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Chapter Nineteen

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A year goes by.

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A few years went past. Screaming Revolver had her baby, a little girl. Her and Party called her Cherry Explosion. “If she wants to change it when she’s a little older,” Screaming Revolver said with a shrug “Then she can.”
They weren’t the only ones to have a baby. Agent Anarchy and Jet-Star had a boy called Professor Black-Blood and they said the same thing that Screaming Revolver had said about him wanting to change his name.
Colourful Shadow didn’t return. I guess we all half expected that. Nobody said anything about it in case they upset Fun Ghoul but he must’ve felt so lonely. Everyone else in the house was a couple apart from him. Even Cherry Explosion and Professor Black-Blood had each other.
We only mentioned her one night. Both the kids had been put to bed and we were watching TV in the living room. It was really weird. Colourful Shadow was on TV.
There was an advert about Better Living pills and the ‘good’ effects they have on people. And then the advert confirmed our worries.
The Japanese woman said “And here is an example of one of our workers that have been taking the pill for the past few years.”
Colourful Shadow appeared on the screen with a huge smile on her face “Better Living Industries do make your life better.”
Fun Ghoul grabbed the remote and flicked off the screen. He stood up “We have to go and help her.”
“Don’t you remember what she said?” Jet-Star asked “With the chip and-“
“She didn’t say anything in that dumb advert about having the chip in her brain!” Fun Ghoul yelled “There’s still a chance that she’s okay!”
“You think she took those pills by choice?” Party Poison asked, raising his eye-brows “Fun Ghoul, there’s nothing we can do.”
“You guys are so stupid!” Fun Ghoul couldn’t stop himself “If she’s on those pills and the chip and all that shit, she could give away our position at any moment!”
“… This is going to sound terrible.” I said “It’s not about Colourful Shadow but… What happened to Missile Kid?”
We were all silent. When was the last time we’d seen Missile Kid? “That’s a good question.” Party Poison said quietly “When did we last see her?”
“She was coming out with us to kill some dracs when we heard Colourful Shadow worked for BLI.” Screaming Revolver said “Maybe she panicked and ran back inside? I don’t remember her ever being dragged to BLI.”
“She’s probably still there!” I cried “She’ll be terrified! She could be dead!”
“I think maybe we should go look for her.” Jet-Star told us “She’ll probably be mad at us but if we know she’s safe…”
“So we can go looking for Missile Kid but Colourful Shadow is being left to rot in BLI.” Fun Ghoul said angrily “How can you all not care about her? After all she did for us!”
“You mean like backstabbing us?” Screaming Revolver snapped “Yeah she came through in the end but for all we know, we’re under twenty-four hour surveillance! For all you know maybe BLI are waiting for the right opportunity to come and kill us all.”
“It’s been a few years!” Fun Ghoul yelled at her “Don’t you think that if they were going to do anything, they’d have done it by now?”
“Look let’s just stop our bickering!” I cried “We need to go and see if Missile Kid is okay.”
Screaming Revolver, Agent Anarchy and Lady Madness stayed home to look after the kids while the rest of us guys drove out into the desert.
We drove back to our old base without saying a word. As soon as we pulled up I whispered “What if they came back for Missile Kid ages ago?”
“But what if they didn’t?” Fun Ghoul replied smartly, the first to get out of the car.
Together we all walked down the steps and into the kitchen area. “Missile Kid!” Party Poison cried “Are you here?”
“… Party Poison?” Came a quiet reply followed by a few “Who?” and “Is that Better Living?”
Missile Kid walked into the kitchen and we all stared at her. The last time we’d seen her she’d been ten years old. Now she was fifteen and a lot tougher than when we’d left her. “I haven’t seen you guys in ages!” Missile Kid smiled “Where’ve you been? I haven’t heard anything off Doctor DeathDefy and he’s really close with you guys.”
“We went into hiding.” Jet-Star told her “Have you been living here by yourself?”
“Oh no,” Missile Kid laughed “Sorry, let me introduce you. Guys come in here!”
Three girls walked into the kitchen. They all appeared to be the same age as Missile Kid with colourful outfits and bright hair. Missile Kid pointed to each girl “These are Zone Specter, Snake Bite and Chemical Batman.”
“We met her about four years ago,” Snake Bite told us “We were running from BLI and we found this place. Missile Kid was here by herself so we agreed that we’d stay with her. Since we needed somewhere to live and she needed people to help take care of her.”
“We’re really sorry!” Fun Ghoul suddenly cried “We’re sorry that we ditched you here by accident and didn’t get in touch for ages!”
“It doesn’t matter.” Missile Kid shrugged “We all knew I couldn’t hang round with you guys forever. Especially since you were all starting your own families.”
“So you’re okay now here?” I asked “Because… There’s lots of room at our new base. And BLI will never find it, you can trust us on that one.”
“You mean we could lie low with you guys for the rest of our lives?” Missile Kid asked, not looking too happy “It sounds cosy but a bit… Boring…”
“We understand.” Party Poison said quickly “Come and visit though, right?” He told her our co-ordinates and the secret way to get into our base.
Missile Kid smiled “Of course I’ll come visiting.”
We all said goodbye and left. Party Poison took a deep breath “Jet-Star and Kobra Kid, you’re both going to hate me but I agree with Fun Ghoul… We need to go and see if Colourful Shadow’s okay.”
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