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Molly's POV

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Music pouring into my ears, I continue to sit in my desk chair, eyes closed, just imagining what this one song could do. Sure Skyline’s and Turnstiles is the only song we’ve actually completed but there are a few others that, with some work, will be done soon. I let my mind wander, imagining Joey smiling down on me from heaven, he’d be proud of what we are doing.

As the last few motes of the song ring out, hands grab my shoulders causing me to jump. I’m not fond of being snuck up on. Glaring up at the dark haired man that stands behind me, I twist my chair around to face him. I didn’t even hear the door open.

“What’s so important that you had to interrupt my work, Frank?”

He smiles widely, “Come to my show tonight.”

I frown. Of course I had to promise Frank I’d make it to a show but things with the band have been building up and we’ve got rehearsal tonight. I never knew mixing attic demos would take up so much time.

“Maybe not tonight Frank,” I answer, trying to look and sound as apologetic as possible.

He gives me puppy dog eyes, his lips pouty, hands covering mine, “Pwease, can’t you pull yourself away from Gerard for just an hour? Pwease, for your best friend?”

Laughing I roll my eyes. Why does he always have to be such a drama queen? I continue to look up at him, trying not to let the fact he is so adorable influence my decision. I will admit it proves to be rather difficult.

Eventually I sigh, looking Frank straight in his hazel green eyes, “Thirty minutes, then I have to get back to rehearsal.”

Frankie jumps around, squealing and clapping like a little child. Suddenly, his arms are around me, a quick kiss planted on my cheek; thank goodness Gee isn’t here.

“You are the best Mo,” my hyper friend says, hugging me again before he heads towards the door. “See you at seven.”

Groaning I let my head fall to the desk, forehead resting on the grainy, unfinished, cordwood. To get away for a bit will be nice but I feel like I’ve let the guys down. We’ve got rehearsal tonight on songs everyone wants done by next Friday and instead of helping I’m going off the watch Frank and his band perform.

“Everything alright baby?” Gerard asks, sauntering into the room, placing a beer next to my head. When the hell did he get here?

“How much do you hate me?” I respond, sitting up and turning the chair so I am facing my boyfriend.

Gee drops to his knees, his cold hands grabbing mine, “I don’t hate you, Molly.”

“What if I told you I was going to be late for rehearsal because I was going to watch Frank play?”

I sit in silence, terrified of his answer, I don’t know what I’d do if Gerard got upset with me. Too nervous to handle the quiet I open my beer, letting the liquid burn my throat. I should have just told Frank I couldn’t make it tonight. Why do I have to be such a push over?

“Hey I don’t hate you Molly. You work your ass off trying to help us out with sound and stuff. You deserve a break. But, hey, don’t you go and fall for Frank. You know I can’t compete with him,” Gee says giving me his adorable lopsided grin.

I kiss his nose, “There is no competition.”


Frank smiles widely at me as he continues to play. He’s such a joy to watch, like a ball of energy just jumping around, getting really into the music, his voice strong, rising above the instruments.

“Hold up, hold up, “Frank says into his mic causing the crowd to go silent, hanging to his every word. “I want you to meet someone.”

As Frank reaches his written on hand out to me I freeze. There is no way I can go up there. He went to high school with me; he should know I have a fear of standing in front of large crowds. His hand, sweaty from playing, locks around my wrist, pulling me out of the people and onto stage. There is no way this is going to end well.

“This is Molly, she’s my best friend,” Frank starts wrapping his arm protectively around my waist. “I had to pull her away from work tonight to come out and watch us.”

The crowd roars, all of them looking at me. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. My heart rate increasing, breathing becoming harder I gently touch Frank’s jean covered thigh, hoping he’d get the hint and hurry up.

“Do you think we gave her a good show?!”

Again the crowd explodes.

Frank smiles, “We are Pencey Prep and we’re done playing so get the fuck out!”

With that Frankie stomps off stage, his arm still wrapped around me. Suddenly, I burst into tears, clinging to a sweat drenched Frank. Without even thinking he hugs me, whispering softly into my ear, “Hey, princess, calm down…I’m sorry.”

Brushing the salty droplets from my face, I lean against him, not even caring that Frank is sweaty. Now that we’re off stage I’m alright, too many people’s eyes on me at once has almost always lead to me having a panic attack.

“Thanks for inviting me Frankie, you guys are amazing.”

Frank smiles, hugging me to his chest before leading me back on stage, most people have left but a few are still there, coming forwards when they see us. Handing me a beer, Frankie joins me in sitting on the edge of the stage, conversing with the fans.

“Who are you?” a blonde girl demands, coming to stand in front of me.

Taking a drink from the bottle next to me, I lean on Frank’s shoulder. Really I’m nobody; I’m just a friend of a singer.

“This is Molly,” Frank says, putting an arm around me. “She is the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. One day we will get married.”

The girl looks confused, “She’s your girlfriend?”

“No, she’s daring this guy named Gerard Way,” Frank answers finishing off his beer.

Rolling my eyed I jump off stage, set on going to Gerard’s, “He’s drunk.”

“Wait come back,” Frank calls, sounding like a whiny child.

Turning back I hug him, feeling his wet lips press against my cheek. Instead of letting me go he pulls me between his spread legs, giving me a stupid little smirk; our foreheads resting together.

“Bye Frankie,” I whisper as he lets me go.

“Goodbye princess,” Frank mumbles, squeezing my hand as I walk away.

Climbing into my car I check the dashboard clock, cursing when I see the time. I’m not just late for the first run through of Vampires Will Never Hurt You, I’ve missed it completely. The guys are going to kill me. Leaning my head back onto the head rest, I beat on the steering wheel until I hear someone knock on the window.

Startled I roll down the window, “What?”

“You’re the girl Frank pulled on stage, right?”

I nod, really just wanting to drive to Gerard’s house and beg for forgiveness.

“Yeah,” I answer quickly.

“You dropped this.”

My phone is handed over and the mysterious person walk away. Flipping it open I notice I’ve got one missed call…Gerard.

“Hey boo, it’s Gee. I guess the concert went longer than you thought. Its fine, don’t stress; practice was slow anyways. Come by my house on your way home, I’ve got a surprise.”

Smiling, I let relief wash over me, more than pleased my boyfriend isn’t upset with me. While backing out of the parking lot I almost hit a trash can but after than the drive from the bar to the Way’s home is uneventful. Once I arrive I let myself in just like always, more than excited for my surprise.
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