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Tell Me Where We Go From Here

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Hazel is a girl who lives in Connecticut with her aunt. Alone and hated. But soon moves to New Jersey and meets some people just like her.

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Hazel’s POV

"Grrph." I hate waking up. Half the time I wish I could never wake up. Seven am, why must you come? I hate a lot of things. Let’s see I hate school(which everyone does), people, my parents, especially my father.
I live with my aunt now in Connecticut, I left my parents house, though they live like 3 streets away and my mother comes down to visit every now and then but I never leave my room.
My room is dark, curtains always closed, door always locked, I can’t have it any other way.
I get up out of my bed and totally regret it, slowly getting the black skinny jeans off my floor and a Misfits tee off my desk. I throw them on and put on some black eyeliner. I straighten my hair, throw on my converses and head up to the kitchen.
My aunt is never up at this time, so I have to make the coffee every morning. Which isn’t a problem because I down coffee like a fish with water. One of the few things I love.
I grab my coffee, black coffee nothing is better than that. Of course it would be raining typical Monday, at least I have my ipod. I walk outside with my ipod blasting Green Day and without an umbrella. Actually I don’t even own one anymore, it got stolen last week by this girl Catie. I hate her. She laughs and harasses me every day, she beat me with the umbrella, I still have the scars on my back. She’s really popular, has a lot of friends and a boyfriend. Me? I have nothing but a desk full of awful drawings, a laptop and comic books. I am an outcast.
I walk up to the dreaded path to the hell hole known as school. I didn’t walk in yet, debating if I should just turn back and go back to my inviting bed but considering I’m already soaked, I’ll just go in.
I walk in seeing the same old teachers, same old faces, same old me. I keep my head down not looking at anyone, until I get to my locker.
"Hey, James."
"Hey Hazel, how’s life today?"
James is my only friend, the only one who understands me.
"Shitty as always, you?"
"Fucking same."
"Shoulda known."
"Ya think?"
James always has a way to make me laugh or smile even if it wasn’t intended to be funny.
"What are you laughing at?"
"I don’t know, you actually expected me to think on a Monday morning. I found it amusing."
"I guess you’re right."
"Damn straight!"
The bell rang.
"James, fuck I hate that sound. It makes me cringe."
"It makes me want to jab knives in my ears."
“Thanks for the image, you skipping P.E?"
"No Hazel, why would I ever?"
Gotta love sarcasm.
"Of course I am, you think I’m stupid?"
Told you.
I closed my locker "Alright see you then."
Time to face first, second AND third period alone. With Catie and her gang...great.
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