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Personalized stories!! :)

by MemoryWolf 15 Reviews

i'm going to try it out , i'm having writer's block now :) just to divert my attention

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/10/13 - Updated: 2011/10/13 - 180 words


  • Personalized stories!! :)

    (#) CosmicCollision 2011-10-13 12:35:47 PM

    Oh no problems! And sorry, we can just change it to Bob and the character is the band's mini assistant/merch person but they end up falling each other, despite the fact they're not supposed to? If you need to change anything else, then go ahead, I hope this is better?
  • Personalized stories!! :)

    (#) XsomeonesaveusX 2011-10-16 06:29:45 AM

    Name:Zoe Warner
    Apperance:Black hair, pale, 5'7", ears pierced, average weight
    Clothes:wears band t-shirts, Skinny jeans, striped hoodies, doc martens
    Eye colour: Baby blue
    Personality: Quite mean, but very loyal once you know her. Gullible, niave and romantic. Typical pisces. Weird
    Likes:Singing, listening to music, writing, reading, facebook, icecream
    Dislikes:Stupid people, Chavs
    About: At a new school, gets bullied and Gerard becomes protective of me :3
    People involved:Realationship with Gerard, friends with rest of MCR and members from The Summer Set.

    Frank You.

    Author's response

    can i not add people from the summer set cuz i dont know their personalities, is that okay?
  • Personalized stories!! :)

    (#) xToxicInsanityx 2011-10-16 06:36:57 AM

    Name: maya
    Age: 13
    Appearance: tall, slender, chin length black hair with a side fringe and blonde streaks in the fringe, pale skin, freckles
    Clothes: skinny jeans, band tshirts, baseball boots (converse), eyeliner, fingerless gloves
    Eye colour: hazel
    Personality: funny, goofy, kinda strange, dorky, smart, sometimes bitchy. shy, hyper, quiet.
    things you like: rock music, chocolate, cats, peircings, tattoos. general awesome stuff. books, comics, cups of tea, music.
    things you don't like: chavs, magazines (unless about rock music), Justin beiber, coffee, celery XD heights.

    what genre do you want? comedy/romance

    What do you want the story to be about? gerard loving frank, frank loving ray, ray loving mikey, mikey loving me, me loving gerard. YAY LOVE TRIANGLES :D well... hexagon.

    Are they MCR ppl in band or no band, like normal people? normal people.

    people you want to involve and relationships- all the mcr guys, and the relationships listed above ^.^

    additional details - the guys are in high schoola nd you can add characters when needed like parents or friends and stuff :3

    thank you so much :D
  • Personalized stories!! :)

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-10-16 08:47:10 AM

    Sounds cool sorry if i'm late :3

    Name: Frankie Corleone (Frankie is short for Francesca but NEVER call her that unless you want a slow and painful death and i chose Corleone as her last name cause i fucking love the godfather)

    Age: 19 (can change)

    Appearance: 5'7, shoulder length, straight black/blue hair, fringe covers one eye all the time, She's Sicilian/American so tans well in summer and hates it, wears tons of black eyeliner, nose stud, lip ring, 6 piercings in each ear, eyebrow piercing, monroe piercing, tons of tattoos, anorexic skinny (but if you call her that she'll kill you in your sleep)

    Clothes: Either wears her favourite slytherin t shirt or harry potter t shirt, skin-tight black leather trousers, knee high black leather boots, black leather jacket, black and silver studded belt with about 17 loaded pistols in at all times, hides several knives in her boots, absolutely LOVES her AK 47 and will rip anyone's head off if they dare touch it she hides it in her jacket, wears a black necklace with two crucifixes and a skull

    Eye colour: Green with a hazel ring around the pupil

    Personality: Can be funny, random and hyper but mostly a badass and a rebel, hates being told what to do, tries to break every rule without getting arrested, fluent in both english and Sicilian but prefers to speak in Sicilian, swears a lot, but a good friend, very trustworthy, can be a bit over-protective of friends who she sees as family, her family means everything to her, her family involved with the mafia

    Things you like: Violence, guns, her family (la famiglia), singing, playing guitar, playing bass, reading, writing, drawing, cigarettes (she smokes like a fucking chimney)

    Things you don't like: Betrayal, racism, prejudice, fascism

    What genre do you want? Romance, horror

    What do you want the story to be about? She's involved with the mafia and drugs, then Frank can be in involved too and he betrays the family, she hates him for a while, murders several people, but then falls in love with him

    Are they MCR ppl in band or no band, like normal people? Not in band, like normal people

    People you want to involve and relationships (siblings , love , crush , etc.)( preferably not from other bands, I'm very clueless in other band other than MCR, bvb and tokio hotel) In a relationship with Frank, Mikey and Gerard's sister

    Anything else i left out? just add all ur extra details in, i love long detailed details .:P: I think that's about it, just tell me if you want to know more

    Good luck
    Can't wait
    Hope i get picked
    Sorry if it's long i do tend to go on

    Rosie :)

    Author's response

    What relationship does she hav with frank, Mikey and Gerard's sister? Is Mikey and Gerard still brothers? Can you giv me Gerard's sister's profile too, just a simple one will do, thank you , I'll try and make the story nice :) but there's still alot I haven't written yet, so you hav to wait. :P hope u don't mind
  • Personalized stories!! :)

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-11-20 06:28:40 AM

    Sorry Her and Frank have a romantic relationship. You can smut if you want i don't mind :) I've actually changed my mind. I don't want her to be Gee and Mikey's sister cause i think it'll be weird. It's fine i can wait :)

    Rosie :)

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