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What's Going On Here?

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Frankie and Mikey's POV

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From my first floor bed room, situated behind the living room, I can hear the door open. For a few short seconds I am frozen in fear, my breathing shallow. After pulling myself together I grab the baseball bat that is forever in the corner of my tiny room and venture out into the hall. It is dark and my eyes take a few seconds to adjust. Thankfully it is only Molly, now sitting under the dining room table with Mikey and Gerard, a flash light in the middle of them. What am I being left out of?

“Go back to bed Frankie,” Gerard, my older brother, mumbles as he moves Molly onto his lap. Although I used to be fairly close with the dark haired girl I’m slowly beginning to dislike her.

“What’s going on here?” I demand, baseball bat still in hand.

“Frankie go to sleep,” Gee says again; I can tell he’s getting aggravated.

“No, tell me what you three are doing,” I answer; my brother can’t tell me what to do.

Sighing, Mikey crawls out from under the table, padding over to me; his glasses perched on the very end of his nose.

“Frankie listen to Gerard,” my little brother says leading me back towards my room. “I’ll tell you in the morning.”

I don’t understand why they are treating me like I’m four. Laying down I continue to look at Mikey. “He’s not the same now, Mikes. She’s fucked him up in the head. I want my older brother back.”

Mikey gives me a sympathetic look before walking out of the room. Why does no one understand? Gerard’s brain has gone to mush because he’s dating Molly. Am I the only one who can see that she doesn’t love him? Growling under my breath I roll onto my side. She’s only going to hurt him.

From my bed I can hear laughter and the soft sound of someone cursing; outside a gun shot cuts through the blackness.

Mikey’s POV

Frankie’s over reacting. I’ve never seen two people who care more for each other than Gerard and Molly; I mean he did all this just for her.

The sheets draped over out dining room table do kind of look like a tent, the little lamp flickering like a fire. It’s almost warm enough to heat the marshmallows all the way through. The glitter covered cut out stars took us almost the entire afternoon but they do look amazing. Gerard gave Molly the camping trip she probably thought she’d never get again.

Smiling at the picture of Joey set next to the lamp, Molly takes Gerard’s hand, “You really didn’t have to do this Gee, you either Mikey Mouse.”

“Hey, you always used to go camping with Joey in September. We didn’t want you to have to miss even if he isn’t here. I get it’s not the same but we did try,” Gerard answers.

“It’s perfect you guys,” Molly says giving me a tight hug before holding yet another puffy white marshmallow over the lamp.

“What was wrong with Frankie?” questions Gerard, scribbling more lyrics down in his notebook.

Great, I did not need him asking me this. If I tell the truth I’d put a damper on the entire night and Molly doesn’t deserve that. Then again if I tell a lie Gerard is going to find out anyway and it will only make him angrier.

“She’s just jealous that you spend so much time with Molly now. Maybe we should let her sit in on a practice; make her feel like she’s being included,” I reply bending the truth just a little bit. I can tell Frankie dislikes Molly quite a bit.

“That sounds like a good idea, she’s your sister after all, you should include her,” Molly says excitedly.

Gerard shrugs letting Molly feed him half of her slightly squishy marshmallow. Frowning I play with a string on my sweatshirt. I just wish we could all get along. Why does Frankie have to get all protective of Gerard? Molly isn’t a bad person, she isn’t trying to steal Gee away from us, in fact I like her. For some reason Gerard just seems so much happier when she’s around.

Flopping back on the pillow I brought down from my room I look up at the sparkling stars, wishing our neighborhood was safe enough that we could have done this outside. Then again as I hear the rain begin to pound down on the roof I’m glad we did it inside. Getting wet really isn’t something I enjoy.

After about an hour the lamp runs out of batteries which means it’s time to sleep. Gerard and Molly lay curled up together, leaving me the big blanket. Tomorrow we’ll all sit down and talk things out. I can’t have my older sister hating my brother’s girlfriend.
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