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who walks among the famous living dead?

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unicorn coffee mugs, school and a mysterious blonde chick that has caught Mikeys eye

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Who walks among the famous living dead?

Gerard’s p.o.v

“GERARD!!! GET YOUR LAZY MOTHER FUCKING ASS OUT OF BED!!!” I hear Mikey yelling at me frustrated. I blink once, twice, and I lift my eyelids to be greeted by a lovely ray of sunlight, coming through my ridiculously small bedroom window, directly into my eyes. Every morning! You would have thought I would have had the common sense to buy a blind for that evil little piece of glass, wouldn’t you? I throw off my batman quilt cover and make my way over to my smudgy mirror, hung on the wall the opposite side of the room, to prepare myself for another day of hell in the shithole, I like to call, school. Now face to face with my mirror I can see that my raven black hair is sticking up in every direction physically possible, and yesterday’s eyeliner has crept halfway down my cheekbones during the night. I really need to get some make up wipes. I picked up a hairbrush from the shelf underneath the mirror and started to attack my bird’s nest of hair. I ran the brush through my long dark hair and gave up because it was taking too long. I quickly smoothed it down with my hands after remembering that Mikey threatened to cut off my hair in my sleep if I didn’t brush it properly, I don’t know if he was being truthful ,but I’m not going to risk it for the warmth of my scalp. I quickly grab my stick of red eyeliner and apply it both above and below my hazel brown eyes, smudging it to perfection. Half pleased with what I saw I got down on my knees and searched through the massive mountains of clothes for something to wear, honestly, if they were any higher they would have snow on top. after pulling out my black skinny jeans with holes in both knees, my crumpled misfits band shirt, and my black iron maiden hoodie I decide to get dressed pulling my jeans on carefully so I don’t accidentally put my foot through a hole, like I did last week. I didn’t realise until after I got upstairs and Mikey so ‘kindly’ pointed it out. Oh my rooms the basement by the way, I like the privacy and the fact that its sound proof is a bonus, I can play iron maiden as loud as I like without any complaints! I grabbed my school bag from under my bed and shoved the books that had fallen out back in and went upstairs for breakfast. Most important meal of the day.
“Finally decided to get up then?” I was greeted by Mikey who was way too cheerful for 8:00 am on a school day. Well he has friends to look forward to seeing, I only have ray, and he doesn’t even go to my school anymore. Nobody wants to hang out with me, because I’m gay and and have different music taste, they're quick to judge.
“Of course not that’s exactly why I’m stood here right now.” I reply to Mikey sarcastically, as I reach for the coffee pot.
Mikey hands me a unicorn mug and grabs a spoon out of the utensils drawer
“It was a rhetorical question, dipshit.”
“I know I just felt it needed answering.” Wait a second what’s that round Mikeys eyes? I’ve never seen that there before it looks black and bold kinda like...
“EYELINER! Mikey are you wearing MY eyeliner? Why didn’t you ask? You never wear eyeliner.”
Mikey's face went scarlet red and he hid behind his rainbow coloured coffee mug
“noreasonreally.” He answered as quietly and quickly as physically possible
“Mikey is there a girl involved it this.”
“NO!” Mikey said defensively but his unusually red cheeks said otherwise
“Mikey? Tell me, I’m your brother. And it’s not like I have any friends to spread it to anyway.”
Mikey lowered his hands that still had a firm grip on his mug of coffee
“Umm...yeah. kinda.” The look on his face was so innocent, like a five year old after they’d drawn on the walls with crayon, then claim that they didn't do it, except when we were little I was the one that drew on the walls. And I’m pretty sure five year olds don’t use straighteners...
“Which girl?” I asked purely out of curiosity
“You know...the blonde one.”
“Well that just about narrows down 400 hundred girls in the school.” I replied annoyed at the fact that he was being so vague. I hate it when people act vague it annoys the shit out of me, along with being to hyper and dragging out sentences, all things that Mikey made me realise I hate, by doing them ALL THE FUCKING TIME!
“I don’t wanna tell you, you will tell someone.” Mikey was using a really winey voice one of the other things I hate people doing
“Fine then don’t tell me. I could have given you advice on how to win her over but oh well your loss not mine.” I said looking at my scruffy uneven nails with paint underneath them whilst pacing back and forth. Mikey picked up his bag and looked like he was getting ready to run
“What do you know about girls you’re GAY!” fuck! He ran off before I could hit him with a nearby frying pan
“You love me really. Come on lets go to school.” By the time I had walked to the door Mikey was already halfway out of the front gate looking way to eager to go to the shithole. Oh yeah he’s got that blonde to get to doesn’t he

“Okay students open your books to page 10………..” I would listen to Mrs Stevenson go on but i don’t wanna waste my time instead of turning to page 10 and doing whatever pointless math question she wants us to do I get out my sketch book from my bag on the empty seat next to me and start drawing Mrs Stevenson...getting her head chopped off by an axe murderer!!! No head. Now THAT’S a good improvement now she can ‘look the business’ to ‘do the business’ her favourite phrase turned back on her. Suddenly the door swung open with a massive crack, as the tiny window in it shattered to the floor causing my head to turn around sharply, and making my draw a massive line through my drawing. SON OF A MOTHER FUCKER! That was gonna be a masterpiece. But it wasn’t my drawing I was distracted by; it was the boy who broke the window. For a 16 year old he was surprisingly short “5.4” at most. his hair was died black with a long, straight emo fringe going right across his right eye I love haircuts like that but they never suit me. he was wearing faded red skinny jeans with a chain going through the belt loops, a pair of black scuffed up doc martens and then a misfits hoodie caught my eye, he obviously knows good music when he hears it.
“Mr Iero would you please come and sit next to Mr Way at the back, there, thank you. Mr.way would you kindly move your bag off of that seat, they are for students not your luggage. “
The Iero kid shuffled his feet slowly to get across the classroom to the seat next to me. Great yet another kid that doesn’t wanna be my friend. I turn my attention back to my drawing and concentrate on trying to scrub out the massive pencil line right the way down the page. I heard a plonk followed with a sigh as the new kid sat in the chair. I paused for a moment then carried on rubbing.
“Th-that’s a cool drawing.” The short guy stuttered as if he was scared of me
“Thanks. I try to be productive with my time unlike others.” I said as I gestured towards mrs.stevenson. He giggled. Damn he has a cute giggle. Wait did I seriously just think that?
“I’m frank by the way.”
“I’m Gerard.” I finally have some sort of a friend. Looks like Mikeys secret of the blonde isn’t so safe after all!


YAY my second fanfic well i would say my first cuz my other one was an epic faliure but i can get somewere with this hope u guys like iiiiiiit R+R i have skittles for those who dooooo if you dont i will have to eat them all :D xxx
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