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The day after yesterday

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Mikey Way - Published: 2011/09/22 - Updated: 2011/09/22 - 1006 words

Its been twelve hours since our dear Gerard passed away due to Alcohol poisoning. I’ve been with Mikey all night, keeping him calm. Both of us breaking down in different parts of the night. Mikey’s now asleep in my arms. Bless him.. He cried himself to sleep. I’m kinda sleepy myself but I need to stay awake. Just incase Mikes wakes up. I really miss Gee.. I wish he was still here with us.. Ugh, if I wouldn’t of went or got everyone pissed, none of this would of happened! But I guess it did happen.
I slowly started to drop my head as I started to fall asleep. My eyes became heavier and heavier, finding it difficult to keep open.
After a few minutes, I fell asleep. I couldn’t help myself.. I needed to sleep. Plus Mikey’s in my arms, sleeping too.
A few hours later, I started to slowly wake up but my arms felt empty. I slowly opened my eyes to see if Mikey was there, and he wasn’t.
“Oh shit!”
I got up immediately from the ground and rubbed my eyes, making them more awake. He was actually gone! My mind was panicking. I couldn’t think straight! I looked over to the door, seeing it open and ran straight out of it. Mikey is now fucking scaring me shitless. I looked in the other bedrooms and he wasn’t there! Ugh! But there was one room I didn’t look in.. And that was Gerard’s room. I dare go in there because I’ll feel really bad.. But I had to look in to see if he was in there. I slowly approached it, starting to shake with nervousness. I placed my hand gently on the doorknob. I took a deep breathe but nothing had seem to happen. I.. I just couldn’t open it. Its Gerard’s room.. None of us had been in there without is say so. Or he’ll tell us off.. And if I did go in there, it wouldn’t feel right.. Because he isn’t here to tell us off.. I sighed. But I had to go in there.. So I slowly twisted the doorknob to the right hand side and it opened. My heart started to pound. I felt guilt invading my inside. This didn’t feel right at all. But I still carried on. I quietly took one small step inside, opening the door slightly more. My heart dropped at the heartbreaking sight. Oh god.. Mikey.. Mikey was sat on his bed. I didn’t want to invade his personal space so I decided to turn around and leave the room.
"N-No.. Don’t leave.."
I heard a quiet voice and turned my head towards the sound. Looks like Mikey wants me to stay with him.. In Gee’s room.. I slowly approached him. I felt tears swelling up in my eyes, seeing Mikey cuddle Gerard’s favourite teddy bear. Gee had that ever since he was a baby.. This is just too heart breaking.. But I had to be there for Mikes. I sat down on the bed just next to Mikey. Mikey didn’t move a inch. He didn’t even blink.. That’s the scariest part of it all. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders for comfort and rested my head on his shoulder. I saw he cuddled the teddy tighter.
“I’ll be alright Mikes..”
I said softly to him. He let out a quiet whimper. God knows what Mikey is feeling and thinking right now.. I wish I’d get the chance to know what he was feeling.. And thinking.. Oh God.. We need to sort out Gee’s funeral.. That’s gonna be hard to do. I’ll let Mikes do all that.. That’s if he’s able to cope with it all.. (which I don’t think he will). I closed my eyes again, still leaning my head on Mikes shoulder like a pillow. He didn’t mind. He was crying.. I didn’t really know what to do, to make him stop crying. I rubbed his back gently for comfort though. I didn’t do anything but meh.

Its been a couple of days now since the death of Gerard and me and Mikey are planning his funeral. But we’re doing it slowly. Mikey wants it to be perfect for his brother. I just don’t know how we’re gonna cope without him.. Me and Mikey at the kitchen table, sorting out his funeral with the silence. It was a painful silence but that’s how Mikey liked it. No one was talking. Not even movement from Mikes. I got up and went to get something from my room and as soon as I returned, Mikey had disappeared.
“Fuck! I’ve lost him again.”
He’s quiet and quick on his feet, I’ll tell ya that. I ran to the table, looking at it then I heard crying from Gerard’s room again. He must be in there.. I walked to Gee’s room, shockingly the door was wide open. But the sight was not pretty.
I screamed and ran to him. What is he doing?! He needs to stop! He looked at me, with puffy red eyes. My face turned paler and I started to feel sick. The sight was just terrifying.
“I-I’m sorry, Frankie. I-I need to be w-with my brother.”
My heart dropped hearing those words as I fell to my knees, begging for him not to. He was holding a knife to his throat. He told me if I came any closer to him, he would do it. I didn’t know what to do! I just started to cry my eyes out, begging him not to do it. I don’t want to lose Mikey! No! He’s the only friend I have left and without him, I’m nothing.

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