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Basically auditions!

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    (#) MCRnA7xlover 2011-10-07 06:46:02 PM

    Name:Angela Rios
    Personality:very bubbly, hyper, shy, self esteem issues
    Adopted by: (Also, if you want to fall in love with someone else, list it here!): Jen and Mark Smith and may i fall in love with frank?(it's cool if you say no)
    Style: (Like outfits and such)mostly punk rockish, band shirts, skinny jeans, high top converse
    Likes: playing guitar, singing, chocolate, wrestling
    Anything Else:she is spanish she also speaks a little bit of italian

    (#) AgentKilljoy 2011-10-07 06:59:54 PM

    Name: ven Frain

    Personality: Very upbeat. outgoing after you get to know her. at first she is shy. a totoal comic nerd

    Adopted by: (Also, if you want to fall in love with someone else, list it here!) (if by MCR) then Mikey

    Style: (Like outfits and such): Only wears skinny jeans or short shorts. tank tops or and tees. all star converse.

    Likes: to draw. sing. read

    Dislikes: shitty people. jocks. snobs. sunny days. hot weather

    Anything Else: can sing and play guitar

    And if you want, please list who Mel should be adopted by: Gerard

    (#) AgentKilljoy 2011-10-07 07:00:25 PM

    Sorry meant Aven Frain

    (#) InfamousWayDown 2011-10-07 07:14:52 PM

    Name: Autumn Hyatt

    Personality: Quiet. Can be overly nice. I get walked on a lot, and I can't really stand up for myself. Unless I'm really hurt. i get hurt easily. I don't really like to talk to my past, unless I really trust you. I only trust like 2 people, and go to them for everything.

    Adopted by: (Also, if you want to fall in love with someone else, list it here!) Mikey (for both)

    Style: (Like outfits and such): Short shorts and band t-shirts or button ups. I don't wear anything except Converse. I have reddish skin, my eyes are dark brown, and my hair is a mix between dark brown and dark red. And I have turquoise glasses that I need like I need air, but sometimes I forget to wear them.

    Likes: to talk in random accents, though her southern one normally takes over. making up new words. drawing tattoos on people with sharpies. Snow. Leaves. Her friends.

    Dislikes: Hate. Loud people.

    Anything Else: I play violin, guitar, and I act like I can play drums. >.< Vegetarian. I can draw.

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-10-07 07:16:07 PM

    Name-Jasmine Price. Personality-Nice, shy around crushes, smart, gives good advice, has a dorky side, has a sense of humor, curses alot, gets pissed off easily, has a hard punch for a girl, creative, hyper as fuck if you give her soda or coffee, and a party animal. Adopted by-Gerard and can I please have a romance with him. Style-its girly/punk rockish. She would wear band shirts, hoodies, fingerless gloves, skinnys and converses. Also sometimes a solid colored tee, skirts and fishnet tights, glovelettes, and knee high boots. Also always wears a silver heart shaped necklace for good luck. Looks-long straight dark brown hair with purple highlights, dark brown eyes that always show emotion, pale skin that tans easily, always has black nail polish on, is 5'4 and really skinny. Likes-listening to music, Jeff Dunham, drawing, singing and dancing. Dislikes-sluts, really annoying people, mondays,people making fun of her, needles, and the grudge. Anything else-can play piano, sings really good, and loves roses.

    (#) midnight_star22 2011-10-07 07:45:30 PM

    Name: Skye Ross

    Personality: She is very outgoing, loves to play pranks and hang out, and just an all around fun person. She'll brighten your day even if she can't brighten her own. She tends to create awkward situations because she just blurts out things sometimes..And she doesn't show if she's upset. She just plays with her hair and keeps her hands busy so she won't hurt the person that upset her.

    Adopted by: (Also, if you want to fall in love with someone else, list it here!) Gerard, but no love interest

    Style: (Like outfits and such) Mostly band tees and every once in a while a flowy floral shirt, shorts or skinny jeans, and converse. purple converse to be exact since its her favorite color (: her red hair is usually straight, or up in a bun. The only makeup she wears is black eyeliner and mascara to make her baby blues stand out. Her bottom lip is pierced on the left side. Her nails stay black, though. It's her other favorite color since she was abused by so many foster parents, its the only colors she loved for some odd reason. She's tall for her a 16 year old girl, 5'8!

    Likes: food..(: music, drawing, writing, playing bass, and singing.

    Dislikes: homophobes, spiders, clowns, and stupid people

    Anything Else: She loves painting and is really good at it!


    (#) midnight_star22 2011-10-07 07:47:43 PM

    OH! And Mel should be adopted by Mikey! (: let me know if you need any help and i'll be glad to help!!

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-10-07 08:04:01 PM

    And I think Mel should be adopted by Mikey

    (#) AgentKilljoy 2011-10-07 09:54:41 PM

    If Mikey adopts Mel

    can I be adopted by Ray?

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-10-07 11:25:46 PM

    ~jumps up and down waving hand in air~ I WANNA BE ADOPTED!!!! I WANNA BE ADOPTED!!!!

    Name: Frankie Uma (Frankie is short for Francesca but NEVER call her that unless you want a slow and painful death and i choose Uma as a last name cause i fucking LOVE pulp fiction okay and UMA IS JUST A COOL NAME!!!)

    Personality: Can be funny, random and hyper but very rarely mostly a rebel and a badass, hates being told what to do, very VERY tough, but a good friend, trustworthy, will take any secret to the grave, can be a bit over-protective of friends who she sees as family, cracks her knuckles a lot it gets stiff otherwise and she doesn't always realize she's doing it, also tilts head to the side a lot trying to click neck, sometimes works sometimes doesn't

    Adopted by: (Also, if you want to fall in love with someone else, list it here!) Gee or Frank please and can she fall in love with Frank please?

    Style: (Like outfits and such) either wears her favourite slytherin t shirt, or a harry potter one, battered black leather jacket, skin-tight black leather trousers, knee high, high heeled black leather boots, black and silver studded belt, wears a black necklace with 2 crucifixes and a skull, likes gothic styles, wears black nail varnish all the time, quite tall, 5'7, anorexic skinny (but if you call her that she'll kill you in your sleep), very pale and emphasizes this by wearing chalk white foundation, wears tons of black eyeliner

    Piercings: Nose stud, lip ring, 6 piercings in each ear, monroe piercing, eyebrow piercing

    Tattoos: ~cracks knuckles~ this might take a while "Emosexual and proud" on left wrist, "Badass" on right wrist, giant black angel wings covering back with "we are the fallen angels" down the spine in between the two wings, "MCR saved my life" at the foot of back, "Ieroween" across knuckles, "Bookworm" like Frank's, a wedding ring, "Shut up and let me see your jazz hands" on left hip, "I heart Frank Iero" and the heart is actually a picture of a heart over her actual heart

    Hair: Shoulder length, straight black/blue hair, usually down, fringe covers one eye all the time

    Eye colour: Green with a hazel ring around the pupil

    Likes: HARRY POTTER!!!!, energy drink (preferably red bull then she complains that it doesn't give you wings), skittles, coffee, kerrang!, punk/rock/metal/screamo music, physically attached to phone and ipod, drawing, reading, writing, playing guitar, playing bass and singing (but only when she thinks no one is listening, Nyan cat, narwhals, asdf movie, potter puppet pals

    Dislikes: SPIDERS!!!!!! (i have a phobia of them), JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!, the pope (homophobic natzi), the royal family (bloody parasites) and conservatives (english political party who i call 'posh gits'), racism, fascism, homophobia

    I'm sorry if i offend you with my views that i am a atheist, anti-royalist and supporter of labour political party that is just how I've grown up

    Anything Else: English, a cutter and dyselexic (i actually am so i apologize for the spelling mistakes. Thank GOD for spell check)

    Good luck
    Can't wait
    Hope i get picked
    Sorry if it's long i do tend to go on

    Rosie :)

    Author's response

    Haha, your views do not offend me at all! (I only understood about half of those words! ^-^

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