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All These Things I've Done

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"We don't have that much time." Frank's POV

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Another head aches, another heart breaks
I'm so much older than I can take
And my affection, well it comes and goes
I need direction to perfection

Blackness. Although it envelopes me night after night it never brings the comfort I so desperately yearn for. Another drink slides down, ebbing the urge to rip the sleeping girl’s neck open and lap up the blood. Normally I would, I’m not the kind of vampire who keeps his prey alive very long. Yet, there is something about the red head that interests me; preventing me from killing her.

Gerard has told me its cause I like her; how can you have feelings for someone if your heart doesn’t beat? Gee has this theory about humans and vampires. He says that when a vampire finds his human mate he comes alive again. Not physically but mentally, said vampire will think and feel like a human male. Gerard is full of shit. Just because it happened for him and Ash-lee doesn’t make it true. So I like being around Kat and I find her attractive, that doesn’t mean she’s my ‘mate.’

A rustling for the bed causes me to snap back to attention, flying to stand by the head board. Her eyes are still closed, head thrashing back and forth as if she’s fighting something off. Suddenly her soft pink lips open, a small whimper escaping along with a few other words I don’t catch.

“I wonder if she’d find it weird that you watch her sleep,” Gerard says from behind me, a lit cigarette held between his lips, Ash-lee standing there in her signature short shorts, bright pink tights and a Fall Out Boy shirt.

“I’ve never thought about it,” I reply still standing next to the bed. It’s not that I don’t trust Gerard, the guys my best friend, but he enjoys his blood. I can’t leave Kat alone with him unless I’m positive he’s fed.

“Interesting. I’m sure she’d be uncomfortable with it,” Gee continues and I can tell he’s just trying to piss me off. I’ll try my best not to let it get to me.

“You don’t even know her, Gerard,” I reply sitting down next to Kat, her hand somehow finding mine.

“That’s cute,” mumbles Gee before walking out of my room.

Ash-lee stands there, looking at me with those piercing green eyes of her. I hardly ever talk to Ash. Normally she’s busy sucking face with Gerard or out running raids on the clan that shares the woods with us. She’s soft spoken and quiet nerdy, rattling off facts that no one else would even think to remember.

“He’s not had much luck with hunting lately,” Ash-lee says, sitting down on the brown, fuzzy carpet that covers part of the rich wooden floors.

“Did you catch up with Bert?” I ask, stroking Kat’s hair.

“No, the bastard crossed over the dividing line before we caught up. Their witch has too many spells and with Ari still injured we can’t do much,” answers Ash-lee.

“How much longer till she’s better?”

Ari had managed to get herself injured last raid we had. A spell went wrong, hit a tree and bounced back at her. Our witch has been lying in bed ever since. Although most of her skills have returned and body functions kicked back in, Ari is still weak. Even with special powers witches take a long time to recover, especially from a magical attack.

“The others want her to heal on her own. We can’t risk giving her blood. If she’s dies we’d have a new born vampire on our hands and that just wouldn’t do.”

Sure, new born vampires are a hassle, blood crazed and strong. Then again if you manage to train them most snap out of the ‘teenage angst’ rather quickly. Left alone like Gerard and I they never quiet learn. Although we don’t attack every human we meet our thirst for blood is harder to control that those that had mentors.

“Would her body even accept the blood?” I wonder aloud having never encountered a vampire witch before.

“We aren’t sure. Jasmine predicts Ari will be fully healed in a week, Juliet continues to disagree with her. I don’t know which one’s abilities we should trust. Looking at both we’ve got anywhere between a week to two months before Ari is well enough to go back out again,” Ash-lee explains cluing me in on just how much I’ve missed while following Kat around town.

“We don’t have that much time,” I grumble as Kat stirs again whispering my name in her sleep.

Ash-lee smiles, “She likes you a lot Frank, and you like her, you've just not figured it all out yet. Focus on keeping the human alive and we’ll deal with everything else. Mel says she senses something special about her.”

As Ash-lee stands I flick my eyes back to Kat. She looks peaceful now, my hand held against her pale cheek. There is a definate reason why I’m keeping her alive, but maybe it goes much deeper than any of us could ever imagine. Why else would I have stopped in the little coffee shop that Monday? It’s not my normal routine yet something inside me told me to enter. What, if by some weird work of nature, she’s the one we’ve been searching for, for almost 300 years.

Thoughts continue to fly around in my overly exhausted mind. Slipping my hand out of Kat’s I shrug out of my jacket, remove my shirt and kick off my pants. Once I’m only in my boxers I pull the covers back and crawl in next to Kat, leaving enough space between us so that even is she rolls a little we won’t touch. As I drift into a state of rest I feel a warm body next to mine, soft silky hair on my chest; so much for space.

Author's Note: Hope you like it. I'm rather proud of this chapter but my opinion doesn't count...onyl yours so let me know what you think. Title/lyrics at beginning come form the song All These Things That I've Done by The Killers. Happy reading :)
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