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What do you say we leave to California?[1/?]

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Sorry I'm writing it really slow, I'm sick. Alright with this part I know that the name doesn't make sense yet, but it will in part 2.

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Mikey POV:

I woke up at exactly one minute before 7. Making it seem that much more worse. Don't ask me how, I'm not even really sure myself. I was meeting Frank around one today, so I had plenty of time to get shit done. Haha "Get shit done" sounded like I actually had something important to do with my time. Not really. Just playing bass and maybe taking a shower. I don't know.
I looked at my phone, seeing if I had any texts. Seeing that I didn't, didn't surprise me. No one, besides Gerard, had texted me before I met Frank. Sad right?
I decided to stop that thought. I laid down and started at my ceiling.

Skipping ahead to 12:30
"Dude get the fuck up." Gerard's voice broke through my sleep.Wait, I'd fallen asleep?
"What time is it dude?" I asked as I sat up and rubbed my eyes.
"12:30, now get up. We have to go." Gerard said walking out of my bedroom door hastily.
"LET ME GET DRESSED, ASSHOLE." I shouted to my brother.
He stuck his head in, "You've got 5 minutes."

Without saying another word he stepped out. I heard his footsteps down the stairs.
I hurried up and shuffled through my clothes and found a pair of black skinny jeans and a "Mid Town" jacket. Screw wearing a shirt, I won't be taking this off anyway. I hurried up and put them on and added a beanie to hide my unbrushed hair.
Right as I started to open my door Gerard called "1 MORE MINUTE."
I hurried down the steps, because there wasn't a doubt in my mind that he would leave my ass behind in a matter of seconds.
"Shit, wait, Gee I forgot my phone!" I said patting my pockets.
He sighed, "Hurry up and get it."
"Thanks Gee!" I ran up the stairs and grabbed my iPod, and phone to see a text from Frank.

The text read,
"Hey Mikey. I hope you don't mind-" shit, was he cancelling? "-but I have an idea of what we can do."
Before I texted back, I ran down to were Gerard was.
We walked to the car in silence. When we got in Gerard turned on The Misfits and didn't say anything until about 5 minutes into the drive.

"You don't usually socialize unless you're made to, whats up with this whole hanging out with him? Usually if someone invites you over you say no." He glanced over at me, then back to the road.
"He didn't invite me over." I said in a small voice.
"Whoa, you asked HIM to hang out? You feeling sick Mikes?" Gerard joked.
"Oh yeah, totally." I looked out the window, not wanting to hear his bullshit.
"I was just kidding!" Gerard said defensively.
"Just drive." I didn't look away from the other cars and trees passing by.
"Alright, Mr. Pissy pants. I was just kidding. Good luck getting Frank to date you with an attitude like that."
I turned my head in his direction to see that he was staring at the road like I had told him.
"Wait, why do you think I want Frank to date me?" There was an edge of embarrassment in my tone, and an edge of violence.
"You asked him to hang out.. Mikeyway doesn't do that shit." Gerard laughed.
"Well maybe I wanted a friend, is that so hard to believe?" I snapped.
"Very hard to believe."
"Fuck you." I was thankful I had brought my iPod. I plugged it in and pulled up my hood, burrowing into the seat, closing my eyes.

Skipping ahead 20 minutes to being at Franks house

I heard a tapping on the window. Who would tap on the window?
When I opened my eyes I was in the car. Wait, what time was it? I don't remember getting dressed, or even getting in the car. I looked at the window to see Frank looking in at me. When he saw me staring he backed up so I could open the door. It took me a second to actually realize that.

When I stepped out of the car I scratched my head.
"What time is it?" I asked, groggily.
Frank took out his phone and looked, "about 1:30."
"Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't think I'd fall asleep." I really was sorry, he probably thinks I'm a loser.
"It's cool. Amelia said you didn't come, and Gerard didn't actually tell me you were out here until about 5 minutes ago." He shook his head.
"Ah, he's an asshole. Sorry."
"It's okay. Amelia is a bitch."
I couldn't help but agree to that. I liked her but she was a bitch at times.
Frank took out a pack of cigarettes. He took one out and placed the pack back in his pocket. Cupping his hands around the cigarette to get it to light.
"Oh, sorry, you want one?" He looked down at me. I stared up stupidly, not really paying attention.
"Uh, no, thanks though." I stood up and closed the door. "Hey, is it too late for what you had planned?" I really wanted to know what he wanted to do.
He took a drag of his cigarette, "nope, not late at all. Actually it need to get a bit darker out here." letting out a big puff after saying that he continued "What do you want to do until about, eh, 6?"
"I dunno, man. I would suggest walking around but it looks like it's about to snow." I shrugged.
"eh, fuck the snow. I have a heavier jacket you can borrow, though." He turned to walk towards the house.
When we got inside Miller and Gerard were cuddling on the sofa watching a movie. Gerard looked up and smiled "Hey sleepy head." He raised an eyebrow.
"Fuck you, Gerard." I had never been this pissed off at my brother.
"C'mon, Mikey! You looked tired. I was just trying to help.." He pulled puppy dog eyes.
I couldn't be bothered with him. I looked over to where Frank was standing. He was turned to the coat closet, looking for one for me, I suppose.

"What are you doing, shithead?" Amelia said, looking towards Frank.
"None of your business, bitch. Get back to your movie." He hissed, continuing shuffling through, until he walked out with something in his hand. "Found it!" he shouted and smiled at the huge jacket in his hand.
"Aw, coming out of the closet, I see!" Amelia joked.
"Fuck off." He hissed.
"C'mere, Mikey." he said. His cigarette still in his mouth, laying limp.
I walked over to see whatever he was looking at. He was holding a long gray overcoat. He handed it to me.
"Take it, it's warm." he smiled.
"You used to wear this?" I honestly couldn't see him in the item he had just handed me.
"Um, no. It was my older brothers." He looked away awkwardly.
"Mikey, shut the hell up!" Gerard called from the sofa. What was I missing? I listened Gerard and didn't say anything else. Frank pushed the coat into my arms.
"Lets go." He said in a slightly less enthusiastic voice.
Amelia turned around to face us as Frank was stepping out the door. "When are you guys coming back?" she asked.
"Whenever we feel like it." Frank snapped.
"Don't stay out too late, eh. I'm not waiting for you Mikey." Gerard raised an eyebrow.
"I'll drive him home then." Frank said.
Frank grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door before the two could say anything else to make his mood worse. When we got outside he let go. I was a little disappointed, and I didn't know quite why.

"You don't have to drive me home, I can walk." I said in a smaller voice.
"I can drive you, or you can stay the night. I'm not going to let you walk in weather like this." He looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was.
"Alright. So, uh, were are we gonna walk?" I didn't really want to walk, I hated walking. Especially in this fucking Jersey weather.
"I don't know, meh, lets go to.. walmart. It's not that far." He seemed happy once more.
"Alright lets go."

skipping to when they got to walmart
"Not far my ass." I laughed.
"It's not!" He said, and laughed with me.
"Whatever, you're gonna carry my ass back." I joked.
"Alright, deal!" He came over and picked me but, lounging me on his back. "Like this, right?" He laughed.
"Holy shit how the fuck can you lift me up you're a midget!" I'm pretty sure I was bright red from the sudden human contact.
"Watch it fucker, I can drop you." He threatened.
"Don't, dear god." I didn't feel like breaking my tale bone.
"Then apologize." He was laughed, then let me down.
we started to walk around and I realized we didn't have an actual reason to be here

"So what the hell are we gonna do here?" I questioned.
"Hm, I don't know. Buy shit?" He shrugged.
"Eh, I don't have money so no buying shit for me." I laughed.
He didn't say anything, he just started to walk in the direction of the costumes.
"..Costumes?" I questioned.
"Costumes." He didn't answer my question, he just stared at all the costumes like a kid in a candy store.
"Why are we looking at costumes?" Making myself a bit more clear.
"Because we're going to buy some!" He looked up and smiled.
"I don't have any money though." I laughed, he looked cute.
"I'm buying you one." he said like it was an obvious thing.
"But-" he cut me off.
"No buts! I'm buying it and that is final. What do you want to be?" He looked down at the costumes, then to me.
"Eh, I don't care." I shrugged.
"Fine, then you'll get a Jason mask." he smiled and picked it up approvilingly. "Wait, no."
"Why not? You seemed to like it just a second ago." I laughed.
"I have my reasons, don't question them!" he said, putting it down.
"Fine I won't." I laughed.
Frank sat down on the floor, examining all of the lower items.
I stared at how he radiated happiness to whoever was around him. I sat down beside him and we looked through all the costumes for a long time.
"Ooh, this!" he said, pulling out a dracula cape. "Do you like it?" he smiled.
"I love it." I smiled.
"Good, because I'm buying it for you." He smiled and set it beside the costume he had picked for himself. It was a Bob Marley wig/hat combo.
"You don't have to, really." I felt bad that he was spending any kind of money on me.
"But I want to. Lets go buy these so we can put them on and get something to eat."
He stood up and put out a helping hand.

skipping buying the outfit and putting it on
Frank and I were sitting on a bench outside walmart. He lit up a cigarette.

"Where do you want to go eat?" Frank asked.
"Uh, I don't care. I'm probably not going to eat anyway." I shrugged.
"Why aren't you going to eat?" He looked a bit concerned. I was probably imagining that.
"I don't have any money, and-" he wouldn't let me finish.
"Fine then we'll walk back to my house and grab something. By time we're done with that it will be late enough to go." he smiled, standing up.

skipping to when they got to Franks house
Frank opened the door and walked in. I followed.
Gerard and Amelia were still on the sofa watching another movie.
"What the hell are you freaks wearing?" Amelia commented on our halloween-ish attire.
Frank ignored her and went to the kitchen, I,once again, followed.
I heard the sofa make a crunching sound and in come Amelia and Gerard.
"Seriously though. Why are you guys dressed like that?" She eyed us again.
"We didn't have anything to do. So I bought us costumes." Frank raised his head from the fridge to look at her.
"You would little brother." she took a seat at the table. Gerard yawned and sat by her.
"You ready to go home, Mikes?" he looked at me.
"Frank has something planned, so.. not yet." I looked over at Gerard creeping his hand over to Millers hand. He looked back up from her hand.
"Well, I'm leaving soon. If you want a ride home you better stay here."
"He can stay here." Frank looked over from his new spot at the microwave.
"Frank your bed is really small. Gonna cuddle?" Amelia giggled.
"I'll sleep on the fucking floor if I have to." he snapped.
"Sure, alright, whatever. Just buy condoms." Amelia winked, and Gerard laughed.
"Shut your whore mouth, Amelia." He said again.

Frank had retrieved to packages of Pumpkin poptarts and handed me one.
"We can eat this on the way, right? we should get going." He looked outside at the dimming sky.
"Yeah, sure." I stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do.
"Alright, let's go." he walked past Gerard and Amelia to the living room. I followed, as usual.

When we got outside he turned around.
"We're going to be walking on a path by the woods for about 10 minutes. Then we'll be there. If you get scared you can take my hand." He smiled at me.
"Uh, thanks." I probably wouldn't get scared, but I didn't want to say anything.
We started to walk down this road when we turned onto a path were you couldn't see anything but trees.

"Uh Frank, where the hell are we going?" I turned to look at the shorter man.
"You'll see." he looked down at his feet. "We're almost there."
"You aren't going to kill me, are you?" I looked at him seriously.
"Haha no."
After he said that I saw a slight light in the distance.
"We're almost there." He smiled.
I peered at what was ahead.

A graveyard.
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