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Alicia's Dilemma

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The boys assemble, and Gerard's situation is discussed.

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A/N: In regards to the review about the similar story, that is a dilemma indeed. Well I assure you that I had never read or known of such a story. All the inspiration for my tales has come from real life experiences, given the exceptions of Mad World and Just Sleep. (I have never been thrown into an alternate reality, nor do I know anyone who has. Or if I have, someones not telling me something...) Likewise, this story came from what I've seen to be a common occurrence where I am an intern.

If someone would like to provide me with a link to this other story, I will have a peek at it. If the story is too similar, or for that matter recent, I'll consider pulling this story with no real remorse. I of course don't want anyone feeling ripped off, no matter how unintentional.

Until then, enjoy. :)

Chapter Two: Alicia’s Dilemma

Alicia Way teased her hair and plucked her eyebrows. She barraged her already beautiful face with an array of make ups and creams. She stopped to examine her work, and began to mouth words into the mirror. While anyone who may have walked in on her at the moment may have thought that she was talking to herself in some strange delirium, the fact was that she was practicing some well rehearsed lines. For you see, at tonight's dinner, she planned to tell her husband some very exciting news:

Alicia was pregnant, and they were to have their first child together.

She had confirmed it multiple times of course, careful not to elude to the idea at all until she was absolutely sure. But after nearly 10 different test strips and one blood test, there was no denying it. So, she had encouraged Mikey to take them out to dinner for the night. They were to go to a particularly elegant joint downtown, one she was particularly fond of. Then, she would break the news over a very fancy meal.

In all truth, she was unsure of how Mikey would react. They had not planned for a child, nor had they ever prepared for one. On one hand, she figured he might be pleased at the prospect of beginning a new family. One the other, however, he might deem them too busy to raise a child. He had remarked before as to how he could not comprehend the distant relationships that Frank or his brother Gerard spent with their babies.

None the less, even if he did take it badly, she figured, there would be good food to help cheer his spirits. And if he took it well, then it would be a meal of celebration. Comforted by these notions, she let her nervousness ease and tried to make herself excited for the night.

Soon enough, Mikey came home. He greeted her, they kissed, and they set off for their big night out.

When they got there it was naturally crowded. It was a Friday night, and everyone was out having a good time. The place was booming with chatter and cameras flashed all around. Mikey and Alicia were shown to their tables, and given menus. As they had been here many times, and as they were both creatures of habit, neither had to look at the menu to know what they wanted. They told the waiter as such, who graciously nodded and set off to fetch them drinks.

Mikey began to talk about the day he had spent with his friend Johnny. Alicia listened politely, smiling and nodding. She had decided it would be best to keep her silence until the big moment, as it may have seemed strange were she to bring it up amidst irrelevant subjects. Drinks were placed on the table, as well as appetizers. Alicia was amused to see that her husband felt like a big spender tonight. He was, after all, clearly in a good mood -- which was all the better for her plan.

They both dined upon buffalo wings until finally they were served the entrees'. Alicia was served with a delicious looking angel hair pasta, and Mikey, a salmon dinner with a side of rice pilaf. They ate generously, and Alicia knew the moment was within her grasp.

Finally, a point came where Mikey removed his face from his plate to look up at his wife.

"You're quiet tonight." he said, with an air of concern about him.

Alicia smiled. This was it.

"Well...." she trailed off, her hands fiddling nervously with one another.

Alicia found herself interrupted. Mikey's cellphone went off loudly, and he looked at her apologetically. While Alicia did feel irked for being interrupted, she nodded for him to answer it -- she believed his mind should be clear of any distraction, such as who had just called him, when he learned the news. He mumbles a "sorry.." and picks up the phone.

She was not sure exactly what Mikey had been told on the other end of the phone then. Only that his face grow white, his grin faded, and he slowly he grew an expression of absolute horror. The conversation was brief. Mikey hung up the phone, his hands visibly shaking. She waited with bated breath to hear what had stricken her husband so, but he did not bother to tell her. At that point, Mikey simply got up and walked away.

Poor Alicia chased Mikey around for the rest of the night, begging him to tell her what was wrong. It was only once they sat in the car, hastily leaving without having finished their meals, that Mikey utters one word of explanation.

"Gerard..." he says weakly, before he drove them away to the airport.

Meanwhile, Jamia Iero was experiencing a similar dilemma. Frank had at the very least informed her of what was happening, in however very abrupt words. Still it was chaotic, as she could not get him to stand still for one moment to prepare a plan. She knew he wanted to get to Gerard immediately, but, for goodness sakes, he could not expect to just run off like this! Was she to come with him? What about the children? What about all the plans they had over the week?

"You'll have to stay here and watch the kids." he sighed as he readied himself to head out. "Just go about operation as normal without me. I love you."

"I love you too..." she told him, looking sadly at her very distressed husband.

Jamia barely got any time to look at him further, before he turned heel and closed the door behind him.

Frank and Mikey did not arrive to the LAX airport on the same planes, yet managed to do so virtually at the same time. It was the next morning by the time they got there, and at least 10 am before they met Ray at his home.

Frank arrived first, and was greeted by a rather disheveled Ray. He immediately interrogated the poor man, who was obviously already worn down as it was. Ray declined to answer his questions, knowing that Mikey was due at any moment. He believed that they both should hear the situation simultaneously.

It was not long after that Mikey and Alicia did arrive, hurling the same questions at Ray. Ray sat everyone down, and attempted to gather as peaceful a meeting as he could. Once they had quieted down, and he had all their attentions, he began.

"Gerard is in the hospital after a pretty bad car accident." he frowned. "He's got a few broken bones, and some head damage. Currently, he's still unconscious. It's only been maybe a day and a half though."

"Well what happened?" pressed Mikey, "How was he hit?"

"He was on the 210 freeway with Lindsey and B." Ray paused at that before continuing, "From what we understand, a car from the next lane cut them off too close and Gerard hit them from behind."

"And Lindsey and B…?" was Alicia's first question.

Ray solemnly shook his head.

His response clear cut, everyone finally fell silent. After a moment, Alicia broke down into tears, and Mikey looked as though he might be on the verge. Frank shook his own head sadly before softly asking a question no one felt like hearing, "How are we supposed to tell him when he wakes up?"

"Well." Ray frowned, his hands folded together. "We need to worry about if he's going wake up at all, and how he'll be when he wakes up. The physician said he sustained some pretty bad head trauma."

"What happened to the other people in the car?" Frank asked.

"It was only one person. They're fine, and the insurance companies are trying to investigate what happened --- but I think we can all agree that that's the least of our worries right now." Ray told him.

"Well I wanna see him like, right now." Mikey said sternly.

"He's not even awake yet Mikey, I checked this morning."

"I don't care. I want to see him." Mikey repeated.

"You guys should really get some sleep, I know I called you both up kind of late last night. I don't assume you got much rest between then, seeing as how you got over here so fast." Ray suggested.

"I'm not tired." argued Frank stubbornly. He turned to Mikey, "Are you tired Mikey?"

Mikey shook his head, and Frank faced Ray. "See, not tired."

"Alright, alright. I'll take you guys in about 30 minutes. At least have a bite to eat first, we have leftover eggs and bacon in the kitchen. How about you Alicia, you want some rest?"

Alicia, who was still crying slightly, merely shrugged. Ray sighed, "Well why don't you go in Christa's room and take a nap. I'm sure she'd really like to see you, she's pretty upset herself."

Alicia nodded and walked into the hallway of the Toro's household, turning the corner into Christa's room, and disappearing from view. Ray pushed Mikey and Frank into eating once more, and with dread in all their hearts, they soon prepared to visit Gerard.

Next chapter: Gerard awakens with an odd demeanor, and the boys try to evaluate.
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