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First Time Ever

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Amber fears she's in over her head with the start of school fair.

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I call Frank on Tuesday right after school. I’m not really sure why, maybe I just want to hear his voice or perhaps I simply want to yell at him some more. Either way it doesn’t matter; Frank isn’t home. His mother informs me that he’s out with Devlin but promises to relay the message that I’d still like him to meet up with Garry and I on Thursday. I’d rather Garry not know that Frank and I are fighting.

Still unsatisfied I toss the phone at my door, almost hitting Gerard. My cousin is worried about me. Frank and I never fight like this. Really, Gee has no idea about the actual reason of this falling out. I prefer it this way. I’m afraid that if Gerard finds out I’d lost my virginity to Frank while drunk he’d be disappointed.

“You can’t be mad at him forever,” Gerard says coming to sit next to me on my bed.

“I hate him,” I grumble. “I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

“Amber, you love Frank. Eventually things will work themselves out,” Gee responds, looking at me with those earnest eyes.

“I’m not so sure,” I answer, picking at a string hanging off my denim short. “We both kinda screwed up.”

Gee nods as if he understands, “Want a ride to the fair grounds?”

“Garry will be around in about an hour,” I say, really not in the mood to spend hours out in the hot sun trying to set up stands.

“Alright. Try and keep positive Amber. Things will get better,” Gerard says as he gets up and leaves the room.

“Not this time,” I whisper, “this times things can only get worse.”

Garry comes around after lunch, lumber still piled high in the bed of his truck. We’ve got so much to do in the next two days. It’ll take a miracle to pull this off.

Waving goodbye to Gerard and Mikey I remind then to tell my mother I’d be home late. As president it’s my job to make the fair as good as possible. I’ll probably be out late for the next few days.

Climbing into Garry’s car my ears are assaulted by the rap music my boyfriend is into at the moment. His music preferences change at least once a week. As Garry goes to rest his hand on my thigh I scoot away, moving closer to the door.

“Why won’t you have sex with me?” Garry demands out of the blue as we drive towards the fair grounds.

“I’m just not ready yet,” I explain.

Anymore, even when he’s sober, all Garry talks about is us having sex. Even his hand gestures and touches are sexual. In truth it’s scaring me a little bit but I won’t say anything. Speaking up won’t really do much. I’ll go along with it and hope Garry doesn’t try and force me into anything.

For the rest of the thirty minute drive from my house to the fair grounds by the river Garry and I do not speak. Yet again I’d managed to make things weird. Now that I no longer have Frank as my best friend I cannot loose Garry…he’s all I’ve really got left.

“I’m sorry Garry, I’ll tell you when I’m ready…I promise,” I say as we unload lumber.

Garry sets his piece of wood down, coming to stroke my cheek, kissing me gently, “I know Amber, I’m sorry I asked.”

Nodding, I give him an awkward one armed hug before carrying the long piece of wood over to the entrance of the fair; a small ticket booth used last year. I’m glad the school didn’t get rid of it. Standing up properly I look out at the large concrete area. Thank God the games and rides arrived yesterday. All that’s left to do is put the prizes in the game booths, make sure the ferris wheel is working, and finish up the dunk tank. Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot there are at least 100 game stations to fill, if the ferris wheel doesn’t work I’ve got to find something else and right now our dunk tank looks like a house in shambles. Maybe I am trying to make this too big.

I feel Garry’s arm snake around my waist. Leaning against him I sigh…we are in this way too deep.

“Don’t get overwhelmed babe. We’ll get it done,” Garry reassures me before kissing the top of my head and moving the wood to our very sad excuse of a dunk tank.

Suddenly, Liz appears in front of me, “Hey Amber, the prizes are here. Do you want us to start stocking the booths while you and Garry assemble whatever that is?”

Laughing, I roll my eyes, “That’d be great. Hey Liz, don’t make fun of dunk tank…ever.”

“Not a problem,” Liz answers with a wide smile before hurrying off to tell the others to begin prize distribution.

After four very long hours Garry and I have managed to make a working dunk tank. The water bath is a little small so we’ll have to tell people not to reach out if dunked but other than that it looks really good. I almost can’t believe we did it.

“So all we’ll need to do tomorrow is paint the tank and finish up with the game stations. The ferris wheel works so we don’t need any other rides. Garry, we did it,” I laugh jumping up and down.

My boyfriend smiles at me, kissing my forehead, “I told you we would. How about I take you out for dinner?”

Chewing on my lip I nod. I hadn’t realized just how hungry I really am until Garry said something about food. As my stomach grumbles, Garry crosses the small bridge, parking outside a local burger place.

Sure he’s aware I don’t particularly enjoy meat, but that doesn’t mean Garry isn’t going to enjoy a burger. ‘Marco’s Burgers’ serves a killer black bean burger so I munch on that as Garry jokingly goes on about how good real meat it.

The two of us laugh, signing along to the songs playing over the jukebox. This is how we should be all the time. Unfortunately Garry gets drunk most of the time and then he’s just an asshole. I’m at a point where when Garry gets drunk I can’t be around him. His favorite game is to beat up on me.

“Garry,” I say holding his hand, “Thank you.”

“For what babe?”

“For helping me out so much. I know sometimes I can be annoying,” I respond.

Garry leans across the table kissing my lips, “I love you Amber.”

“I love you too Garry.”

That is the first time I’ve ever lied to my boyfriend.

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