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Chapter 10

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Frank's secret and Gerard's idea

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Chapter 10:


"Okay. I don't do it anymore, but I used to be really into self harm."

Gerard's Point Of View:

"W-what?" I replayed what Frank had just told me in my head, trying to make sure I had heard him correctly.

"I used to cut Gerard. A lot, actually."

I couldn't believe it. I never thought it possible. Obviously, anything's possible, but it had just never been something that had come to mind. I immediately looked at his wrists, which were hidden by his black sweat shit. That;s when I realized how much sense it made. I had never seen Frank without a sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt on. He always had his arms covered. How the fuck had I never noticed that before?

"Can I see?" I whispered. I wasn't sure what else to say. I wasn't even sure if I really wanted to see. But I stuck with it anyways.

"Erm- Gerard, I don't think that's a good idea..." Frank shifted uncomfortably.

"Please?" I asked quietly. Frank sighed and took off his sweatshirt slowly. I could feel my eyes widen and I gasped when I saw the faded scars that trailed down his arms. They were white now, and fairly small, but they existed.

"I also have this one." Frank told me, pulling up his black t0shirt and revealing another scar that ran along his side. This time, I gasped. The cut was much longer. And it looked like it had been pretty deep. it wasn't new looking, but it definitely wasn't extremely old either.

"I did this after my parents caught me and kicked me out."

"What! You did this the day I met you?" I almost shouted.

Frank nodded. I must have had a sad or upset look on my face ecause Frank quickly began to try and comfort me.

"It was before I met you, though!" he said. "Technically, I guess we met the next day since it was after midn-"

"You think I give a fuck about that?" I asked, cutting him off. "It was within twenty-four hours! How long before we met did you do it?"

"Gee, let's just not get into it..."

"How long?" I said again.

"About an hour or so."

"Wh-why?" I asked. It was nearly impossible to miss the unintentional sadness in my voice.

"I was.. I was just upset. I was more upset that I had ever been because of my parents and my ex. I had to get my anger and hurt feelings out. I felt unworthy and betrayed, and I couldn't hold all of that in anymore."

"I'm so sorry Frank." I whispered.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked at the time. His voice suddenly small and sad.

"No, of course I'm no! Why would you think that?"

"You sounded so upset with me. You just seemed so angry." He began nervously playing with his fingers.

"Oh, baby no! I'm not upset with you at all. I'm upset with myself. I should have notice. I should have questioned why you always wore long sleeves and why I've never seen you shirtless. But I didn't even notice! Not until you said anything. And I'm upset with your parents and ex boyfriend for making you feel like that. You shouldn't have ever had to feel that way. You're perfect."

"Gerard. Babe. Stop it. Stop blaming yourself. I'm glad you didn't notice. I'm glad I got to tell you myself before you saw it yourself or anything. Just stop beating yourself up over everything that happened to me in the past."

"I can't help it."

"Try to."

"I'll never be able to think otherwise though."

"I know..." he sighed, giving up.

"I love you." I said. That's when I froze up, realizing what I had just said. Was it too soon?

"I love you too." He smiled at me. I could feel the huge grin on my face. Just before I was able to react, Frank threw himself at me and kissed me feverishly.

"Frankie." I whispered, pulling away from his kisses.

"What?" he asked, biting his lip.

"Not that I don't love kissing you, because believe me, I love it a lot. but it might be a good idea to hold off until tomorrow night."

"Wait- are you saying we can't make out at all until tomorrow night?"

"Not until midnight." I smirked.

"Are you kidding me!"

"Nope." My smirk grew even wider. "But don't worry Frankie. It'll just make tomorrow night better."

"How?" he asked, incredulously.

"Well, i mean, I guess it could potentially make it more anticipated. Like, I don't know. We'll just be more sexually frustrated and want each other more."

"But Gee! I don't want to!" Frank whined.

"Too bad. It'll be worth it in the end."


"Nope. Baby, you only have to wait a little while. it'll be like, a contest, or something. Just don't think about it."

"I think about it whenever I'm around you." he blushed.

"Well, maybe I should leave for the day so that you won't be distracted."

"No!" he shouted. Blushing, he tried to rectify it. "No," he said again, quieter this time. "That's really not necessary Gee."

"Are you sure?" 'Cause I think it might be."

"I'm positive that it isn't. I want you to stay with me all day tomorrow. I promise I won't kiss you untill midnight."

"You're sure you can handle it?"


"Okay then."

"Can I just get one last-" He was cut off by me attacking his lips with my own.

"There." I smiled as I pulled away. And with that, I went downstairs.

So, I know it's a little short, but I am rather proud of myself because I just got two chapters up in one night, regardless of it's length. I'm not sure when I can get the next update posted, but I promise I'll work on it as much as I can. Who's pumped for Gee and Frank sex? it'll either be in the next chapter or the one after it. Not sure yet, but it's coming.
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