ll all miss you until you come back too.”
“And I’ll miss you too.” Colourful Shadow grinned “But we’ll see again.”
And just like that, she ran back to the elevator “I won’t say goodbye properly,” She called as the elevator doors began to shut “It hurts too much!”
The doors shut with a bang and we heard the elevator rise back to the surface. Jet Star took a deep breath “But what if Better Living doesn’t believe her? What if they terrify her into giving up our position?”
“She wouldn’t do that.” Fun Ghoul said sternly “I trust her so the rest of you have to, okay?”
He said it so fiercely that we didn’t dare argue. Lady Madness turned to me and asked “Could you please tell me what’s going on now?”
“Yeah sure, sorry.” I apologised, taking her hand and pulling her into one of the bedroom’s that I hoped would be our bedroom. That’s if she chose to believe me…
I sat down on the bed and she sat next to me. I told her everything from finding her into the desert from the moment that Korse shot her with the memory gun.
She shook her head “It’s a pretty convincing story but how do I know you’re not just leading me on?”
“What do you mean?”
“In this story we’re in love, yes? How do I know that you aren’t just making this up to make me fall in love with you?”
“Because you told me something you’d only tell someone you trust and love,” I whispered “You told me your name.”
“I would never do that.” Lady Madness replied, looking confused “I would never tell anyone my name.”
“I can assure you that you did,” I said then added “Jenna.”
Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open “I really told you my name!”
“Of course you did!” I cried “And I told you my name! You still remember it Jenna, you know you do! Please remember! Think really hard!”
She started thinking really hard, I could see the effort in her face. She sighed heavily “I’m so sorry, I don’t remember you!”
I took her hands “Korse told me that when he shot you with the memory gun that you’d remember my true name forever. It’s there somewhere you just need to remember.”
Pulling a face, Lady Madness tried again. And something I had only hoped would happen, happened. Her eyes lit up and she smiled “Mikey, I remember you! I remember everything and everything you told me really happened!”
“Thank Christ!” I cried, throwing my arms around her “I was scared you’d never remember me!”
“I was scared when I didn’t remember you!” Lady Madness giggled “I knew I’d never tell anyone my real name unless I really trusted them. It was so weird thinking that I’d put my absolute trust in a complete stranger!”
“And now Korse will never get us,” I told her “We’re safe now and everything will be okay.”
“Like I’ve always hoped.” Lady Madness said dreamily.
You’re probably expecting this to be the end. With a happily-ever-after. And this is where I really want to end the story, with this happy ending. But for her sake, I have to write the truth.
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