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what could go wrong?

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you skipped downstairs to make some breakfast, smiling all the way to the kitchen. you couldnt believe it! stefan fucking abingdon wants to meet up with you.. AGAIN! you just hoped that nothing would go wrong this time..

you had finished your cereal so you decided to text stefan to ask where and when you are going to meet up, and what you will be doing. a few minutes later stefan texts back. "heey babe!:) its a beautiful day out, so i was thinking we go for a walk in the park? and walk into town? meet me there at 12, and we can get some lunch after?:) xxxxx" awwh hes so adorable, he wants to go for a walk, just you two, you and stefan. so you thought anyway..

it was a few minutes to 12 and you were nearly at the park. you saw stefan sat on a bench with two other people. it was dru and ashley.
you walked towards them with a puzzeled but happy look on your face. "hey (YN)" they all said in sync. you greeted them back the same way and they got up and hugged you, one at a time.
you all walked around the park, around town and in some shops. it'd felt like you had known them forever. you all got on really well taking pictures, laughing and joking about. most of the time you were walking with stefan because he was the one that invited you, he was the one you liked. you knew he liked you to, as he kept holding your hand. but ashley and dru would always make a comment and embarrass you both. "get in there stefan! ive taught you well.." ash yelled whilst laughing at himself. "awwh stefans got a crush on (YN)" dru added. stef would blush and giggle, and you done the same.
you all started to feel pretty hungry, so you decided to go get some lunch. even though it was 4 o'clock so it wasnt really lunch.
you walked into nandos when you saw two familiar faces. SHIT it was zoe and kelly! if they knew you had been with stefan ash and dru all day, without inviting them, they would slice you alive. "shit shit shit." you mumbled under your breath and hid your face. but stefan, ashly and dru all heard you and asked whats happened. "my friends, they're over there!" you pointed to where they were sitting then quickly looked away. "if they knew im with you guys, they probably kill me!" they all looked at them and ashley and dru froze. you were quite confused, then you remembered that they had met them before at school when showed them around. they seemed to hit it off, even though kelly and zoe were in extreme fangirling mode. suddenly you hear two screams. it was kelly and zoe. they had saw you. it was all over now, you had to tell them. "OMGOMGOMG ITS THEM. ITS THE MIDNIGHT BEAST!" ashley started to walk over to kelly and dru quickly followed behind with his eyes locked on zoe.
you all grabbed some chairs and joined them. you sat next to stefan, ashley sat next to kelly and dru sat next to zoe.
they had seemed to have calmed down now, and soon after you were all laughing and joking about. until kelly asked the one question you were trying to avoid. "wait. (YN) why were you with THE MIDNIGHT FREAKING BEAST?!" you started to panic, not knowing what to do! "well.. i.. ermm?" you went bright red! desperately trying to think of an answer. "(YN) was with us because shes my girlfriend." interrupted stefan. "SHIT DID HE JUST SAY GIRLFRIEND?!" you think to yourself. you quickly look up to see stefans adorable brown eyes looking deep into yours. you didnt know what to say, you were lost for words. like you had forgotten how to speak altogether. instead you lent forward and your lips met.
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