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Chapter #4

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...number 4...

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"You did WHAT??!"
"Uh.. I said that I asked Gerard to look after you while I'm working and he said it's no problem"
"Do you even know who he is?"
"Yes, his name is Gerard and he has a wife named Lyn-Z and a daughter whoose name I can't remember. Why does it even matter?"
"Uhm... well I don't know...maybe 'cause he's on at least 20 posters in my room? No...that couldn't be it...Have you even looked around my room and saw him on my walls?" I said the first part in a sarcastic voice and then turned serious. I can't beleive she didn't know who he is. I mean I've showed her so many pictures of them, I've been listening their music for over a year and a half and she still doesn't know who he is.
"Ohh...I thougt he looked familiar"
Then we were cut off by the doorbell. We went downstairs and opend the door. Only to find Gerard at them.
"Oh, hello Gerard, I was jut talking to Emma about the situation. Ant thank you once again for helping us out." my mom spoke
"Oh, no problem. I just came to talk about it. Did you tell Ally yet?" he replied whilst chewing a gum
"Yes, she coped well with the news but this reblious teenager" she pointed to me "is overeacting."
"Hey, I'm not the one who's-" I was cut off by Famous Last Words coming from my cell. Yes, it was my ringtone, and yes, it rung right in front of Gerard Way. I ran out of the room before he could react and answed the phone.
"Emma!!" my only friend yelled in my ear
"Hey, Amber. 'Sup?"
"Did you know Gerard Way moved??"
"How did you find that out? Isn't it kinda personal?"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever...i gotta go. bye!" she hung up, i guess she's gonna call everyone she knows and tell them the same thing.
I walked into the room just in time to hear my mom say:
"Well that's such a wonderfull idea. I'll go ask her right away. Oh, honey you're here!"
"Yeah, 'sup?"
"So...We were wondering...Gerard asked..if you and Ally would like to live with them for these 3 months, because it would be alot easier for you and Gerard and his wife..."
"Are you serious?! I can't do that! No, I won't do that! I mean no offense Gerard but...seriously?"
"Yes, seriously, young lady, how do you dare behave like that? This man was kind enough to invite yo in his house and provide you food and shelter for next three months! The least you can do is be grateful!"
"You're right... I'm sorry for acting like that..." You're probably wondering why I'm backing down so easy. ell, you see my mom has heart problems and whenever she gets worked up too much thete is a 90% chance that she'll have a seizure. She already had 3 and I saw them, the last thing I want is for her to have anoher one.
"No, it's okay..." Gerard replied with confusion written all over his face
"I'll go upstairs to talk to Amy, you two can sort things out." I went upstairs hoping my mom would change her mind and turn him down. it's not that I don't like him, it's just that I've been looking up to this man for so long and not to mentinon listened to him sing on daily basis. Living with him would be just too weird. I knocked on Allys door and found her drawing.
"Hey Ally, wassup?"
"Nothing... I'm drawing."
"Have you heard the big news?"
"Uh-huh, me, Bandit and you are all gonna be sissies! Isn't that great?"
"Yeah...So you're looking foward to it?"
"Okay, I think it's bed time don't you?"
"Okies, I'll go brush my teeth"
"You go do that and I'll go put your drawing on the fridge, okay?"
"Uh-huh" she nodded with a huge grin
As I was walking down the stairs I overheard their conversation:
"Yes, that would be wonderful" that was my moms voice
"Okay so I'll see you tommorow?" this voice I recognized as Gerards
"Yes, thanks once again."
"I told you it's no problem."
Doors opening. Doors closing.
I went downstairs after 2 minutes when I was shure the air was clear.
"Hey mom, so what happened with Gerard?"
"Oh, nothing much...we were just talking about arrangements and other things...."
"So when do you start working?"
"This Monday?"
"But today's Saturday."
"I know."
"So you're telling me that you're leaving the day after tomorrow?"
"Yes, honey, that's why they're paying me so much. Because it's on short notice."
"Well that's just great, and what about me and Ally? Are we staying here or...?"
"Gerard said it is best that you go to his house and that's my opinion too."
"EMS!!" Ally yelled from upstairs
I went upstairs, sung her to sleep with Helena and went to sleep myself. Tomorrow's gonna be a big day.Shit. I'm moving in with Gerard Way...that can't end well....

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