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The arrival of bandit lee way

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Bandit enters the world

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"What the...I thought you were getting a few things!"Mikey shouted.
"I thought you were going to put the cot together!"Gerard shouted back.
"We well..uh"mikey stammered in response.
"The instructions are wrong"Ray chipped in quickly.
"Right,okaaay"Gearad said nodding and rolling his eyes.He silently put the
bags in a corner and went over to the cot(pile of wood),knelt down and sighed.
He picked up the instructions and started assembling (or disassembling)pieces
of wood.After a few minutes he noticed the rest of them were staring.
"WHAT?"He shouted.
"Nothing,nothing"Frank muttered.
"Well,if its nothing,you can help me cant you?"Gerard said"Frank you can help
me,Mikey you can put the mobile thingy together"Gerard contiuned waving a piece
of wood at each of them.Gerard looked at ray and smiled saying"Ray you can
put the pushchair together"He said sweetly.
"The PUSHCHAIR?"Ray shouted,Gerard nodded"I thought those came already set up"Ray
asked moving to a rather large box with a pushchair on the front.
"Nope"The three guys said in chorus.Frank,Mikey and Ray stared at their baby item
and said "why do we have to help,she's your kid?"
"Yes,but you asked if you could come round and help"Gerard pointed out.
"Yes,but you know it was just so we could meet her and drink your beer"Frank commented.
"well your here so you can help and she dosent come home till tommorrow"Gerard said
closing the argument.

3 hours later Gerard handed coffee mugs too his friends who were lent against the
wall staring at the living room.The cot was at one side of the room-assembeled-with
the mobile inside it.There was a metal rail behind the cot with tiny,baby clothes on
hangers attached to the rail.On the sinm there were baby bottels washed and sterilised.
And last but not least was the pushchair and babby carrier that Ray had built.
"d'you wanna have a look at the room?"Mikey said coming down the stairs.
"yeah.sure"Gerard agreed.
"You've got paint in your hair"Frank noted as he walked past Mikey, ruffling his hair.
"Just go have a look"Mikey said batting at Franks hand.

The 4 guys walked into the babies room,which had been painted with the Danger Days
colours,1 wall yellow,1 wall green,1 blue and 1 red.The back wall was yellow and had
names on it.At the top in big letters was Bnadit and underneath was gerard and LynZ.
Frome gerards name were Frank,Ray and Mikey.From LynZs name came Jimmy,Steve and Kitty.Underneath Gerard and lynZ's name were their parents.Next to each name was a
"Cool,I like the handprints"Frank said.
"Your prints aren't on it though"Mikey pointed out producing 4 half full tins of
paint"Yellow for Gee,blue for Ray,green for you and red for me"Mikey said handing them their tins of paint and rolling up his sleeves..They dipped their hands in the pint and put their hands on the wall,when the phone rang.

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