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Mortuus Magica

Disclaimer: I am in no way wealthy enough to own a successful franchise like Harry Potter. He and his books are the sole property of J.K. Rowling and until my plan to seduce her fortune out from under her I am unfortunately broke and therefore a poor target for lawsuit.

AN: Thank you everyone who has reviewed, fav'd, and subscribed to this fic, and a big thank you to everyone from new harem haven for all you help in cleaning and polishing my first chapter I really appreciate it. You don't know how much it means to get so much input on my first published fic I honestly expected a lot more hate filled reviews for this. Now I'm sure your all sick of me talking so lets get to the story.

“creature or spirit speaking”

'What a strange man.' Harry thought as he moved over to his usual spot a lone desk sitting in the back corner of the library away from any interruptions. Sitting down in the straight backed but lightly cushioned chair he clicks on the reading lamp and opens the unusual book to the introductory chapter.

' Magic, when thought of today, is a fairly simple art in witch one waves about a stick while saying a few words thus bringing about a specific reaction. Having little thought or consideration for why this reaction takes place or how the combination of stick waving and fancy talking release this power most witches and wizards go about their lives content in the idea that their magic is the most developed and powerful of the different styles of spell casting. This book is both a study on and a guide to a different style of magic, the magic of the dead.'

'Wait, what. Whats up with this book?' Harry wondered 'Magic's not real. Is it?' Reading further the broken bookworm reads about these fantastic magic's he'd never herd of. Men and women wielding amazing weapons, moving faster than the eye can see, human like creatures that could fire pure destructive energy at will. Time passed quickly for the boy, so enthralled with his book that by the time he looked at a clock it was already getting dark. Hurrying to the front desk wanting to check out this new book he stops to notice that it doesn't have any sort of bar code or label on it. An idea came into his mind and before he could talk himself out of it he tucked the book into his baggy hand me down cloths and rushed home.

Arriving at the front door he took a moment to recompose himself into his fearful mask and slowly pushed the front door open. Seeing that his relatives were focused on the telly he quickly and quietly made his way to his cupboard and tucked his new book under a loose floorboard beneath his bunk and head out to face the Dursleys once more.

Over the next several months the book lay untouched in its new hiding spot. Throughout the day Harry almost forgot about the book, but every time he returned to his cupboard for bed the book would eat away at his mind nagging him to open it up and keep reading, telling almost demanding that he learn its secrets. Finally one day his curiosity could be ignored no longer, grabbing the book and rushing out of the house before his guardians could protest and rushed to the park to read. Climbing up first tree he could find, he located a suitable branch and began to read more in the second part of the book. As he read he learned a few things, first that the book truly claimed that magic, specifically this magic of the dead, was real, second was that their were other forms of magic out there and that this book only describe one of them, and third that a human could learn to harness and this magic.

The book went on to describe a ritual that a person could undertake in order to access this branch of magic. The ritual called for meditation in a place of high spiritual energy while sitting in a runic circle drawn with a paste made from ink, ash, dust, and the blood of the participant. Supposedly the ritual would focus the energy on the one meditating and force open their own natural reserve of spirit energy. Feeling himself compelled he set off for town towards a hobby store he was familiar with. Filching a few ink cartridges from the store along with a lighter and several stacks of paper he rushed off to the local cemetery, there was a mausoleum no body visited anymore that would be perfect for his needs.

Nervously he pushed open the cemetery gates and crept inside, a nervous chill ran down his spine as he wondered for the hundredth time if he'd gone crazy. Pick up a stone bowl that seemed to have broken off of a headstone he hurried into the mausoleum shutting the door behind him. Placing the bowl on the floor he lite the stack of paper on fire and let it burn in the bowl till it was only ash. As the paper burned he began gathering up a hand full of dust and dirt from around the room and tossed it in with the ashes. He broke open the ink cartridges and let their contents drain into the bowl then using the sharpest rock he could find tore open a cut on his left palm, once again wondering just how mad he had gone to be trying something so completely mental, and let a bit of the blood drip into the already mixing paste. Tearing off a piece of his shirt and binding the gash tightly he began mixing the contents of the bowl till it made a thick, even, black paste.

Using the lighter to see better he consulted his book and carefully began to draw out the circle trying to match the diagram in its pages perfectly. Checking and rechecking his work looking for any flaws he sat down in the center of the circle and began to clear his mind, not an easy feat for a child not even 10 years old yet. After what seemed like an eternity to the boy he was finally completely at rest. Soon Harry began to feel something, like a humming in the back of his mind. Curious he began to listen closer trying harder to make out the feeling of the sound. Slowly the humming began to grow louder and louder, evolving into a buzz that grew into a roar almost like static. Unbeknownst to the meditating boy the spirits not just from around the cemetery but from around town had begun to converge on his location all of them crowding around the edge of the circle, all of them wondering who this boy was and how he had called them here.

Finally when the roar had grown to unbearable heights Harry threw his head back eyes and mouth open wide in a silent scream as a bright emerald emanated from his small body, growing larger till it had filled the entire room before all at once dying down and the child fell back breathing heavily. The spirits no longer feeling the pull turned and began to leave. Slowly sitting up harry managed to regain his focus just in time to see the last of them pass through the walls and leave. Jumping to his feet in shock the exhausted boy rushed out to watch as the spirits floated away.

“Bloody hell,” he murmured “it actually worked. Those are ghosts, real ghosts.” Grabbing his book and walking home he began to read the first of the spells he could learn. 'Kido,' the book began 'is the word used to describe the spells used by the more benign spirits and focus on manipulating spiritual energy in a specific way. Kido is broken into three classifications, the way of binding, the way of healing, and the way of destruction. Each class possesses ninety-nine spells with number one being the weakest and number ninety-nine being the strongest but also the most difficult and taxing to use. The most basic spell and a good starting point for beginners is the Way of Destruction Number One Push, in order to get maximum effect you must first recite the incantation which is...' Harry began reading enthralled at the idea of being able to these amazing things, and thinking of ways he could get back at his relatives for the way they treated him.

Over the next several months Harry had his nose buried deep in his book, memorizing everything that he could wrap his mind around. So far most of the spells and techniques on the list far beyond his abilities but he had managed to work his way up through the first five spells in the binding and destructive techniques, but he was stuck on the third healing technique. He couldn't find anyone with enough spiritual energy for him to practice drawing on to heal them. He'd spent the last few weeks working on a technique he found outside the three main classifications called flash step. He'd succeed in reaching up to five feet in a single step before overtaxing himself. Today was the day, the day he finally showed his relatives not to mess with him.

“Get out here you little freak.” Petunia shrieked. “The kitchen isn't going to clean itself.” The filthy beanpole of a woman was standing in the hall waiting for Harry to come out of his cupboard.

“Clean it your damn self you Disgusting old hag!” The boy yelled opening the door causing Petunia sputter. “ Another thing you pathetic excuse for a woman, I'm not sleeping in that pathetic excuse hole you call my bedroom!” The yelling brought Vernon and Dudley out of the sitting room the large man stomping up to the small boy making himself look as large and imposing as possible.

“Seems the little freak has forgotten his place.” The disgusting flesh bag laughed while popping his knuckles into the palm of his hands in a threatening way. Rearing his meaty fist back he yelled out. “ I guess we'll just have to teach him again.” He roared swinging for small boys stomach only to hit air. Harry used his still incomplete flash step to quickly get behind Vernon before raising his had with his middle and pointer fingers pointed up palm facing the large man. Drawing his hand quickly to his side he called out his first technique.

“Way of Binding Number One: Restrain” Vernon's arms were suddenly forced behind his back and locked together by and invisible force. Harry push on the oafs back knocking him to the floor. Seeing his father pushed over by his scrawny cousin Dudley charged forward intent on holding the other boy down and breaking his face. Harry turned to his hefty cousin with his arm outstretched palm facing him and fingers splayed wide before calmly declaring his next attack. “ Way of Destruction Number Two: Strike” a heavy concentrated force of energy struck the fat bully in the solar plexus knocking the air out of his lungs and causing him to double over in pain. Turning to Petunia watching as she pales in terror he uses the same technique as he did on Vernon and drags her over next to her husband who begins cursing at the top of his lungs.

“ When I get free you little freak I swear I'll kill you! I'll wring your ungrateful little neck! After all we've done for you, fed you, clothed you, put a roof over your head! We took you in after you worthless drunkard parents went and got themselves killed in that car crash, and this is how you repay us!” He yells out. “ I'm the only reason you've lived this long and I have no qualms with taking all that back! I'm going to enj-” He screamed before Harry kicked him in the chin nearly breaking his jaw.

“Shut up you worthless pig.” The young wizard growled out. Petunia screaming at the top of her lungs. Pointing at the woman shrieking like a banshee Harry muttered out. “ Way of Destruction Number Three: Pierce.” A thin beam of energy flies from his finger and through the woman's left shoulder. “ Didn't I just ask for silence?” he queried of the now whimpering woman. “good” he said seeing that she was no longer making a scene. “Now then uncle here's how things are gonna be from now on. First I'm taking Dudley's room. Second I'm not going to be your little punching bag anymore, any attack on me will be met with swift retaliation. This goes for you and you friends to Dudley.” he called over to the boy now cowering in the corner. “ And third I will no longer be your house slave. From now on I expect to be treated with respect around here, nod if you understand.” Seeing Vernon nod with a hate filled look made him smirk. “ Good.” Harry turned and walked into his cupboard moving his meager to his new room and throwing Dudley's things out into the hall before finally releasing the restrains on his guardians and laying down on his new bed while thinking. 'Life is good.'

AN: I know I know “magical rituals in a graveyard how cliched” but I couldn't think of a place that would have much of any spiritual power. And those bleach fans who noticed yes I did make up a couple of those hado and bakudo spells I just noticed that we don't actually know many of the spells so I'm going to use that lack of information to improvise some (hopefully) interesting new attacks for Harry and I'll try not to overpower any of them. Since no one answered the full question at the end of the last chapter I'll just have to use a new character to replace Ron in the golden trio. I'm not planning to severely bash him of course (maybe a mild bludgeoning from time to time) but given his actions in the books I cant in good conscience allow Harry to befriend. Hopefully the next chapter will have Harry heading off to Hogwarts and give me the opportunity to show off Harry's lighter qualities.
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