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Chapter Twenty Two

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“Party!” I yelled, worriedly “Party is everything okay?”
There was no reply. “I have to go see if he’s okay!” I cried, running to the elevator.
Fun Ghoul ran after me “I know he’s your brother.” He said “But he’s my best friend and I want to see if he’s okay too.”
“Well if you two are going,” Jet-Star smiled, running over “Then I’m going too.”
We pushed the up button and went out into the desert. We looked around “Where is he?” I whispered “Should we call his name?”
“BLI must be here.” Fun Ghoul muttered “Probably best if we don’t.”
“But he’s my brother!” I cried “Party!” I cried “Party Poison!”
Jet-Star grabbed my arm “Shut up!”
“No, I’m going to find him!” I yelled, running forward “You know we won’t survive without him!”
“Kobra, you’ve gotta calm down.” Fun Ghoul said, grabbing me from behind and starting to pull me back to the hide out “We’ll go back down and think of a proper plan, okay? Because I think I know what they want in exchange for Party.”
“Oh well done Captain Fun Ghoul!” I screamed as he pulled me into the elevator “How long did it take you to figure that] out?”
“Kobra, I know you’re upset but there’s no point taking this out on me.” Fun Ghoul complained “Now calm down or you’ll wake up the babies. And you’ll worry your girlfriend.”
I immediately shut up. Well I didn’t scream anymore but I still muttered “If it were [/your
brother then you’d be running the desert in search for him.”
“I don’t have a brother so I guess I don’t know what it feels like.” Fun Ghoul replied “But I do know that he’s my best friend and that although I’m not as passionate as you it kills me inside to know that BLI got him. But we’re going to save him Kobra. We always save the day, don’t we?”
We stepped out of the elevator to find the girls standing around in a semi-circle to greet us “Well?” Colourful Shadow asked “Is he okay?”
“We think BLI got him.” I told them “He wasn’t out there when we got upstairs. Not that these two would let me search for him.”
“Well, we’ve gotta go get him!” Lady Madness cried “If we go now…”
“That’s the thing.” Fun Ghoul interrupted making us all jump “We think we know what they’re after.”
“Well, what?” She asked, not knowing what he was hinting at.
He took a deep breath “Well… You, of course.”
Lady Madness blinked at us then said “Alright, I’ll go back.”
“No you can’t!” Screaming Revolver cried “Do you not read the newspaper? Korse has found a new wife. He’ll execute you and won’t marry you!”
“I don’t care!” Lady Madness told her, starting to cry “How am I supposed to live knowing that I’m the one who made Kobra lose his brother?”
“We’re not handing you over!” I said firmly, walking over to her and wrapping my arms round her “We’ll save Party ourselves. You and the girls can just stay here, don’t even get involved.”
“Oh hell no!” Screaming Revolver said “I’m sick of just waiting around. I want some action. Right now.”
“Me too.” Agent Anarchy muttered “It’s so boring down here. Once we’re all safe then I agree we should stay hidden. But I want to help save Party Poison, okay?”
“What about the kids?” Jet-Star asked “I mean we can’t just leave them here alone.”
“We’ll stay and look after them.” Colourful Shadow said happily “I just got back from BLI and I’m in no hurry to get back.”
“Yeah me and Colourful Shadow will stay here.” Lady Madness grinned “You’ll be okay, won’t you Kobra?”
I smiled at her “Of course I will.” And then I added so softly that only she could hear me “I love you Jenna.”
“I love you too Mikey.” She whispered back “Stay safe!”
“I’ll try.” I replied, giving her a quick kiss before returning to the elevator “Fun Ghoul, plan of action?”
“As usual…” Fun Ghoul giggled “We have no plan of action! We’ll just do whatever feels natural!”
“Sounds like fun.” Screaming Revolver nodded “And just in case I don’t make it back… Lady Madness you can be my baby’s Mother.”
“And Colourful Shadow can be mine.”
“You’ll be fine.” Lady Madness said “Once you’ve got Party Poison, he’ll know what to do.”
We all climbed into the elevator and went upstairs “Who’s gonna drive?” I asked.
Jet-Star pulled the keys out of his pocket “I’ll drive.”
“You promise he’ll be okay?” I asked as we piled into the back of the car “I mean… He won’t be… Dead?”
“Of course he won’t be dead!” Fun Ghoul snapped “Party will be just fine so stop worrying about it.”
We drove in silence all the way to BLI, all of us repeating Fun Ghoul’s words in our heads. Hoping and praying that Party Poison would be okay.
Jet-Star pulled up outside BLI and climbed out of the car. The rest of us piled out too and looked at the building “I think maybe we should split up.” I whispered “All of us. No going in pairs. We want to save Party Poison, right?”
The rest didn’t bother to argue with me, they just nodded. We all walked inside and started off down different corridors. To calm myself down I began singing under my breath “I’ve got a bulletproof heart.” Singing the same line over and over again.
Suddenly I heard a loud cry from a room “Your stupid friends are here!” I heard Korse yell “Just wait till they see you like this.”
I quickly hid in a small gap in the wall. BLI is filled with random gaps that are great for hiding places. We’ll never know why they were built there.
I watched and waited until Korse came out of the room with his ray gun held up in case he spotted a lurking killjoy in the corridor. I held my breath and squeezed myself as far back into the gap as I could get, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I held my breath until Korse had walked past me. I dared take a breath and edged out into the corridor “Party…” I muttered, getting closer to the room “Party, is that you?”
“Kobra?” I heard a voice choke inside.
I pushed open the door and ran inside the room. “Party, you’re bleeding…” I whispered, going near him “What happened?”
“Korse stabbed me!” Party cried “Kobra, come here…”
I knelt down next to him then suddenly sobbed and threw my arms round him, cradling him “Party, please don’t die!”
“It’s not… Something… I can help.” He gasped “Mikey…” He was using my real name “Could you… Do something… Or two… For me?”
“Anything!” I cried “Anything you ask!”
“Tell… Screaming Revolver… That I… Love her…” He whispered “And… Cherry Explosion… Tell her… That… Her Daddy… Loves her…”
“I will.” I whispered, starting to cry “I’ll tell her that her Daddy died saving the world.”
“I… Love… You Mikey.” Party told me “I…”
He never got to finish his sentence. He died right in my arms while I cried harder, bending over and sobbing into his chest.

[A/N] – That chapter just KILLED me to write :(
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