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Vampires, Witches and Something Called Love

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Two clans, three witches, one girl who happens to be the key to everything they've been searching for. (Story I had you audition for)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2011-09-30 - Updated: 2011-10-01 - 1114 words

We're creatures of the night,
We're creatures of the night,
Searching in the darkness, running from the day
Hiding from tomorrow, nothing left to say
Gathering up our courage, ready for the fight
Howling in the shadows until we start to bite

Silvery rays filter through the nearly bare treetops, illuminating the dark, leaf scattered forest path. A wind rushes around me, picking up a few of the browning leaves and depositing then further into the blackness surrounding me. Shivering a little I continue on, not nearly as frightened as I should be. Everyone in town calls me crazy for venturing in here; these woods kill people.

Pulling on the already stretched out sleeve of my sweater I try and cover my recently acquired cute even more. I hope the smell of the drying, metallic liquid doesn’t draw any of them out. Not all of these night creatures are as friendly as the one that I seek. To him I’m a companion, to them I’m food.

As I allow my mind to wander the tip of my boot catches on a root, throwing me to the ground. Quite annoyed with myself, I stand, dusting the dirt and leaves from my sweater. I don’t remember walking this far into the woods yesterday. Forcing my worries to the back of my mind I push onwards.

Another five minutes and I stop. If he wants to see me he’ll find me. Taking out my little red lighter I let it lick the end of my cigarette, pulling the smoke into my mouth, holding it for a second then let it flow out my nose and mouth. Somewhere behind me a twig snaps but I refuse to let myself look. If one of them wants to kill me I’d rather not know its coming.

Cold fingers brush the curly red hair off my neck, causing me to shiver with fright. I should have just staid home. I don’t have to see him tonight, it really isn’t necessary. Instead of trying to get away, something I know would prove to be impossible, I sit still as a statue willing my dark haired angel to come through the trees.

Suddenly soft lips make contact with my exposed neck, sending my heart into over drive. There’s no point trying to not be afraid, these creatures are dangerous. I silently curse myself for being stupid enough to think he would actually want to see me again.

“Am I scaring you my pet?”

Sighing, I allow myself to relax, rejoicing at the sound of his soft, velvety voice. Gently tugging on his exposed fingers I let him know I want him to sit. Complying, my monster dressed in black plops down next to me, reaching for my half finished cigarette. As he smokes I slip off one of his black, fingerless gloves, putting it on.

“Are you bleeding?” he asks after a few minutes, letting the cigarette butt drop to the leaves.

“Can you smell it?” I wonder aloud, scooting just a little closer to him. “Frankie, are there others out there who can smell it?”

He sighs, rolling up my sweater sleeve, his fingers causing goose bumps to rush up my pale forearm. Frank’s pinkie traces the dirty cut, his full lips pulling into a frown.

“Who did it?” he asks, his striking green eyes flashing with anger.

“I’m not at liberty to say,” I answer trying to pull my sleeve down but he doesn’t let me. Instead his lips meet my arm, tongue sliding over the wound. It’s weird. I don’t understand the whole thing but when Frank finally lets go the wound is clean, and on its way to healing.

“Thanks,” I mumble pulling my sleeve back down covering the cut. “Sorry.”

Frank looks confused, “What for pet.”

Moving just a tad bit closer to him I can’t bring myself to make eye contact, “I actually don’t know why.”

Frankie’s laugh mixes with mine, “You taste like roses and dirt.”

Scrunching up my nose I move away from him. I really didn’t want to know that. Curling up I pull my knees to my chest arms wrapped around myself rocking back and forth. I glance up at Frank from under my eyelashes. He isn’t there. Did I upset him?

Jumping to my feet, I turn in circles trying to find him, “Frankie, Frank, where did you go?”

Almost as if on cue he is in front of me, his hand extended, a soft smile on his face, “Don’t worry I’m not going to bite you.”

Rolling my eyes I laugh, taking his hand, the two of us disappearing into the darkness that is the forest. It doesn’t seem as terrifying with Frankie by my side.

Trudging along, my hand still clasp in Frank’s I attempt to avoid the roots that grow up out of the ground. The mud squishes under my boots, the bottom of my jeans probably soaked. Normally I don’t mind the tangled paths of the forest but after it rains the walkways become soggy.

Frank, the graceful creature he is, strides forwards, never once looking down or stumbling over a root. Envious of his power to not fall, I try to imitate him. This of course only causes me to stumble, strong, leather covered arms catching me just before I hit the ground. Scowling, I silently curse myself for being so clumsy.

Suppressing a laugh Frank wraps his arms around me, making moving impossible; “You’re adorable.”

“Yes, let’s all laugh at the clumsy human,” I grumble though I’m not at all mad at him.

“Come on, get on my back, I’ll carry you,” Frank says.

Clambering onto his back I grasp his shoulders, my legs locked around his waist. Frank’s muscular arms go under my butt to help hold me up. Frankie continues on as if he isn’t carrying around 100 extra pounds on his back.

Leaning my head on my hand I lightly lay kisses on his exposed neck, wondering just how much the scorpion tattoo hurt when it was getting inked on.

“Down we go,” says Frank as we enter the clearing where the house sits.

Finally, I’m home.

Author's Note: Song lyrics at the beginning are from Creatures of the Night by Kiss in case you wanna know. I'll probably start most chapters with song lyrics that kinda go alone with the chapter. Don't forget to review, it's the only way for me to know if you guys like the story. Happy reading :)
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