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Fall Asleep or Die

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Kat is brought 'home.'

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And I can't make it on my own.
Because my heart is in Ohio.
So cut my wrists and black my eyes.
So I can fall asleep tonight, or die.

As the heavy oak front door is pushed open my nose is assaulted by the smells of burning wood, cinnamon and one of those stupid air fresheners that is meant to mask the smell of cigarette smoke but it hardly ever works.

Walking into the living room I sit myself down on the arm of the brown leather sofa, letting the fire warm me. You never really realize how cold it is outside until you get into a warm house. From my position I can see someone at the stove. They must have known I was coming.

“I don’t want you wandering around in the forest anymore by yourself Kat,” Frank says sitting down and pulling me into his lap, gently kissing my neck.

“I’m a big girl Frankie, I’ve been in these woods plenty of times before,” I respond bracing myself for what is about to happen. It never hurts that much when the fangs go in it’s just when they have to come out.

Instead of biting Frank kisses my neck, laughing a little, “I’m not gonna bite you pet. I’ll let you eat first.”

Damn vampires and their abilities to read minds. Leaning back, I let Frank wrap his arms around my waist. As he attempts to steal back his glove I watch another one of the others residing continue to work on whatever is cooking. Sometimes I feel like I’m just a bother to them.

“They were out there tonight weren’t they, you didn’t hit the twig with your foot,” I announce. Frank should know I’m not as simple minded as he assumes most humans are. I’ve always been one to pick up on things rather quickly.

“Yeah, they were. I got there just before Bert did,” Frank admits, stroking my hair.

Bert, I’ve only seen him once before but I’m not fond of him. Then again he was trying to eat me; without Frank’s help I probably wouldn’t be here. So perhaps the woods I’d grown up exploring aren’t as safe as I’ve come to believe. I can’t just abandon them though, these old trees are my family.

“Frank come get your human some food,” a dark haired girl calls before walking away, a door slamming a few seconds later.

Groaning a little, Frank pushes me off his lap, going to grab the pot off the stove, getting a fork for me as well. I pick at a string coming out of my sweater. I’m really just imposing. These vampires lived semi-normal lives before I can along. In a few short weeks I’ve managed to screw everything up.

“No you haven’t, so stop thinking that way. Most of them just aren’t used to having a living person around. Some of them have a harder time resisting the blood than others; it’ll be okay,” explains Frank handing me the pot of mac n’ cheese before sitting back down.

“You might as well just take it, I know you’re uncomfortable,” I mumble taking a tiny bit of the cheesy pasta.

Frank kisses my cheek turning on the television and flipping quickly through the channels. I don’t quite understand why they own a TV if no one watches it but I’m assuming it has something to do with appearing more human.

“Or maybe we like movies,” Frank offers up.

“Dammit, stay out of my head,” I say, my words a little harsher than I meant for them to be. “Sorry.”

Instead of snapping back at me, Frank grabs my arm, gently sinking his teeth into the cut, not drinking and then pulling them out. Wincing a little I give him a confused look but continue to eat. Frankie mumbles something under his breath but I hardly pay attention; it doesn’t really matter.

“How long had you been wandering around in the woods before I got to you?” Frank asks as I sit the now almost empty pot on the ground. “Don’t lie to me either.”

Glancing sideways at him I groan inwardly, “Since twelve this afternoon. I skipped school. Why are you so worried about me?”

Frank’s eyes close, the even rise and fall of his chest stopping completely. I can tell he is thinking, probably trying to figure out how to explain things without confusing me, “I just don’t want you getting hurt alright.”

“Sure, whatever,” I grumble as Frank gently kisses my neck.

Tilting my head to the side, I allow him better access to vein he seeks. His tongue slides over my skin, teeth nipping just a little bit. I moan as he slides his hand so as to hold me to him. Just then the fangs pierce my skin. Closing my eyes I try not to think about it. Yeah, it’s weird that I’m used for food but I’m fully aware it’s the only way to keep him alive.

About ten times later, Frank grabs my hand; squeezing a little as he pulls his sharp canines out as quickly as he possibly can…it still hurts. Trying not to show it I let my hair fall in my face as he kisses the tender part on my neck a few times.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers letting me rest my head on his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

“You’re just keeping yourself alive,” I mumble, the room going just a little bit fuzzy. “Frankie I’m tired.”

He kisses my forehead, stroking my hair, “Sleep, I’ll keep you safe.”

Content and a little light headed I allow myself to shut my eyes, slipping into a sleep haunted by a girl running through the forest and a man with long black hair.

Author's Note: Well, here's another chapter. Hope you all like it. Title/Lyrics at beginning are from the song Ohio is for Lovers by Hawthorne Heights.
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