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What do you say we leave to California?[3/?]

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K it's short but i've been busy and there is another one tomorrow. AT LEAST I'M UPDATING, RIGHT?

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Mikey POV:

I returned into the kitchen I hear Thriller playing really loud on the radio. When I glanced in I saw Frank dancing (well attempting to) dance how Michael Jackson did in the music video. He was singing out loud. I stood there, being as quiet as possible. Enjoying the site.
His feet split about shoulder length apart, his right arm raised, and his left arm going in the air back to his hip. Sometimes he'd stick his but out and wiggle it.
I couldn't contain my laughter anymore. When I giggled Frank turned around.
"How long have you been there?" his face was turning red.
"Long enough." I laughed. Well, giggled.
"God, that's embarrassing." He turned back to the hot chocolate.
"no, it was cute." I mumbled under my breathe. Part of me hopes he heard it, part of me hopes he didn't.
"What'd you say?" He turned to face me a little.
"What? Nothing. You must be imagining things." I laughed nervously.
"I swear you said something." he raised an eyebrow.
"Hm.. nope. Don't think I did!"
"Whatever, Way. I'll find out."

I hadn't realized how comfortable we had gotten with each other tonight. I was being completely open and comfortable with him. I never do that with anyone. This was all.. new to me.

"So, fucker, what're we watching?" I glanced over at him.
"I was thinking When a stranger calls first. What do you think?" he winked at me.
"That's not scary!"
"Aw do you want something super scary so you can cuddle with me?" He laughed
"Shut your face, asshead." I mumbled under my breathe.

Then it hit me.
I liked him. I liked Frank fucking Iero. I know I had just met him, but we had been spending a lot of time together. He's not like anyone else I've ever met.
I need to tell someone..
But who? I guess I'd have to tell Gerard and hope he wouldn't open his big fat mouth.

Frank and I were positioned on the sofa, both holding our hot chocolates cautiously. The way we were sitting was awkward. We were both bundled up in the covers, trying to get warm from staying in the freezing cold so long. There was about an inch between us. The silence was kind of killing me.

"This shit is boring." I looked at Frank.
"I know but I can't find any of the good shit. I guess Amelia has it in her room, or something." He shrugged.
"Remind me to kill her tomorrow. This shit is so dull." I whined.
"You know.. you're talking a lot more now than before."
"I know. Did you drug me, Iero?" I laughed.
"Maybe." He said seriously. Then a few seconds later he started laughing hysterically.
We didn't talk much after that.

skipping head to 3:30AM
I opened my eyes to see a dark room. I felt arms wrapped around my waist. I looked up and I saw Frank. Sleeping peacefully. His breathe hit my forehead a bit. He was adorable when we was cute.
I stopped all thoughts on how cute he was..
How did we get like this?
I don't think that he would purposely pull me that close to him.. I mean, would he?
I decided not to let that thought bother me until tomorrow.
I looked up, trying not to move so much, to see that we were fully covered under all three blankets. No wonder it was hot. But I didn't mind. Look where I was.
I just laid my head back down, in the crook of his neck. Inches away from his lips.
I fell back asleep, without any issues.
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