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Is it as it is ?

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Guitars can bring joy and sadness , Zero and Xero is VERY good at acting. But only one of it is fake , but one of them finds out. Bleh I suck at summaries.

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Second chapter :) if there are any spelling error or word error , blame my phone , I hate the auto correct :( R&R pls :) cookies ? Ohhh shinyy...( walks towards shiny stuff )

They called their manager to bring their luggages to the house for them . The manager , Brian, was going around to check how was their album sales. 

After they ate dinner , Zero and Xero was showing them around the house .

First they showed them to their rooms. It was really plain but nice at the same time.

One room had two beds , the first one was light green color with black floral designs on them. There was one bed on the left side and another on the right. There was a long sleek glass table at the end of the room.

"Our dad designed this room , he's sort of a designer for walls." Zero said while tracing his hands over the wall.

They went on to the next room , one side of the wall was a dark electric blue color with black guitar stickers on it. On the left side was white with all types of guitar in all types of color. On the right side was black with white 'My Chemical Romance ' On it , in big scratched letters.

The beds was stuck together in the middle of the room , the bed was light grey colored. There was a table for guitars at one side and a sleek shining silver glass table on the other side.

"Me and Zero designed this room , eventually , when I was small , I used to get scared whenever we watched scary movies , then I would come to this room and sleep in it with him ."Xero explained.

"I dips on this room!" Frank shouted out while raising his hands .

They all laughed at the fun-sized frank .

They went on the the third room."My mom and bro designed this room , I warn you though , they're very um... Classic." 

The left wall was light violet with dark violet floral design on them.the right wall was Lime green with deep grey floral design. The main wall was white with violet and green floral designs . The whole room was filled with floral lines.

"Mmkay , we're done , you guys can settle which room you want , we'll sleep in the guest rooms too , cuz our rooms are too filled with chord papers , our room will be there , if you need anything , you can come and find us." Zero said while pointing the rooms to them.

They all walked forward and passed their rooms , there was a room with a light blue door slightly open. Frank pushed it open "Woah...." 

"Hm?" Xero hummed.

"What's this room , it filled with guitars , all type of them , there's Pansy's cousin !" frank said while pointing at a grey guitar.

"This is the guitar room , where me and Xero keep our guitars , thats my dear baby , Lokey , I had him when I was 14 , I bought him when I got my first big paycheck from working as a host , all I had to do was hide my age " Zero said while grinning .

"What about this ?" Mikey pointed to a classical guitar that was a dark lifeless gray color with black outline . The strings were blinding white. 

"That's mine , I took an old guitar and scraped off all the old paint and repainted it , my parents won't let me buy a new one , I relied on Zero to buy some for me before he went to Australia ." Xero explained . 

Frank yawned and they all looked to him . "Goodnight guys ." Xero said while waving her hands at them.

By 12 o'clock , they all went to bed.

Mikey POV 

I was sleeping alone cuz Gerard wanted to change sleeping partners once in a while and ray wanted to sleep in the pretty floral room.

I wanted to go to the toilet , I went to look at the time on the table clock , it was 2 in the morning , there wasn't a toilet in the room so I went out . I looked for the toilet and found the room where Zero and Xero kept their guitars the lights was on .

I went over to see and found Zero in the room playing a classical guitar , it was a very nice lullaby . I pushed open the door and Zero stopped playing and looked at me .

"um , hey , where's the toilet ?" I said while trying to hide a blush , hoping he wouldn't see it . Man , was he hot !

"oh , I forgot to tell you guys , it's down the hall , at the very end ." he said while he said while putting down his black and blue guitar . He had a sad face , makes me want to go and comfort him , what are you thinking Mikey Way ??!! You can't do that , you only know him for barely 24 hours!

"hey , are you okay ?" I asked still concerned . 

"Yeah , just ...." he stopped when a line of tears came down his face .

He crumbled down , sitting with his legs open on both sides. More tears came down his pale face.

I couldn't resist anymore , I went to him and kneeled down while enveloping him in a comforting hug.

I think I fell in love , oh shit.

Third person POV

Zero sobbed for another 10 minutes before finally calming down.

"I'm sorry , it's just... just so unbelievable , one minute they were on skype cam with me , the next it just blurred out ." Zero said in a soft and shaky voice .

"I thought they were driving , how could they use Internet ?" Mikey asked curious .

"3G" was all Zero said before breaking down into sobs again , probably from remembering the memory of his family .

Mikey rubbed soothing circles on his back , keeping silent , letting Zero let all his grief out .

"I..I'm sorry , sud-suddenly breaking down li-like this." Zero said while rubbing at his eyes.

"It's okay , it must be horrible , the feeling."Mikey said while looking at Zero .

Zero looked up at Mikey and gave a weak smile .

Zero POV 

I'm sooooo embarrassed ! I can't believe I broke down in front Mikey Fucking Way , my first love ever since I saw him playing the bass.

He was looking straight into my eyes which made me blush . He closed his eyes and started leaning in slowly. Then his soft lips were on mine , I was shocked at first , but I closed my eyes and kissed back.

Soon we ran out of breath and had to break apart . I was panting while looking at him .

"Zero , I-I like you , as in like like you ." Mikey said while blushing.

I blushed a darker shade of red " I l-like you too." I said meekly.

At this , mikey's face lightened up, "wanna go to sleep now , I'll take you to ur room." Mikey said while helping me stand up.

Third person POV

Mikey was helping Zero go back to his room , when they were at the door they heard sobbing noises inside .

Zero immediately walked in and went over to his sister to comfort her. 

'This must be really hard on them , not just parents , even their brother.' Mikey thought.

Zero looked over at Mikey and gave a small wave of hand and a small sad smile.

Mikey saw it and walked out , leaving the two of them in privacy, he then walked into the toilet.

The next day zero and Xero received a letter about their house and belongings.

"what's that ?" frank asked upon seeing their face getting even sadder by the minute .

"it's a letter about the house and the stuff in the house, our parents signed a life contract , that if they ever die , the house they lived in will be donated to charity , eventually they singed this before they had us "Zero explained.

"so where we gonna live then ?" Xero asked .

"we need to get out of the house by this Friday which is 2days from now , I guess we could go live in a hotel for a while before we find a house , I need to find a job too ." Zero explained to all of them.

"you could live with us and go on tour with us if you like , as for jobs , we needed an extra background guitar player and a maid for the band tour bus ." Gerard said , he really wanted to help out , and he saw how Mikey looked at Zero , something was on .

"mmkay , that's settled , let get over the depressing stuff and start packing !" Xero exclaimed .

They all went upstairs and started packing .Zero and Xero only had hoodies and skinny jeans , but they had lots of guitars to pack, each of them had 4 the least.

Xero took out around 16 guitar bags ,  4 for each kind .

"here ,8 for you and 8 for me." Xero said while throwing 2 guitar bags of each kind to Zero.

"thanks " 

They started placing their guitars into the bags , "hey Zero , I just remembered , how we gonna carry these guitars ?" 

"I have no idea ," Zero said carelessly .

"We'll help you" Mikey said while walking in with the rest of the bands.

"okay , I have 2 acoustic guitar , 3 electric guitar , 2 classical and 1 bass." Xero said while patting her hands on her black skinny jeans .

"I have 1 acoustic , 3 electrical , 1 classical and 3 bass." Zero said while repeating Xero's movements.

"you guys really are siblings , you move the same way !" Frank said while giggling.

"We do ?" Xero and Zero said at the same time , they broke out into laughter .

"We'll each carry two and me and Zero can carry one on our back , but some one has to carry our luggages ." Xero said while scratching her head.

"We'll just load it on the tour bus and get some extra pillows ." Ray said while picking up the guitars gently .

"mmkay then ." Zero said .

They packed everything , double checked again and set off . They had to pass by a shopping centre to get some extra pillows . They went to a hotel called Xhock hotel , which the boys were originally supposed to stay at .

"What are you guys doing here , I thought you went to some friends house ?" Brian said when he saw them enter the hotel , he was in the lobby sipping coffee.

"Well , things happened , and yeah ..." That was the first time Mikey stuttered like that.

"Hi , we are currently homeless and they kindly offered their help and we really need it or we'll be sleeping on the streets , plus we heard you guys were hiring ." Zero explained with his sickly sweet smile .

Xero shuddered at Zero's business / force acceptance smile , no one can say no to that evil smile .

"okay .... You can stay , but are you underage ?" Brian asked wanting to make sure .

"I'm not , she is , but I asked Angelica to help me apply as a guardian for her so she can't be forced to go to the orphanage ." Zero explained .

"Wow , you really thought everything through , and to think I thought you were an idiot ." Frankie said while smirking .

" course I'm not an idiot , what do you think 2 years in business school was for ? Side's that , acting childish is more fun , we can't always be serious ." Zero smile his genuine smile this time .

"all right , then get settled in , I'll fix all the arrangements , we leave next month ."Brian said while standing up.

"Lets go then ." Mikey said walking closer to Zero . At this , Zero blushed slightly , trying to use his hair to cover it up . 

It was pointless , Gerard had saw Zero's blush and mikey's weird behavior , he knew something was definitely up.
Sorry , it's a short chapter , I'm kinda stuck , I have around four other fanfics to take care of , so please R&R so I have motivation :)
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