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What do you say we leave to California?[2/?]

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ooh second part. Short since i'm updating tomorrow.

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My birthday is tomorrow (October 5th) so I'm going to post more then, for like.. a special thing :D

Mikey POV

"A graveyard?" I let out a breathe, "Why a graveyard?" I tilted my head a little bit.
"It's a long story." Frank sighed, turning to look at the darkening sky. The moon shone above.
"I have plenty of time. Gerard's already left, so why not tell me?" I tried to see his face without being too obvious about it.
"I didn't bring you here to burden you with my troubles, Mikey. I just wanted to show you what it looked like at night." He turned to make eye contact at me.
"But I want to know." I poked him in the side, without complete realization of what I had done.
"Maybe some other time." Frank sighed, "lets go sit under the tree." he pointed to the left. I hadn't noticed the tree there. He started walking and I followed. We both sat under the tree, not speaking a single word for a good 20 minutes. Then it started to snow.
"It's snowing." When I said this I could see my breathe in the air. I hadn't noticed that 20 minutes ago.
"Ah, yeah. This place is especially pretty when it snows." He looked to his right to stare at something.
"So, why are we here? I will bug you until you tell me." I poked his leg. "Please tell me Frank!"
I may be quiet, but I'm 15. Being 15 comes with the natural ability to be annoying.
Frank didn't say anything, so I continued to beg and poke until he gave up.

"Fine." He sighed a heavy sounding sigh, "My brother is buried here." He had a pained expression on his face, as if talking about it hurt. "He, uh, he died in a car accident. He was coming home from a party three years ago. The person driving the car was really drunk and ran the car off into the river. His seat belt was stuck so he couldn't get out. But the driver did, and he didn't even try to help." Franks voice filled with anger. "My brother was my best friend. You'd think Amelia and I would be more nice to each other after a loss like that, but we aren't, as you can tell."
He fell silent. I didn't know what to say, but I knew saying something was better than letting what he had just said linger over us.
"I'm sorry, man. That's totally fucked up. Did he get punished?"
"He got a day in jail and his license revoked. Big deal, really." He sighed.
"That fucking sucks. He should have got like.. life, or something. Man, I'd be pissed." I babbled on like an idiot.
"I was. I am. But, I can't control what happened then, as much as I want to."
"He's in a better place, though. He's still looking over you. Even if you can't see him." I sounded hypocritical. When my grandmother died I was worse than Frank. I was a mess.
"Yeah, I know." He had on a goofy halfhearted smile.
After that we started talking about anything and everything. The time passed by so fast.
I had told Frank about my parents hitting me, and about my grandmother dying. He had told me about how he would get beat up everyday until he buffed up. We just.. talked about all of our problems. That was pretty nice, I'm not gonna lie.
Silence fell upon us again.

"What time is it?" I turned to Frank.
"9:30." he slid his phone back in his pocket.
"Maybe we should get to your house, I mean, before we freeze out here." I laughed.
"Yeah, good point. It's fucking freezing." He stood up and offered me a hand.
We started walking in the direction in which we came.
"So, do you want to stay the night or do you want me to take you home?" He didn't bother looking at me.
"Stay at your place, if you wouldn't mind."
"I don't. 'Sides, I don't feel like driving anyway." he laughed.
"Good deal, then." I looked over to see him getting out another cigarette. I liked when we smoked. Something about it was.. sexy. I couldn't quite understand what about it was. But then, I didn't like it. I felt that he was giving himself an early death. I wonder what was so good about cigarettes. Why not try.

"Hey, can I have one of those?" I looked at him, pulling away his cigarette.
"Sure, hold on." He got the pack out, grabbing another cancer stick. Sticking it between his lips and lighting it for me. I'm glad he did that, because I had not a shit clue on how to. He handed it to me with a smile.
"Thanks." I stuck the stick between my lips and took in a big breathe, forgetting to let it out I started coughing. I couldn't stop. Frank started patting my back. When I stopped he laughed.

"You've never smoked before, have you?" He pulled his cigarette out of his mouth to laugh more.
"What makes you think that?" I held the cigarette between my fingers, not wanting another coughing fit.
"I coughed like that when I started, too." He kept on laughing. then apologized it.
"So, when we get to my house what do you think about watching scary movies?" he grinned. He had mentioned that he was inlove with scary movies, earlier.
"Sounds like a plan." I smiled. I personally wasn't one for scary movies but what the hell. It could be fun.
All the conversation had distracted me from the bitter cold.
When we walked into his house the warm air hit me instantly and I felt like I was melting. In a nice way, though. It felt amazing.
"Just sit on the sofa. I'll get some covers." Frank instructed. I took my jacket off and placed it gently on the loveseat, and slipped my shoes right by it. I sat on the sofa and pulled my knees to my legs, hugging them for warmth. Frank walked in with two huge quilted covers, and a big black comforter and set them down on the sofa.
"Hm, I'm gonna make hot chocolate. Want some?" He looked over at me.
"Hell yeah." I smiled. I stood up so I could help him.
We walked to the kitchen and I propped myself against the counter with my shoulder.
"My jeans are fucking soaked, man." I sighed. I'd live, just coldly.
"I have a pair you can wear. I'll get them, hold on. Can you make the hot chocolate while I look?" He smirked.
"Yes, I'm not 5." I laughed.
"What about your shirt?"
"What about it?" the fact that I wasn't.. wearing a shirt was making this awkward.
"Is it wet?" he laughed
"I'm not wearing a shirt."
"You dirty whore!" he laughed. "I'll get you one."
I started laughing.
I turned to the counter were two mugs and hot chocolate were sat out.
I started to poor the chocolate mix in the second glass when Frank snuck behind me and shouted "BOO!"
"SHIT." I said as chocolate powter when flying everywhere.
Frank started laughed uncontrolably. He doubled over he was laughing so hard.

"Help me clean up the mess." I whined.
"I'll clean it up, you go change." He threw the clothes at me.
"Alright. be back in a second."
"Take your time, sunshine!" he laughed.
"Fuck you, Frank."
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