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Chemistry Of A Car Crash

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The accident.

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A/N: Well, as I said I'd post it today, here is the new story. I'm telling you now that it's not going to be a very happy one either.


Memento Mori

Chapter One: Chemistry of A Car Crash

Gerard Way fumbled around for his sunglasses in the cup holders that were next to him, desperate to get away from the afternoon sundown that glared upon him as he drove. Graciously, his wife Lindsey handed it to him herself. She sat in the passenger's seat with her own sunglasses on, her gorgeous raven locks whipping in the wind that seeped in through the windows.

He was driving up the ramp entering the 210 freeway. A Black Flag album blared loudly through their speakers, which their daughter, Bandit, was thoroughly enjoying judging by the expression on her face. Or it was perhaps that they had just come from Toys R Us, during which she was purchased many toys. Although there was no way she was able to know this, she perhaps sensed the large fortune that awaited her when they arrived at their hillside home.

Lindsey lit a cigarette, opening the window a bit more to let the smoke fly out. She smirked coolly as she looked out the window, her eyes curiously looking into the windows of cars that drove past them. Gerard had started to babble on about The Crow once again, a subject she was, while she loved her husband dearly, not very interested in.

"What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?" Lindsey asked him, accidently cutting him off mid-sentence.

Gerard mentioned nothing of the interference, and replied, "I don't know --- why don't we just order a pizza? I'm pretty sure we're both too tired to cook right now."

"Hmmm." Lindsey puffed another cloud of her cigarette, "I don't know, I think I'm in the mood for something fried."

"We can get wings on the side." shrugged Gerard.

"The only place that has fried wings though is Pizza Hut, no?" Lindsey pondered, "Their pizzas pretty shitty compared to Papa John's."

"I disagree. I think Pizza Hut's still alright." Gerard shrugged. "Maybe Domino's has fried wings. I'll check when we get home."

"Oh fine." Lindsey sighed, "We can stick to just pizza if it comes down to it. As long as we get it from Papa John's."

"You just want that garlic dip." remarked Gerard.

"So what if I do? Their garlic dip is amazing." argued Lindsey.

"What you think, B? Pizza sound good to you tonight?" Gerard yelled towards the backseat, where Bandit was purchased on her baby chair. Bandit concurred with a short uttering of gibberish. Gerard nodded his agreement with his daughter.

Lindsey laughed. "You know she's only saying anything because she's learned to respond to anyone saying B."

"I think by now she knows the word pizza, at least." said Gerard, remembering the last time they had suggested a dinner entree to her. It had been fried chicken, or at least bits of it, and she had shown her displeasure by sticking her tongue out at her mother as she served it. He figured if she did not like the idea of pizza, they would have gotten a similar reaction.

"She knows it because you say it so oft --- GERARD!"

Gerard barely had time to look at the source of his wife's alarming cry before he felt himself suddenly hurtling forward. He felt a mighty impact, and a horrific noise roared in his ear. The sound of crunching metal was explosive, and merely broken here and there by the sound of shattering glass.

It all happened so fast, Gerard could not possibly recall what happened or when. He did clearly see a few things:

First, was the sight of Lindsey's hair whipping around as she was thrown. He did not even get a clear view of her surely terrified expression, before her head splattered on the concrete. The passenger's door had flung open, and she had dived straight out of it. Lindsey's pretty face soon became nothing more than a mass of blood, bone, and a scramble of brains and flesh.

Second, was the car they had hit from behind, before Gerard himself smashed into it, pain tearing through him as his own bones were smashed into pieces. His skull also took a hit, although it was fortunate enough, unlike Lindsey's, to remain intact. In spite of this, it was the worst pain he felt during the entire episode. Gerard could literally feel it crack open, blood pouring from an open wound.

Third, was Bandit. Her small body lay trapped under some undistinguishable clunk of metal, her face staring at him with fearful eyes. She sobbed, screaming loudly in her pain. Bandit's left hand was making a grasping motion, as she waited for her father to come rescue her from this sudden agony that she could not even begin to understand.

Gerard, whose body had finally came to rest between what seemed to be the back of the other car and the front of their own car (it was difficult at this point to tell where one ended and where one began), desperately tried to squirm through the metallic rubble and reach her. She was definitely stuck inside their own car, and just where the car had become distorted.

Gerard found himself nearly there, when suddenly, a second impact was felt.

Gerard did not know what had caused the second impact at the moment. All he knew was that as soon as it had hit, a fresh wave of pain rushed throughout his already very injured self. He fell unconscious from its attack, the last thing he saw being the tearful face of his daughter.

Next chapter: As family and friends learn of the tragic news, Gerard's fate faces uncertainty.
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