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Chapter Twenty-One

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Colourful Shadow goes back to the base with the guys.

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“We’ve been looking for this stupid key for about an hour now.” I muttered tiredly “I don’t think we’re going to find it.”
“You’d better not give up,” Fun Ghoul hissed fiercely “We’re going to save her otherwise I’ll never forgive any of you.”
“Ghoul, I’m trying… But we don’t even know what this key looks like.”
“I’m guessing it’ll look like a key.” Fun Ghoul said sarcastically “I’m not going to let you give up, okay Kobra?”
“I know you won’t let me give up.” I complained “I really want to save Colourful Shadow too, you think you’re the only one that cares about her?”
“No I just care about her the most.” Fun Ghoul told me with a shrug “Because I love her.”
“The others are going to be worried about us though.” I told him “We’ve got to get a move on.”
“So you can get back to your precious girlfriend?” Fun Ghoul asked, rolling his eyes “Fair enough. Well we’re saving my girlfriend before going anywhere.”
“I know, I know, you’ve told me enough times!” I laughed, checking inside another room.
Suddenly my walkie talkie buzzed “Kobra, we’ve let her out.” I heard my brother say.
I picked it up and talked into it “Meet us in the car then, yeah?”
“On our way there…”
“They’ve freed her!” Fun Ghoul cried, clapping his hands like a small child “Come on, we’ve gotta go and see her!”
Fun Ghoul grabbed my hand and pulled me down the corridor “If BLI catch us they’ll think we’re gay!” I giggled as we ran down the corridor together.
Fun Ghoul laughed “That’s what you’re really worried about? God knows what Lady Madness sees in you…”
We ran out the front doors and sprinted over to the car round the back of the building. Jet-Star was shaking his head and squinting in the bright sun, Party Poison was pacing backwards and forwards waiting for us and Colourful Shadow was shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she waited for us.
Fun Ghoul grinned “Colourful Shadow!” He cried, running to her.
Colourful Shadow turned her head to see him and smiled “Fun Ghoul!”
They both ran into each other’s arms, crying and kissing. It was actually rather disturbing.
Jet-Star sighed heavily “Hey!” He said loudly “Can we get out of here before we all die please?”
“Yeah, we’re coming…” Fun Ghoul complained, taking Colourful Shadow’s hand and walking her to the car.
Fun Ghoul, Colourful Shadow and I all got into the back. Jet-Star sat in the passenger’s seat and Party Poison drove. “So, what happened?” Jet-Star asked Colourful Shadow.
Colourful Shadow took a deep breath “Well I drove back and unfortunately some dracs had seen me leaving the premises with you guys. Luckily they didn’t follow us; they just went running to Korse. By the time he had woken up and they’d all got outside, we were long gone. So when I came back obviously Korse was pissed off. But I refused to tell him where you were, no matter how hard he tried to make me.
“He couldn’t put the chip in my brain either because Korse realised he only knew my first name and I refused to give up my second name. He couldn’t kill me because I was the only one who knew your position. So every day they’d come and torture me for twelve hours to see if they could get me to give up either my last name or your position.
“This has been going on for the past few years… And I didn’t give up either of them. And now I’m with you guys so everything is okay!” Colourful Shadow said, finishing with a grin “Everyone else is okay, right?”
“Yeah!” Fun Ghoul told her “Colourful Shadow had her baby and called it Cherry Explosion. Agent Anarchy had a baby too Professor Black-Blood but he’s a boy.”
“Speaking of becoming parents…” Colourful Shadow said quietly “Lady Madness’ parents were both executed.”
The entire car was silent until I asked “But why?”
“They felt that without Lady Madness around, her parents were useless. So Korse shot them both.”
“How could he?” I burst “How would Korse feel if we shot his parents?”
“I thought he told you all about his past?” Colourful Shadow asked, looking confused.
I thought about it then remember “Oh yeah, they dumped him at an orphanage. So I guess he really wouldn’t care.”
“Do you know what he does once a month?” Colourful Shadow asked us “He picks a random child somewhere out there in the world, whether they’re in BLI or not. Whether they’re faithful BLI workers or don’t even know BLI exists. He chooses a random child and shoots their parents, making them an orphan.”
“He’s ridiculous!” I cried “Oh my god, were me and Party random children? He just randomly chose us to orphan?”
“Yeah,” Colourful Shadow whispered “I know they were both killjoys but Korse keeps a file on every kid he’s orphaned. You two were in that book. Along with Fun Ghoul and Jet-Star.”
“Has he put Lady Madness in the book now?” I asked.
She shrugged “He doesn’t trust me anymore. Not that I blame him, I’m surprised that you guys trust me.”
“Of course we trust you!” Fun Ghoul said quickly, putting his arm round her “I really missed you Colourful Shadow.”
“I’ve missed you too Fun Ghoul!” Colourful Shadow whispered, leaning her head on his shoulder “It’s gonna be great to get away from there. You know, not to get tortured every day.”
“Yeah, I’ll take care of you now.” Fun Ghoul said eagerly, stroking her hair “Are we nearly back yet?”
“Yeah, only about five minutes left…” Party Poison said “You guys can just go downstairs. I’ll park the car.”
Five minutes later, as promised, Party Poison pulled up and we all got out the car. Fun Ghoul put his arm round Colourful Shadow and they walked to the door together, Jet-Star and I following.
We went down the elevator and the moment we stepped out, we heard screams. “Colourful Shadow!” Screaming Revolver cried, throwing her arms round her friend “I’ve missed you so much!”
“I missed you too!” Colourful Shadow giggled “It’s so weird seeing you without a baby bump.”
“You have to see my child!” Screaming Revolver squealed “She’s adorable, she looks just like Party Poison!”
While Colourful Shadow was hugging Agent Anarchy we heard Party Poison call out upstairs. “Help!” He cried “Help!”

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