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chapter #3

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A/N:Okay so... sorry for the late update...highschool's a bitch, and I'm actually posting this in early morning hours so...yeah...READ! :D

At my doorstep sood the man that I admired the most, the man that was my idol for past 4 years. At my doorstep stood Gerard Way.
“Hey, I'm Bandits dad and your new neighbour, Gerard“ He said outstretching his hand and giving me his oh-so-famous toothy grin.
Keep your cool... just act like he's some normal guy living in the house next to you. A voice inside my head told me.
“Hey, I'“ What's your name? It's definetly something that starts with an E....E....“Emily!“
“That's a pretty name...Hey, do you mind if I take a picture?“
“Why?“ I asked with a confused look
“'Cause it's just too cute! I mean....Ally sleeping on your right shoulder, Bandit sleeping on your left shoulder and you have finger paint all over your face...and shirt...and jeans.“
“Okay, but promise me that the picture will stay inside your cell and that's it.“
“Shure!“ and in time lapse of a second he managed to flip out his cellphone and snap a picture.
“Uh-oh...“ I felt Ally and Bandit squirming in my arms
“ I think the flash woke 'em up.“
“ So what?“
“You obviously don't know how much shugar they can consume.“
“Daddy!!“ in one second Bandit jumped out of my hands and jumped on Gerard kissed him on the cheek and in the other secon she and Amy were already running all over the place. Mental note: never give that much shugar to them.
Gerard and I exchanged confused looks and then I spoke
“Just leave them be. It'll wear off in about 5 minutes.“
“Oh...“ he shruged it off
And I ,being the moron that I am, started grinning like a mad man. I beleive the cause was that my peanut sized brain procesed the information that Gerard Way is my neighbour. Than it got worse, I stared at him and started giggling. WTF? I never giggle, I didn't even know I could giggle.
“What? Do I have something on my face?“
He asked and started touching his face, searching for something, anything on his face. And I? Oh, I didn't answer like a normal person would. I just stood there, giggling and staring. And thats when reality kicked in in form of two little shugar high five year olds. Yep, Ally and Bandit crashed into my legs while playing tag. And I, being the clumsiest teenager that ever lived on the Earth, fell. Oh, but I didn't just fall, I fell right at Gerards feet looking like a complete moron.
“Okay, Bandt I think it's time to go home“ Gerard said picking her up “Are you okay?“ he asked when I got up.
“Oh, yeah is your mom here?“
“Nope, she's at work.“
“ about your dad?“
“My dad's dead for me...“
“Let's just say he loved drugs and alcohol more than his own family and refused to stop.“
“Oh...I'm sorry...uh... so can your mom call me when she comes home from work? She said she had a favor to ask...“
“Yeah, shure“
“See you, Ems“ Bandit smiled at me
“See ya B“ I smiled back
“ Buh-bye B!“ Ally started waving
“Okay, so once again, thanks for babysitting...uhm.... I'll see ya around?“
“Yeah, no problem, see ya“
He turned away and started walking. I went up to my room and started listening to My chem, I was in the middle of Planetary(GO!) when mom and Ally walked in.
“Hey, mom wassup? When did you come home?“ i asked her suprised that I haven't heard the front door opening or closing.
“I just came home, but I need to talk to you two“
“What is it?“ I was now curious.
“I got a job's from one band they're going on tour and they'd like me to be their make-up artist.“
“Well is it a good paid job? How long is the tour?“
“They offerd me a lot of money, but I'd have to be gone for 3 months.“
“Well...I'm okay with it but I don't know about Ally. And how are we suposed to survive on our own for three months?“
„Well the thing is...I called Gerard, our neighbour, 5 minutes ago and asked him if it would be okay with him to check on you every now and than and he said that thet's no problem.“
“You did WHAT?!?“

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