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Maybe, Just Maybe

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Molly POV and Matt's POV

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The smell of coffee draws me from my slumber. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I look around Frank’s room. It’s still messy with dirty clothes strewn across the floor, coffee mugs set in various places; the walls covered with Black Flag posters. I like his house; it’s always warm. Stretching, I get out from under the warm covers, searching through draws to find the black Misfits shirt I want. After pulling it on I venture out to the kitchen.

“Morning princess,” Frank says setting a mug of coffee down in front of me, “Black with two sugars.”

Smiling I take a sip, swallowing before laying out my plan. I need something new. I’ve been stuck with the same thing for too long. I’ll go back and help Gerard and the rest of the guys once I’m happy again.

“So I was thinking just something different, I might bleach my hair out, get streaks. We should get tattoos,” I say excitedly, watching as Frank’s eyes grow wide.

“I’m in.”

An hour later I’m sitting in a chair conversing with a tall girl with wavy brown hair, I’m pretty sure she told me her name was Grace. She’s nice and listens intently as I explain everything that is going on even though I’m sure she could care less.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this Molly. Gerard is gonna flip,” Frank says showing me yet another wedding dress which I shake my head at.

“He already did that…that one’s got too much lace,” I answer as he flips the page. I’m not exactly sure why we’re looking at bridal magazines but its fun. With Frank I’m me, crazy, a little bitchy and adventurous.

“I meant in a good way this time silly. I like this one,” Frankie says showing me a plain mermaid style dress with just a little beading at the bottom.

“It’s pretty,” both Grace and I say at the same time laughing a little bit before she informs me I can move over to the sink.

Although the water is a little warm I enjoy it. The hot water at my house is broken so I’ve been taking cold showers for almost a year now. Hot water is a luxury I hardly ever come by.

Once Grace has moved me back over to the chair Frank covers my eyes, “You can’t see until it’s all done.”

“I hate you Frank,” I grumble but keep my eyes closed until the blow dryer is off and the straightener has been put down.

“You look so pretty Molly,” Frank says.

Opening my eyes I almost don’t recognize the girl looking back at me. My once raven black hair is now a blonde color, black underneath, the green streaks spaced nicely around my face. Laughing a little I turn to Frank who gives me thumbs up before going to pay the bill.

“What’s next?” he questions as we walk down the street getting weird looks from a few people.

“Hmm…how opposed are you to getting a tattoo?” Molly asks stopping outside a local tattoo and piercing place.

“Let’s go.”

It hurts…a lot, way more than I ever thought it would. Frank manages to sit through getting an entire scorpion tattooed just about as high up on his neck as possible. I on the other hand just get the word LIVE across the fingers on my left hand. A piercing goes through my eyebrow as well as my lip.

“Lunch?” Frank offers once I’ve changed into a black, one strap dress with colorful splotches on it and combat boots.

“Sounds awesome,” I answer, intertwining our fingers together. I miss spending time with Frank, for some reason he just makes every thing okay.

Matt’s POV

She didn’t show up. Not, that I expected her to after Gerard’s display last night but I kinda had faith in that crazy bitch. She kept us positive and I’m just a little lost without her here to add parts that Ray can’t think up.

Instead of getting any real work done we just all kind of sit around, letting Mikey work with his bass. I can’t believe the kid is finally joining the band, just one more thing we have to work through.

In the beginning I had confidence in Molly, Gerard and myself to make good music that might eventually sell. Once Ray was added and Molly made to sit on a couch and give us constructive criticism I lost a little of that faith. Now I’d be surprised if we all lasted another week.

Gerard sits on the floor tearing holes in paper with his pin. He’s acting like a two year old whose been banished to the corner. She’s just a girl and, as a grown up, Gerard should know there are consequences to his actions.

Down stairs a squeal can be heard and a large amount of giggling. Who did Frankie invite over? Leaving the others I descend the wooden steps, entering the living room.

There is Frankie, Frank and some blonde girl wearing a black dress that barely covers her ass. At first I assume its Frank’s new girlfriend but when she turns around I can tell its Molly.

Her once black hair is now a blonde color with a black underside and green streaks around her face, eyes still bright and full of life, “What happened to you?”

Molly smiles, hugging me, “I needed a change, where’s Gerard?”

“Um…follow me,” I mumble leading, Frank, Molly and Frankie up to my attic.

Her skimpy little black dress, those combat boots, her new hair and piercings, it all screams punk. Sure now maybe she looks a little more girlie but Molly is definitely still a punk. What I want to know is what brought on all these sudden change? Beside Molly, Frank stands awkwardly, his back pockets of his jeans, eyes on the ground.

Stomping over to Gerard, Molly places her hands on his shoulders, “Don’t you ever yell at me again Gerard Arthur Way.”

“Never again baby, I promise,” Gerard answers before the two collapse into each others arms.

It’s nice, I guess, that those two are good; Molly’s fun to have around. Then again if Gerard hadn’t been such an asshole last night we wouldn’t have lost an entire day of rehearsal. I just hope both of them have their shit together now.

“I’m sorry, I was drunk,” Gee continues, his arms still around his girlfriend’s tiny waist.

Molly shrugs before reaching out for Frank’s hand. He smiles, walking over and grabbing Molly’s newly tattooed fingers. I’ve never seen two friends closer than Molly and Frank.

“Frank might have gotten us a place to play,” Molly says. “I gave him a CD of our attic demos.”

Gerard looks shocked, “You’re fucking with me right?”

Molly shakes her head no, smiling at all of us. This is huge. We’ve got maybe four complete songs, three more in the making. Are we really ready to play a gig?

“Hey,” Frank says dropping Molly’s hand. “I have to go but I’ll call you when the date is confirmed.”

Molly nods and out walks to guy who could possibly get our band known.
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