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"It's all your fucking fault!"

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The silence is killing me. I can hardly take it. I want to talk to Amber so bad it’s making me ill. I’ve already thrown up twice this morning. Despite that my mom insists I go to school, claiming its just stress. If only she knew…then maybe she’s have some sympathy.

Pulling myself away from the bathroom I accept the piece of toast my mother holds out for me before exiting the house and getting into my car. I’m actually glad I’ve got a set of wheels; the bus would just be another awkward experience I cannot handle right now. Today Devlin sits in the passenger seat, her hand resting on my knee.

“Frank you look ill, maybe you should go back home,” Devlin suggests as I walk her to third period. Her idea is very tempting.

“I can’t, mom says I have to come to school if I wanna take you out on Thursday,” I answer as my girlfriend kisses my cheek, disappearing into her classroom.

From my spot against the wall I can see Garry and Amber, the muscled boy holding her up against a locker. The red heads eyes are ablaze, her tiny frame shaking like a leaf. He’s hurting her again. Before I can make it across the stream of people Mikey swoops in, pushing an off guard Garry away from his cousin.

I stand rooted to the spot as Mikey hugs Amber, letting her cry on his shoulder. I wish it was me comforting her…that’s the way it used to be. Feeling sick again I make a mad dash to the bathroom, getting into a stall just before I vomit up the toast I’d consumed. Maybe I really am coming down with something.

Stumbling towards the nurse’s office, I knock on the door. I hope she’s not with someone else. I really just need to lie down for a little bit. My lack of sleep over the past two days is finally catching up with me.

As soon as Mrs. Slapp, our school nurse, sees me I’m directed to a cot and told to sleep as long as I’d like.

I don’t awake until ninth period…one period before the end of the day. I can’t believe I’d actually slept through school. Sitting next to me on a little table is some saltine crackers and ginger ale. Eating through half the package I begin to feel better. Mrs. Slapp smiles at me before hurrying over to help two people who had just walked in…Mikey and Amber.

Her soft, pale skin is splotched with purple and black bruises, blood trickling from a gash in her full upper lip. Amber is clinging to Mikey as if he is the only thing keeping her alive. What the hell happened to her?

Keeping quiet I listen as Mikey explains things to the nurse, “I found her down the locker room hallway. I’m assuming they got into another fight, probably about sex. Mrs. Slapp…she said he tired to….”

Mikey trails off, playing with the sleeve of his shirt. What had Garry tried to do? As if beating Amber up isn’t enough, what did he do?

“Go on Mikey,” Mrs. Slapp encourages.

“She said he pinned her up against a locker and tired to force himself on her,” Mikey explains in the kindest way possible.

Unable to stop myself I jump up from the cot, walking around the paper divider and hug Amber. She pushes me away, beating on my chest, tears rolling down her face. I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong.

“This is all your fucking fault!” Amber cries, reaching out for Mikey who moves to stand next to her, Amber’s arms wrapping around him.

“You should probably go home Frank,” Mrs. Slapp says kindly.

Trudging out to my car I feel worse than I had before. She really does hate me. No one in her kind of pain would push a friend away, even if the relationship has been tarnished. I feel a tear fall down my face as I drive home. I don’t even care anymore. Amber is hurt and Garry, a guy who claims to love her, has done it.

Slumping down on my mattress I eventually fall asleep, not awaking again until I hear my alarm go off.

Note: I know it's short but I felt the detail are very important. :)
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